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How to get your hands on Madonna concert tickets and what strategies you can use to make the next show. If you are a long-time fan of this superstar you’ll want to secure your tickets as soon as they go on sale. We will discuss some of the things you need to know so you can get the best seats at a Madonna concert. We will also talk about her history and where she stands statistically across many different media channels. So, when is the best time to buy Madonna tickets?

Listed right below you will find the tickets to all of her upcoming touring events. She starts this newest tour in the United States. She then embarks on an extended tour in the European countries where she will perform in Paris, Berlin, London, and Amsterdam. If you don’t see the venue near you below, the load more button will take you to the location with all of the listings. Good luck finding the best seats.

Best Place to Sit at a Madonna Concert

From looking at the majority of US venues, we can see that she has a lot of surprises in the making. There are definitely some amazing seats while others are still great. The best seats for a Madonna concert will come down to what you can afford. At first glance, we are seeing astronomical prices. Using sites like SeatGeek and Vivid Seats, we can see nothing below $1,000 for a floor seat.

The setup is mainly based on basketball arenas across the states. We have places like the Arena, Miami-Dade Arena, State Farm Arena, United Center, Madison Square Garden, and many more. We are going to randomly pick the TD Garden for a breakdown of which seats you should consider.

A Look Inside the Madonna Stage Layout
This is what the stages will look like on the Madonna Tour. Surprises in the Making.

When it comes to the set design it appears there are several areas where she will spend some time throughout the show. There is the main stage, in which we would think more than 70% of her time will be spent there. Then you have two side stages closer to the inner bowls. We think this could be a location for side acts or supporting casts. We don’t expect her to spend too much time there. We then have the center catwalk. This could be a pretty good stronghold for her performance.

If you look closely at the sections you will see that there are two pit areas. There will not be seats in the pit. Standing Room Only. These are super expensive seats. You can expect all kinds of views from the Pit.

There are so many sections to consider that you’ll have to take a guess. Obviously, section B will carry some of the best views, but section E could carry some awesome looks as well. Prices will vary from these floor sections so keep an eye out as we get closer to showtime.

Sections 11-14 and 1,2,20, and 21 are the inner bowl seats that will have a price reduction from the floor. It will give you a slightly elevated look at all of the stages. The first 10 rows will be your best bet. Look for price drops if you were to go back several rows or into a deeper section.

Sleeper Section to Consider – Sections 6 and 7 may look far away from the image, but in fact, this will give you a straight-on view of all of the stages. You will also have a direct line to the best sound. Prices should be less than floor sections, but if you see something different consider floor over these.

Avoiding Seats – If you can take the budget out we highly suggest you avoid the 300 level. These seats will provide some entertainment, but the deep views will wear you out over the course of the night. Try to increase your spending amount per ticket and get in the lower bowl or floor.

Finding the best seats at a Madonna concert won’t be easy. Our suggestions are based on what we’ve seen over the many years of big shows. The good news is you’ll have a packed indoor arena versus someone like Taylor Swift who is performing on the biggest stages outside.

The Amazing Past of Madonna

The Queen of pop is set to take on another worldwide tour in her over 40 years of making music. The ageless Madonna will kick off her next tour in 2023 and it’s up to you when it comes to getting tickets. For now, we will discuss some history and previous events.

The Blond Ambition Tour in 1990 was probably her biggest during her rise to stardom. The album Like a Prayer became one of the highest-grossing tours of a female artist. It has since been broken, but she helped lay the path for more successful singers.

The MDNA tour in 2012, was spun around her 12th album. This tour grossed over $300 million dollars. This tour had some really cool technology to assist her with her performance. Like this tour, you can expect some amazing things to happen.

Madonna has performed with many great artists through the years. From Michael Jackson, Prince, and Justin Timberlake. Who shows up on this tour could be a surprise to us all. If you have the chance to perform with Madonna, you’re surely set for a future of fame.

Between her discography, tours, acting, and whatever else she’s done, Madonna is certainly an icon of our lifetime. If you have a chance to get to her show, please make sure you find the best seats possible.

This 12th tour is certainly going to be one for the ages. Even as she gets older she will still be able to perform at a high level. There is plenty of locations on the Internet to get more information about Madonna.

How She Holds Up Statistically

For someone that has been making albums since the 1980’s you would think Madonna would hold some serious social media records. The truth is she has a large following, but you have to remember that her biggest fans are currently in their 40s. They don’t hit the socials like the youth.

Anyway, she still kills it and we will discuss some of the numbers that are currently showing right now. We expect all of these numbers to jump once things get rolling and the younger crowd starts digging into her music.

We will kick things off with Spotify. As you know this is a core way people listen to music these days. According to the latest figures, Madonna has over 22 million listens each month. This is a strong showing. As for her top hits on Spotify, songs such as Material Girl, Hung Up, Like a Prayer, and Frozen takes the cake with millions of plays.

YouTube has been pretty good to Madonna. She has over 6.2 million subscribers with plenty of her original official videos being played millions of times. Her most popular video on YouTube is La Isla Bonita, which was uploaded 13 years ago. See the rest of her channel here.

With over 19 million followers on Instagram, you can be sure the message will be loud and clear with this tour. It will have a lot of fans searching for tickets so be sure to pick the best time to buy tickets.

Getting the Best Tickets Now

If you are here looking for tickets to the upcoming Madonna tour, you’ve come to the right place. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to getting the best seats. Follow all of Madonna’s social channels and news sources. Try to gain access to raffles and ways to win tickets. There are ways about doing this so don’t miss out. Definitely follow her social channels as well. She could announce more dates or provide free giveaways.

We hope this article helped you when picking the best time to buy Madonna tickets. Our goal is to get you the best seats possible without killing the wallet. Let us know if there is anything we can do when it comes to getting pit or floor seats at the next Madonna concert.


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