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Best Seats for a Luis Miguel Concert

Best Luis Miguel Tickets and Seats

When it comes to Luis Miguel, we are talking about one of the best Latin performers of all time. This is your chance to see Luis Miguel live near you. Not only do we want you to get the best seats we also want you to get the ticket prices. As you continue to read through our breakdown, you will find information about where to sit at a Luis Miguel concert, a brief look back at the past, ticket prices for upcoming shows, and some statistical information.

Before we get into all of that we first want to share with you all of the different events that are upcoming. The listings below will be for all the events that are on the tour schedule. If you are not seeing an event near you or that meets your criteria, the load more button will take you to the page with every event. Act now on tickets so you don’t miss out.

Where to Sit at a Luis Miguel Concert

Securing the best seats for a Luis Miguel concert involves a thoughtful process. First, you must decide on the city or venue where you wish to see Luis perform. Next, assessing your budget is essential, allowing you to explore the options that align with your financial comfort. Lastly, you must promptly review the seating availability, selecting from the remaining options if any prime spots are left.

Let’s explore one of the venues where Luis Miguel is scheduled to perform and highlight a few seating areas that may catch your interest. These carefully chosen locations may be exactly what you’re seeking, or they could serve as a starting point for potential upgrades.

For this breakdown, we will look at the Moody Center ATX in Austin Texas. We will look at a few sections to consider and some tips on possibly finding some savings without giving up too much of a vantage point. Although you may be standing and dancing the whole time, this is a full-scale seated venue.

Floor Seats – Often considered the most coveted in a venue, floor seats may not always be the best option for everyone, and they are certainly not the most budget-friendly. If you are trying to seek value, it can be wise to look a section and a row back from the premium spots. The center is often regarded as the optimal location for sound quality, and you might find some attractive deals there. Meanwhile, the outer sections may currently have higher-priced tickets. It’s worth keeping an eye on these areas, as once the centrally located seats are sold, the prices in other sections may decrease. We’ve observed price fluctuations of almost $100 between rows, so a thorough examination of all available options is crucial when seeking the best seats for a Luis Miguel concert.

100 Level – The first 10 rows of these sections present an appealing option, providing slight elevation that ensures an unobstructed view over the crowd. A strategic move towards the back within these sections can yield significant savings. For example, front-row seats in section 118 might be priced at $1300 per ticket, but moving back just 8 rows could bring the cost down to around $500. This price difference essentially covers the cost of an additional ticket. Careful selection within this level could balance both the experience and budget, making it an attractive choice for those seeking the best seats for a Luis Miguel concert.

200 Level – Though situated at the furthest reaches of the venue, seats in the 200 Level can align well with a more modest budget. The best strategy here may be to target the first five rows within these sections. While front-row seats at this level might carry a premium price, it’s worth considering a few rows back if an appealing deal catches your eye. When seated this far from the stage, maximizing savings becomes a priority without necessarily sacrificing a satisfying experience. Thoughtful selection in the 200 Level could be the key to enjoying the best seats for a Luis Miguel concert without breaking the bank.

Take the seating chart overview from the Moody Center and apply the same principles to the venue you wish to attend. You’ll find some deals based on supply and demand if you are willing to put in the time and have some patience.

Moody Center ATX Seating Chart

Taking in some History

Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri, born in Veracruz, Mexico in 1970, is one of the most well-known Spanish-speaking musicians globally. Though of Puerto Rican descent, he started his music career at a very young age and has remained extraordinarily active. With an expansive discography, he has achieved success in various musical styles, including pop, ballads, boleros, tangos, jazz, big band, and mariachi. Many consider him to be the most successful Latin artist of all time.

During his childhood, Luis Miguel’s father managed his career, carefully shaping him into a star. His father had him study Elvis Presley’s films, recordings, and live concerts, laying the foundation for his future success. At the age of 11, Miguel released his debut album in 1982, earning him a gold disc. A few years later, he became the youngest male artist to win a Grammy, thanks to his duet with Sheena Easton. However, in 1986, strained relations with his father led him to take a break from performing. He returned in 1988, embarking on a new phase in his career as he transitioned into adulthood.

Fast forward to 1991, this international superstar was celebrated for revolutionizing the bolero genre with his album “Romance.” Selling 7 million copies worldwide, it stands as one of the best-selling Spanish albums ever. As the first Latin artist to receive two Platinum-certified albums in the United States, Miguel has consistently performed well on global music charts. His 2008 album, for instance, reached a peak position of 10 on Billboard’s Top 200 – the highest for a fully Spanish-composed album. He has also been recognized for having the most hits on Billboard’s Hot Latin Charts, and in 2003, Spain’s Prince Felipe awarded him for being the best-selling foreign artist in the country’s history.

Known as El Sol de México (The Sun of Mexico), Miguel’s fame extends to his live performances, some of which rank among the highest-grossing ever. He has been invited to significant international events, including Sinatra: 80 Years My Way, where he was the sole Latin artist to perform. Perhaps his most renowned tour took place between 1999 and 2000, spanning 105 concerts in countries like Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela, Brazil, and Spain, drawing 1.5 million fans. This tour stands as the highest-grossing and most extended by a Latin artist. His 2010 Luis Miguel Tour brought him to 22 countries, and he holds the record for the most consecutive live performances at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico.

Miguel’s influence is felt throughout Latin America and the broader international music scene. He has revitalized various Latin genres, making them popular worldwide. Having performed since childhood, his vast experience translates into remarkable concerts that showcase his vocal prowess and stage presence. His ability to captivate audiences highlights not only his incredible singing talent but also his mastery as a performer.

Let’s also take into consideration all of the different performers he has played with through the years. He continues to add new names to his scorecard but here are a few we would like to mention. Performers such as Sheena Easton, Gloria Estefan, Tony Bennett, Carlos Santana, Marc Anthony, Shakira, Andrea Bocelli, and Christina Aguilera have all played with Luis at some point during his career.

As for venues, Luis has played so many small and large spots in the United States and keeps adding more all of the time. He has played places such as Madison Square Garden, Ryman Auditorium, House of Blues, Arena, Fox Theater, The KIA Forum, Kaseya Center, and the Toyota Center to name a few. Keep an eye out for small and large locations near you.

Luis Miguel Ticket Prices

We like to provide as much information as we can. Below, we selected 5 different upcoming events on the current tour to show you the GET-IN prices for the event. These are subject to change daily and are based on the sale of currently available tickets. Remember, these tickets are for the price to walk into the building and most likely the worst seat. Ticket prices from here only go up. Realistically, you will pay a lot more for one of the better seats in the venue.

Location Lowest Ticket Price
Dolby Live at Park MGM $465
Madison Square Garden $196
American Airlines Center $352
Moody Center $216
Barclays Center $81

Some Social Facts about Luis Miguel

As you can expect, Luis Miguel has a huge following. We like to look into popularity based on the two metrics that really give us good information. We start with Spotify listeners and then we look at YouTub subscribers. Each of these will give us current statistics on Luis Miguel’s success.

To start, we will look at Spotify. Currently, Luis has over 16 million listeners every month. This is way above average but it makes us a little more intrigued about ticket prices based on this amount of demand. He has several songs with close to or over 500 million listens. These numbers will go up as this tour is kicking in.

As we head over to YouTube we see that Luis Miguel has over 2 million subscribers. This is another number that seems low based on the venues he is playing. You can check his channel and see if the growth continues.

The Beautiful Miguel

Miguel continues to perform on the scene and prove he is one of a kind artist. Get the best seats today and watch him make your night magical. Your tickets are waiting right here. Use the listings above to find the venue near you. If you have any questions about getting tickets to an upcoming show please reach out. We will make sure you get the most affordable ticket prices available.


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