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One of the amazing things about living in Los Angeles is having access to two NBA teams. We are going to discuss the Los Angeles Clippers. You have thousands of seats available during the season to see your favorite team up close and in person. We highly suggest you focus on the experience versus the cost of the ticket. Although keeping your budget intact it’s imperative that you sit really close to the court.

In the listings below you will find tickets for the upcoming Los Angeles Clippers games. These games will include from the start of the season all the way up to the championship. You will also find home and away games so keep that in mind when doing your research. A parking pass may show up now and again as well.

Right Time to Buy Los Angeles Clippers Tickets

Is there a good time to buy Los Angeles Clippers basketball tickets? We like to think there are several opportunities to be had if you know what you are doing. Each season will dictate the cost of tickets, but overall you’ll find readily available tickets for certain games.

We suggest you start looking for tickets around two weeks before the game you want to see. The supply and demand will be fairly equal. As the demand diminishes you want to make your move. This is when ticket sellers will reduce the price of their seats. They do not want to get left holding the bag and will sell their seats for less.

We recommend going to games during the week if you want to save a little bit of money. Games against good teams on the weekend will cost more than games against bad teams during the week. Consider going to a game on a Tuesday night versus a game on a Sunday afternoon.

Finding a Great Seat at the Crypto.com Arena

There are plenty of great seats in the Crypto.com Arena. We want you to focus on finding seats that meet your budget. However, it’s very important that you focus on the experience even more. Having a good time will stem from where you sit in the arena. A courtside seat will blow your mind away versus an upper-level seat where you can hardly see the court. We break down the seating chart below.

Lower Level – The lower level will bring you the most excitement for sure. You have access to better views as well as the sounds of the game. Getting up close to your favorite players is a nice way to have a good time. You can look for section 119 if you would like to sit behind the Los Angeles Clippers bench. You will also look for section 102 if you want to sit behind the opposing team.

Courtside Seats – The courtside seats at the Crypto.com Arena are notorious for being bigwigs. This is where the action happens. Many Los Angeles stars come to games for both the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers. If you can find an affordable courtside seat we highly recommend you jump on the opportunity.

200 Level – The 200 level at the Crypto.com Arena provides some great views and amenities. You will have access to things like smaller lines for concessions and bathrooms and more comfortable seats.

Premier Seats – These premier seats will provide you with in-seat waiter service, access to clubs around the arena, a VIP entrance area, and a much more comfortable seat.

Upper-Level – If you feel like attending the game and don’t have that much money you could sit in the upper level. The views are not that great and we highly recommend spending a little bit more money for better seats.

Luxury Suites – There are all kinds of luxury suites, boxes, and lounges around the Crypto.com Arena. You have access to some of the best amenities in the game. This includes anything from great food to beverages, private bathrooms, private bars, flat-screen HDTVs, and much more.

Finding a Parking Spot

Los Angeles is notorious for its traffic. You’ll most likely need to drive to the game and park your car. You can use many of the different mobile apps such as ParkWhiz and SpotHero to find a parking spot. We suggest you get your parking spot ahead of time to avoid any hassle. You’ll spend around $20 to park your car. Keep this in mind when you’re budgeting for your experience.

Some Ticket Purchasing Options

There are several ways of attending a basketball game. You can purchase tickets in all kinds of fashions. We want to share a couple of different options for you to choose from. Keep in mind, these are only suggestions for helping you save a little bit of money.

Season Tickets – A great way to enjoy the season is by buying Los Angeles Clippers season tickets. This is a heavy investment that could allow you to attend as many games as you wish. For the games you don’t attend, you can sell those seats at a premium price. If the Clippers are having a great season you can even make money on this season. You have to treat this as an investment with the chance of not making any money.

Single-Game Tickets – You are most likely here looking for one game. Just remember, you will most likely pay a premium on this purchase.

Group Tickets – The Los Angeles Clippers offer their fan base group tickets. This gives you the option of between two and eight games a year. You will most likely not be able to select the teams you go see. The day of the week will also be something you won’t be able to choose. Keep this in mind if you have a busy schedule.

Last-Minute Tickets – If you’re one of those people that like to make decisions at the last possible chance you do have an option when it comes to purchasing tickets. The Los Angeles Clippers have tons of seats that go unsold for most games. Many ticket sellers that were unable to attend the event or unable to sell their seats will sell tickets at a very cheap price. Just make sure you understand the risk of going this route in case you get shut out of going into a game.

Los Angeles Clippers History

The Los Angeles Clippers were originally known as the Buffalo Braves. They were founded in 1970 and moved to Los Angeles in 1984. They were also located in San Diego from 1978 to 1984. They play in the Western Conference in the Pacific division.

The Clippers have not had much post-season success. As of right now, they do not have any conference titles or championships. They have won the division a couple of times but were not able to capitalize on a winning season. They do have several playoff appearances but again without much luck.

The Clippers have some decent in-state rivalries against the Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors, and Sacramento Kings. These games will always be a little bit more expensive especially against the Lakers.

There have been some decent players that have come through the organization. Players like Moses Malone, Adrian Danley, Jamaal Wilkes, Grant Hill, Paul Pierce, Bob McAdoo, and Bill Walton.

Looking for Some Good Food

if you are not into some stadium food you do have plenty of food options outside the arena. We have listed a couple of places for you to check out.

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar – This is a very expensive location in the area. You can expect some high-end stakes to quench your appetite. You also get great service and amazing drinks to go along with it.

Tom’s Watch Bar – Los Angeles – This will be a great location for you to start your night. You have beers to go along with your American-style menu. Some excellent service and reasonably priced dishes will take you to your game.

Spending the Night in Los Angeles

Depending on where you’re coming from, may require a place to stay the night. Los Angeles is filled with hotels for you to choose from. We listed a couple of options but please make sure you do your own research.

Hotel Indigo Los Angeles Downtown, an IHG Hotel – This is a very polished location in downtown Los Angeles. You can expect some great amenities including a rooftop restaurant. You will pay a premium of around $200 a night.

JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. LIVE – This is a very fancy hotel in downtown Los Angeles. You have access to plenty of perks including a nice bar and restaurant. You will pay a heavy price of $280 a night.. Look for some special deals before you commit.

Making a Game a Reality

Here is your chance to buy Los Angeles Clippers tickets. This is a great year to go check out your favorite team. You have plenty of great matchups all season long. Always remember to focus on experience when picking your seats. You do not want to be in the upper level watching your team that you can’t even see. Spend a few extra dollars to get closer seats to the court. You will appreciate every moment while you are there. If you have any questions about the seating chart or buying tickets please contact us. Good luck!

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