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The Los Angeles Chargers are one of the most popular teams in the NFL. As one of the many professional football teams located in the state of California, they have a lot of competition and several local rivals. Some of their biggest rivalries are against the Oakland Raiders and the Los Angeles Rams. Both the Raiders and the Rams were once based out of Los Angeles at various times in the past, and the proximity of LA to San Diego helped to give birth to the rivalries.

Tickets to Los Angeles Chargers games whenever they are playing against one of these teams are always hot items, and now that the Rams are back in LA, you can expect the rivalry to be fiercer than ever. If you’ve never seen the Chargers play before, now is the best time to get yourself to a game.

The Los Angeles Chargers have won one championship title. They won the AFL Championship in 1963, before the days of the Super Bowl, and they have made the playoffs in the NFL a number of times since the leagues merged. The team has seen great success over the decades, and they have had several members of the team voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. A handful of these players include Junior Seau, Charlie Joiner, Kellen Winslow, and Johnny Unitas, who played one season with the team at quarterback.

The Chargers played their first season in 1960 as one of the charter members of the American Football League. Although they started out based in Los Angeles, they moved to San Diego in 1961, and have been there ever since. Currently playing their home games at Qualcomm Stadium, the team has a huge following across the country. Getting tickets to Los Angeles Chargers games can be tough sometimes thanks to the extreme popularity of the team, so if you are interested in going to see them play, you need to act fast in order to get the best seats possible. Bringing friends, family, or coworkers along with you to a game will be something that will not be quickly forgotten.

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