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McKennitt was born in Manitoba, Canada in the year 1957. Her full name is Loreena Isabel Irene McKennitt and is one of the most famous world music musicians in the world. She is a multi-instrumentalist and is known for her harp, accordion, and piano talent. Her music is a very new age and borrows a lot of Celtic and Middle Eastern themes and sounds. McKennitt has proved herself as one of the most unique musicians in the world. Here is your chance to get the best seats for a Loreena McKennitt concert. We want you to act now and get some of the best tickets before they are gone.

McKennitt grew up surrounded by a strong Mennonite community. She fell in love with music because of it. Her connection with the Mennonite community explains her different musical taste from regular teenagers. In University, she learned about Celtic folk music from other Canadian musicians like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell.

She started releasing music under her own label in 1985. A lot of her music was used in movies such as a documentary called The Burning Times, Ever After, and Jade. She stopped releasing music in 1997 after her fiancé died in a boating accident. Many people thought she retired completely as she would only go on tour sporadically. In 2006, McKennitt decided to return to music and started releasing albums again. She also toured more extensively than ever.

Today, McKennitt has sold more than 14 million records worldwide. She is particularly popular in Europe and America and has an incredible reputation among music critics. A lot of musicians also look up to her because of how talented she is.

McKennitt has toured consistently in Europe and North America. She has made stops in countries such as Turkey, Greece, Germany, and England. She also loves touring around Canada and the United States. A lot of her promotional tours are recorded and released later. For example, she performed an hour-long concert in a German radio studio called SWR1. It was later released on CD in 2011.

Tickets to the Show

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Beautiful Sounds

Perhaps McKennitt is best known for her arrangements and fantastical stories she tells. She does a ton of research before any of her releases and makes sure her albums are perfect before she releases them. You will get lost inside the world she creates with her lyrics and instrumentals.

Her vocals are dramatic and sit in the soprano range. Once you hear them at her concerts you will be truly amazed by how powerful they sound. Her concerts feel magical as each note plucked from her soul is meticulously created. At her concerts, you will sense a mix of fragility and beauty that can overwhelm everyone in the auditorium.

McKennitt created No Journey’s End, a documentary in which she discusses the influences behind her music. She also releases a lot of her concerts on CD for anyone who can not find the time or money to go and see her.

A Music Fairy

As a composer, McKennitt truly does create some of the most magical music someone could listen to. Getting a seat and living that experience live is a joy to behold. You will never forget a performance like hers.

Since she has come back from her hiatus she has not missed a beat. She continues to create new fans throughout the world. Many people fall in love with world music because of her. Plan ahead and get a ticket to see her perform today! This is the best time to buy Loreena McKennitt tickets. The best seats in the venue are waiting for you.


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