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One of the all-time greats, Lionel Richie was originally born in Tuskegee, Alabama. He was born in 1949 and is known for his singing and songwriting. He has an extremely successful solo career but was also part of the amazing Commodores. Richie’s voice is one of the best in the world and works perfectly for the ballads he loves writing so much. He is one of the most critically acclaimed artists ever and has the commercial sales to back it up. He will forever be one of the greatest balladeers of all time. This is the best time to get a seat for a Lionel Richie show. You don’t want to miss out on some of the best tickets.

The first time Richie decided he wanted to become a musician was in college. He made a few R&B groups during his time at college in the middle of the 1960s. After graduating, he was considering becoming a priest and wanted to study divinity. He changed his mind and in 1968 became the saxophonist and vocalist of the Commodores. They initially came to Motown Records as a supporting act of The Jackson 5. The band became one of Motown’s most memorable groups with hits such as Machine Gun and Brick House. As the band continued, Richie started changing his songwriting style and he started writing a lot more ballads. He started to write music for artists outside of the band and in 1981 sang a duet with Diana Ross called Endless Love. The success of the song encouraged Richie to become a solo artist.

1982 was the year Richie released his debut album and it exceeded expectations. The album charted at no three on the music charts and sold over 4 million copies. His second album did even better and won the Album of the Year at the Grammys. His most successful single is a song called Hello. The song reached the number one spot on three Billboards charts which included the pop charts, R&B charts, and the adult contemporary chart. Over the course of Richie’s career, he has sold over 90 million records worldwide. In 2016, Richie received the Johnny Mercer Award which is the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame’s highest honor. An international star, Richie’s songs are especially popular in the Arab world.

The Grandest Live Concerts

Since Richie signed with Motown Records, he has performed with many of the other famous Motown artists such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and The Supremes. Richie quickly became a popular artist and started performing at many important events. In 1984, Richie was invited to sing at the closing ceremony of the XXIII Olympic Games in Los Angeles. More recently, Richie performed at the 2008 New Year’s ball drop in Times Square. He also performed at Michael Jackson’s memorial service in 2009.

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Classic Songs

Richie is a wonderful songwriter because he seems to be able to capture human essence and translates that into this music. His songs well up emotions that are painful but happy at the same time. You will feel passionate when you listen to his music even if you do not know where that passion is coming from.

You have to see Richie to understand why he is respected as a singer. Richie has written many songs for other artists that he has not released under his own name. At his concerts, you will get a chance to see him sing those songs and he will use his voice to change them into a new magical tunes. His voice is a perfect instrument to deliver his passion.

Emotions Will Overflow

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