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The Lion King is Broadway’s highest-grossing musical of all time as well as its third-longest running – and for good reason! This astounding work of theater is a wondrous adventure for the heart and the senses. Produced with unforgettable costumes – including elaborate masks and towering, life-like puppets to represent the many animals of the savannah, this story of love and redemption will take you on a beautiful journey to Africa to learn about being who one is meant to be. The listing below will share with you all the best seats for upcoming shows. You will want to act on the best tickets so you don’t miss an amazing performance.

Based on the award-winning 1994 animated Disney film of the same name, the Lion King centers on young Simba, a lion cub whose father is the leader of the Pride Lands of the savannah. With a host of lion, bird, and monkey friends, Simba explores his future kingdom until an unthinkable tragedy forces him to leave his home behind. In far-off exile, Simba grows into a proud lion with the help of some quirky and loving friends and decides to return home to set things right and dispose of the corruption that took over the Pride Lands in his absence.

Set to phenomenally catchy music by Elton John, this is a story that will leave you feeling joyful and triumphant.

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Experience the awe and triumph of The Lion King by purchasing cheap tickets. The Lion King is a one-of-a-kind show and it should be added to the top of your lists of things to see. Get the best seats by using the listings above and enjoy a beautiful performance.

Critical Acclaim

Premiering in Minneapolis in 1997, it was a mere five months before the show, as a result of instant success with audiences, moved to its premiere on Broadway. In the same year, the musical pulled in numerous Tony and Drama Desk awards, most consistently in the areas of the performance’s aesthetic elements (Best Costume, Best Choreography, etc.). Julie Taymor was the first woman to receive “Best Direction of a Musical”.

Since 1997, the show has been running non-stop, 8 times a week most recently at the Minskoff Theatre right in Times Square. This makes it Broadway’s third longest-running musical after Phantom of the Opera and Chicago.

The show also holds the title of the highest-grossing musical of all time. As of 2017, it had grossed over $8.1 billion.

From its start, critics and audiences loved the film. Time Magazine said, “[Julie] Taymor’s imaginative ideas seem limitless. it’s a gorgeous, gasp-inducing spectacle. Most important – against all odds – it has innocence. The show appeals to our primal, childlike excitement in the power of theater to make us see things afresh.”

The show has had performances on every continent (except Antarctica) including a run in Germany that lasted over 13 years and had more than 5000 performances. The first international world tour began in March 2018 and had plans to span mainly countries in Asia and Africa.

Why It’s Special

Aside from the epic story and classic songs we all know and love from the film, the musical will catch your heart and imagination because of the fantastic choreography, sets, and costumes. Actors walk on stilts to portray giraffes and elephants. Joined masks move up and down the actors’ faces to allow human expression or animal fury during fight scenes. Timon the meerkat’s costume is a large puppet that requires a huge amount of skill to manage and dance inside. There is no shortage of surprising and beautiful scenery on the stage at any given moment, and any visitor to the Lion King will come away amazed.

The Lion King Experience

One of the most successful and exciting musicals of all time, don’t miss out on this song and dance extravaganza that allows everyone to recognize the importance of believing in yourself and the value of true friends! This is the best time to buy Lion King tickets. When you use the listings above you will find the best seats that are still available.


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