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The Disney movie, The Lion King, had great reviews as an animated film, and now that it’s on Broadway, many critics believe that it has improved upon itself. Tickets to The Lion King are one of the best selling items when it comes to the theater right now, and there’s a really good reason for this It’s a great show with a great cast and set, so it’s only natural that it keeps selling out. If you have children that can’t get enough of this show, going to see the live performance is the next logical step, especially if you are in or will be in New York City in the near future.

The animated Disney movie came out in 1994, and the stage adaptation of the show first hit Broadway in October of 1997. There was a premiere for the show before this at a smaller venue in Minnesota, and after this received great reviews, it moved onto the big time. The stage production has a few new songs composed by Elton John in it that did not appear in the movie and received big accolades right off the bat. It has won several Tony Awards in the time between then and now, and despite having moved to a new theater, it is still one of the top-performing musical theater acts.

The story has many classical elements in it, ranging from the story of Joseph from the Bible to hints of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. And the fact that it was originally devised to be a children’s story makes it all the more popular because of the huge audiences that it has attracted. It can easily be seen that this story has something for everyone in it.

The show is currently playing at the Minskoff Theater in New York City, right on West 45th Street. This is one of the biggest theater districts in the United States and attracts some of the most serious theater-goers in the world. Tickets to The Lion King remain highly sought items, and the longevity and reputation of the show have only increased the demand for patrons to come and experience the stage version of a classic story

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