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Consisting of Bono, the Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr., U2 is perhaps the most well-known Irish rock band in recent history. They were originally heavily influenced by punk bands such as the Clash, Buzzcocks, and Sex Pistols, and subsequently named their first band iteration, the Hype. As they continued to play together over the next few years, they opted for the new name, U2. They liked its ambiguity and open-ended definability. They have since developed into an anthemic song-writing titan that is well-loved by major rock fans and general pop music fans alike. When U2 tickets are for sale you will find them below. The best seats for any venue they are touring will be listed.

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It took a while for U2 to gain accolades in Ireland. They won a performance contest early on and subsequently received their first recording opportunity. It was largely unsuccessful due to their inexperience in a studio and general nerves. Nonetheless, manager Paul McGuinness saw their potential and helped shape the band’s future. It’s hard to imagine the rock behemoth stunted by nerves knowing their legacy nowadays. In the late 70s, U2 began performing their first shows outside of Ireland, slowly growing in popularity. Today, they tour all over the world in support of new albums or in celebration of past album success.


Surprisingly, it took years for U2 to gain anything resembling a following. Even when they began touring Europe as a whole, they were unable to gain much attention. At the end of an Irish tour, the band took a big risk and booked a show at the 2,000-seat National Stadium in Dublin. The gamble paid off, and the stadium filled unexpectedly. A representative for Island Records was in attendance and quickly signed U2 to the label. It was during the 1983 War Tour that U2 began to regularly play in larger venues like halls and arenas. Frontman Bono would engage the crowd by performing dangerous stunts, like climbing scaffoldings. You won’t see anything like that, though, at a modern U2 concert. Their fifth album, The Joshua Tree, preceded one of their most successful tours to date – so much so that the album was toured once more over three decades later. U2 has easily become one of the most sought out live acts by fans of 80s and 90s rock music. They may have not been an overnight success, but their legacy is a great one.

Buying Tickets to U2 Performances

U2 concerts are nearly guaranteed to sell out their tickets. The band performed its best shows in the late 80s and through the 90s, so it’s easy to forget that U2 has been a band since the early 70s. With the passing of each decade, U2 performs less and less, and shows remain well attended. If you use the listings above when available you will find some of the best seats at a fair price. You have to commit to purchasing the tickets when they are available.

A Band That Rocks the World

While U2 is classified as a general rock band, quite distant from their punk roots, their sound remains distinctly recognizable. They emphasize their melodic instruments and epic-sounding vocals. Lyrically, the band has continued to lean into social, political, and personal subjects, without sacrificing quality songwriting. Their capability to bring a full sound makes them a standout live act, so much so that their own Edge has described them as “a fundamentally live band.”

Since the early 80s, the Irish rock band has been heavily associated with activism. They frequently partner with other musicians, artists, celebrities, and politicians to address global issues like poverty and disease. In 1984, Bono and Adam Clayton took part in Band-Aid to raise money for a famine in Ethiopia. The following year, the entire band played at the world-famous Live Aid. In ’86, U2 performed in the A Conspiracy of Hope tour to support Amnesty International and in Self Aid for unemployment in Ireland.

The Vertigo of Seeing U2 Live in Concert

Experience the exciting and globally-beloved music of U2 firsthand by getting tickets to a show near you. U2 has continued to leave a major impression, not only on the music world but on pop culture as a whole. Their shows regularly sell out as fans new and old flock to bask in the anthems of the Irish band.


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