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Today, we take a look at the journey of the iconic rock band, U2. Since their debut in the early 1980s, U2 has gifted us with numerous groundbreaking albums and mesmerizing performances worldwide. Now, the opportunity to witness their electrifying live act returns. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide, covering the best seats for a U2 concert, ticket prices at the venue, a brief history of the band, intriguing stats, insights on past tours, and other relevant details you’ll find useful.

Below are the upcoming U2 events scheduled to take place. As more shows are confirmed, they’ll be promptly added to this list. If a particular event you’re interested in doesn’t appear on the list, don’t worry. Simply click on the ‘Load More’ button, and you’ll be directed to a page containing the comprehensive event listings.

Best Place to Sit in the MSG Sphere – U2

One of the highlights of U2’s latest tour is their performance venue – the brand new MSG Sphere in Las Vegas, Nevada. U2 has the honor of being the inaugural act for this multi-billion dollar facility. While we’ll discuss more about the MSG Sphere later, let’s now explore the best seating options inside. It’s worth noting that opting for later dates in the residency may provide a wider range of options at more affordable prices.

The stage may initially appear quite small, but it’s larger than it seems. With some VIP sections available, the venue layout is fairly straightforward.

GA Pit: This area is expansive and perfect for those who don’t mind standing throughout the concert. It offers the most intimate views but be prepared to share the space with hundreds of other fans.

Sections 100: Each column here has 37 rows. Aim for the first 10 rows if possible; otherwise, compare prices row by row. You might be surprised by the savings a few rows back can bring. Avoid the last 15-20 rows, as they are overshadowed by the 200 section.

Sections 200: With 18-21 rows per column, the inner three or four columns offer the best views at this level. The first 15 rows here are likely a better choice than the last 20 rows in the 100 section.

Sections 300: The distance becomes noticeable at the 300 level. Despite the higher vantage point, prices may remain high, so try to aim for the first 10 rows in the center. Seats on the periphery will be cheaper, but the proximity to the sphere wall might affect the sound quality.

Sections 400: If you venture up to the 400 level, you’ll be at the top of the sphere. While the view remains impressive, be mindful that the air quality could be less optimal.

U2 MSG Sphere Seating Chart
Here is a close-up look at the MSG Sphere Seating Chart. Very Cool for Sure!

U2 Ticket Prices

With an expansive General Admission pit area, many tickets are priced similarly. The object is to arrive early and secure the prime spots. Tickets for the pit area generally range from $350 to $800 per show, varying based on the specific event.

Another example is for the concert scheduled on October 8th, tickets in section 110, row 23 are currently listed for $894, while those in section 109, row 22 are available for $625. Given that section 109 is closer to the center stage, snapping up these tickets would be an excellent deal.

As for the 400-level seats located farther back, the pricing seems reasonable, but the actual value is subjective and would depend on your personal experience. If you’re considering these elevated seats, aim for those located near the center for the best viewing experience.

Let’s Look Closer at U2

U2, an Irish rock band, comprises Bono, the Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr. Initially influenced by punk bands like the Clash, Buzzcocks, and Sex Pistols, they first named their band, the Hype. Over time, they transitioned to the name U2, appreciating its ambiguity and limitless potential for interpretation. They’ve since evolved into an anthem-creating powerhouse, revered by both hard-core rock fans and pop music lovers.

U2’s rise to fame wasn’t an overnight success. Winning an early performance contest opened the doors to their first recording opportunity, but initial attempts were largely unsuccessful due to studio inexperience and nerves. Yet, manager Paul McGuinness saw the band’s potential and was instrumental in shaping their future. Looking at U2’s legacy today, it’s hard to imagine their early struggles. The late 70s saw U2 expanding its reach outside of Ireland, performing its first international shows and steadily growing in popularity.

Even as U2 began touring Europe, they struggled to establish a significant fanbase. They took a bold step by booking a show at the 2,000-seat National Stadium in Dublin at the end of an Irish tour. The risk paid off as the stadium unexpectedly filled. An Island Records representative was present and promptly signed U2 to the label. Their momentum grew during the 1983 War Tour when they started performing in larger venues like halls and arenas. Frontman Bono became the person known for engaging crowds with daring stunts, like climbing scaffoldings.

Modern U2 concerts may not feature such high-risk stunts, but the band’s stage presence remains unparalleled. Their fifth album, The Joshua Tree, sparked one of their most successful tours and was celebrated with another tour over three decades later. U2’s enduring popularity makes them one of the most desired live acts for fans of 80s and 90s rock music. Their journey may not have been a rapid ascent, but their legacy stands as a testament to their undeniable talent and enduring appeal.

Albums and Stats

U2 secured its place in the music world long before the advent of social media and streaming services. The band’s enduring popularity has been carried forward by older generations who were already fans before these platforms emerged. Although statistics from these modern channels won’t encapsulate the entirety of U2’s fan base, they do offer a glimpse into the band’s current standing.

The band’s exciting residency at the MSG Sphere is only one stop on their global journey. These shows are sure to rekindle the excitement of long-time fans and attract new listeners.

At present, U2 boasts 20 million monthly listeners on Spotify. This figure, while impressive, likely represents just a fraction of their worldwide audience. Expect this number to climb over the next couple of years. Some of their most popular songs have been streamed over 300 million times, with “With or Without You” nearing a staggering one billion listens.

Regarding YouTube, where they showcase an extensive collection of music videos and live concert footage spanning decades, U2 has nearly 3 million subscribers. While this might seem lower than expected, it’s important to note that their subscriber base continues to grow. As they continue to add new content to their channel, the band is likely to attract even more fans in the future.

Past Tours That Made Headlines

U2 has gone on many tours since the early 1980s and continues to play to this day. Some of the bigger tours include:

War Tour – This was based on their third album called War. This was a world tour.

The Joshua Tree Tour – Considered one of the best live acts of all time, this tour was in 1987.

Zoo TV Tour – This was a next-level tour for the band which featured more electronics and an alternative feel.

PopMart Tour – This was a huge stage design and went all over.

U2 360 Tour – This tour made U2 the biggest touring act of all time. This occurred in 2009 – 2011 and is still talked about today.

Buying Tickets to U2 Performances

When it comes to purchasing U2 tickets, you have a lot of options. If you’ve missed the presale or onsale dates, your best bet is likely to be one of the top resale ticket sites. We provide in-depth reviews of platforms like SeatGeek, StubHub, and Vivid Seats, each with its unique advantages and disadvantages.

Remember to shop around for the best deal. We cover everything about ticket fees to give you a comprehensive understanding of the process. The listings above offer access to upcoming events, presenting a prime opportunity to secure U2 concert tickets. This could be your chance to nab some of the best seats available, so don’t let it slip away.

U2 Concerts are Here

The opportunity to see U2 perform on an extraordinary stage is now within your grasp. With the information provided, navigating the process of finding the optimal seating and gauging expected ticket prices should be more manageable. Remember, there are numerous shows to choose from, enabling you to plan your U2 adventure flexibly. Keep in mind that ticket prices can vary significantly by date. If the chance to witness U2 live presents itself, it’s well worth making every effort to be there. The key is finding the best seats. In the event of changes to the upcoming schedule, rest assured that updates will be made here accordingly.


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