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Radiohead is an English rock band that formed in the year 1985 in Abingdon-on-Thames, a market town in Oxfordshire County. The band’s lineup has remained consistent since its formation. Tom Yorke sings lead vocals while also playing guitar, piano, and keys. Jonny Greenwood plays guitar and keyboard, while his brother Colin plays the bass. Ed O’Brien plays guitar, sings back-up, and is responsible for the band’s signature effects. Philip Selway locks down the drums. Also with the group from the beginning have been the producer, Nigel Goodrich, and cover artist, Stanley Donwood. The listings below will show the best seats available for the next Radiohead concert.

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“Creep” became Radiohead’s first hit song. The single was released prior to the band’s 1993 album Pablo Honey. Creep is still the band’s most popular song today. It has over 900 million listens on Spotify, more than any of the band’s other songs on the platform. Two major spheres of influence are immediately apparent in “Creep”. There is the bright Strat sound from the classic rock era, mixed with the starting and stopping introduced by alternative rock groups like the Pixies. The distortion at the beginning of the chorus is unique to “Creep”.

Radiohead is not a one-hit-wonder however, in fact, their popularity steadily grew throughout the nineties, and culminated with the release of OK Computer. The 1997 album was full of experimental song structures and avant-garde attempts to incorporate digital sounds, especially considering the state of technology at the time. OK, Computer was compared to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon by impressed critics and a generation turned into atomized individuals by technology related to the words of tracks like, “Subterranean Homesick Alien” and “Paranoid Android”. OK, Computer was nominated for Best Album at the Grammy’s and received Best Alternative Album that year.

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For a band that is known to use heavy effects, Radiohead is able to translate its sound onto the stage remarkably well. The band first began touring together in 1992. Performances of “Creep” on this tour, with the dramatic explosion of guitar sound preceding the chorus, are credited with building hype around the band before the release of Pablo Honey. Touring was difficult in the early years for the band members, particularly Yorke, who would go on long drinking bouts contemplating the band’s identity. These sometimes led to shows being canceled. Since their rocky start in the early nineties, the band has become inseparable.

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Radiohead has been successfully touring the globe for over a decade and a half. The band’s first experience of widespread notoriety occurred in Tel Aviv, Israel of all places. Once Radiohead became famous they began to make television appearances like on the Tonight Show in the US. Radiohead has collaborated with many artists on stage including R.E.M. and Alanis Morissette. The Netherlands has always been fond of Radiohead and the band has played there many times over the years at venues like the Heineken Music Hall (now AFAS Live). If you are interested in seeing the hits of Radiohead live, then now is the right time to check the links up above if there are any.

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The rock and roll journey has been rough on the members of Radiohead, especially Yorke. It is unclear if it has something to do with the lyrics of their songs, but the alcoholism Yorke was prone to in the band’s early years developed into depression as the nineties progressed. Around 1998 Yorke felt like he needed a break from heavy touring. In 2004 Yorke took a break from the band to pursue a solo project. The band took another hiatus in 2012 but got back to touring by 2014.

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When Radiohead decides to tour again you can be sure we’ll be ready. Check back at our listings to get the best seats for a Radiohead concert. We want you to be entertained and get real value for your ticket purchase.


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