Legendary Radiohead is Starting a New Tour

Best time to buy Radiohead tickets.

Best time to see Radiohead live

For years, Radiohead has been regarded as one of the pioneers in the experimental rock world. They have a unique sound, but one that is unmistakably talented. As they head out on a new tour, tickets to Radiohead are hot items right now, especially amongst those people who have been listening to their music since their first major album came out.

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Radiohead first formed in 1985 when the original members would play together while still at school. Thom Yorke, Colin Greenwood, Ed O’Brien, and Phil Selway all went to Abingdon School and would meet on Friday’s to practice. They originally called themselves On a Friday, because of when they would practice, but their first record label asked them to change their name. They settled on Radiohead, and the rest is history. They’ve put out many albums, Pablo Honey, OK Computer, and Kid A being some of their most popular. However, their latest album, A Moon Shaped Pool, was just released in 2016 and has received very strong critical acclaim. It has a more orchestral sound than many of their other albums but remains classic Radiohead.

Radiohead has inspired countless other musicians, writers, and more. Some of these include American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson, Muse, and many others. While Radiohead is an experimental band that has pushed the boundaries of musical style, they have been influenced by some others that came before them. Thom Yorke’s lyrics have been heavily influenced by the stream of conscious and beat poets of the 1950s and 60s, and the music has evolved in a post-punk, grunge setting. Bands like the Talking Heads, Slow Dive, and Dinosaur Jr. had a significant impact on the band as they were first finding their sound.

If you’ve never seen Radiohead but grew up listening to their music, this is a great opportunity to see the band while they are at the peak of their sound. Yes, a lot has changed since the early 90s when they first hit it big, but tickets to Radiohead shows are still a great way to see the band. You will not be disappointed.

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