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Lana Del Rey is an American singer, songwriter, poet, model, and music video director. Born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant in New York City, the singer who would later become Lana Del Rey started out as a cantor in her church choir. Though born in New York City, Grant spent her childhood in Upstate New York. Eventually, she would return to New York City to pursue her singing career as she was wrapping up college at Fordham in 2007. This is the best time to get seats for a Lana Del Ray concert. You don’t want to miss out on the ticket listings below.

After a period of five uncertain years during which Grant shifted her focus to social work, her career as a musician was revived. Grant adopted the new stage name Lana Del Rey, was signed to new management (somewhat controversially), and released a couple of music videos on her YouTube channel.

The songs “Blue Jeans” and “Video Games” became viral hits on the internet when Del Rey released the videos for these songs. It was not her plan to use “Video Games” as the single for the album she was planning to release, Born to Die. The video which captures Del Rey’s seductive and deathly serious attitude along with her cinematic eye has received over 200 million views. Since her breakout video, Del Rey has gotten several Grammy nominations and has released two albums that have topped the US Billboard 200 charts, Ultraviolence (2014) and Lust for Life (2017).

Labels used to describe Lana Del Rey’s music include dream pop, sadcore, baroque pop, and trip-hop. Despite making an effort to stay in touch with the ’50s and ‘60s roots of popular culture, Del Rey’s willingness to embrace the times has led to several collaborations with hip-hop artists and Hollywood. Lana Del Rey has recorded with French Montana, Wiz Khalifa NAS, and Snoop Dogg, and she performed during Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s pre-wedding festivities which were held at the Palace of Versailles. Del Rey also recorded a track for the 2013 film version of The Great Gatsby, “Young and Beautiful”.

Lana Del Rey Live

Although she uses many tools of the modern studio in the production of her music, Lana Del Rey is known for her remarkable simple live performances. Critics have noticed her wide vocal range which effortlessly flows between three octaves. Del Rey is able to captivate the audience with her voice and a few accompanying instruments so she relies on little else. During her 2012 rendition of “Video Games” on Letterman, Lana Del Rey sang beside a pianist and a quartet of violins. Afterward, the host, who had never before met Del Rey, seemed smitten by her authentic delivery.

Buying Tickets to See Lana Del Rey Live in Concert

From the coffee shops of Brooklyn, Lana Del Rey has come a long way. She has performed at venues across the United States and all over the world. Irving Plaza in Union Square, the Bowery Ballroom, and the Olympia in Paris, have all played host to Lana Del Rey performances. She has also appeared at popular festivals like Coachella and Flow. If you are considering it, now is the time to purchase Lana Del Rey tickets.

More About Lana Del Rey

As a teenager, Del Rey developed a habit of excessive alcohol consumption. 15-year-old Grant was sent off to Catholic boarding school, which put an end to her drinking. She believes that she was still sorting through some of these experiences in her early material, making it full of “juxtapositions”.

Some critics have accused Lana Del Rey over the years of being anti-feminist. These accusations likely stem from the evocative topics Del Rey dives into with her lyrics. Del Rey has dismissed these accusations, stating her belief that true feminists are, “Women who do whatever they want,” and that feminism is boring compared to topics such as “Space-X”.

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