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King Princess Tickets for Sale

King Princess is an American pop singer and songwriter, with talents in playing many instruments and production of music. Her real name is Mikaela Straus, born December 19, 1998, in Brooklyn, New York to recording engineers Oliver Straus and Aggie Mullaney. Her parents divorced when she was young, and she spent much time with her dad in the studio as a young girl. This is the best time to buy King Princess tickets. We will share what we know about her and her upcoming shows near you.

It was during the time she spent with her dad in the Mission Sound studio that she learned how to play instruments such as bass, guitar, piano, and drums. She was inspired by rock music from artists such as Led Zeppelin, T Rex, and Jack White. She goes by the stage name “King Princess” and turned down an offer for a music deal at the age of 11 years. She wanted to develop her music and did not want record labels to influence her music, what she had witnessed happened to young and upcoming artists.

She released her first single “1950” in February 2018 which brought her to the limelight in the music world. The song was very popular with the LGTQ community, and she gained fame when a famous British singer tweeted her lyrics. And she quickly followed up with another single “Talia” in April.

She is open about her sexual orientation, as she had opened up about her genderqueer, gay and she was earlier in an emotional relationship with actress Amanda Stenberg.

King Princess Performances

King Princess is unique in her kind of music with her melodic voice and her willingness to break barriers. She is open-minded, using her music to express her feeling and how she views the world. She is an excellent performer, playing a different kind of instrument thrilling her ever-growing set of fans.

She shut down the Royale when she performed on stage in Boston, Massachusetts in 2018. Playing at the Glastonbury Festival in 2019, where she was joined on stage by Mark Ronson, dressing like King Princess as they performed “pieces of us” which they sang together. With a whole lot of shows booked for 2019, including performing at the Lollapalooza and Coachella, you might be lucky to catch her close to you any time soon.

Get a Ticket to Watch her Perform on Stage

You have to be on the lookout for when King Princess will be performing on her tour in locations close to you. She has a very huge and growing fan base, although some may still categorize her as an upcoming artist. With her popularity with the LGTQ community. She has a loyal fan base that follows her anywhere she is performing. Getting tickets for her shows is difficult because they are sold out on time, and they might be costly.

We will keep you updated with the dates and venues of King Princess’ next appearances when she will be coming close to a location near you. You can also be assured of affordable tickets when you keep yourself updated with information on this page.

Her uniqueness

She is bold in her kind of music, with her thrilling lyrics bound to catch her fans in a captivating mood. She is a producer, and she is very involved in most aspects of her music as she prefers control of her artistic talent. She is signed under Mark Ronson’s label Zelig records which has a link with Colombia Records.

The BBC has recognized King Princess as she came seconds in an award for Sound of 2019, as well as other notable nominations. This is a great time to buy King Princess tickets. Get out to one of her upcoming shows and look for some of the best seats availale.


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