KIA Forum

Best Seats Inside the KIA Forum

Best Seats Inside the Kia Forum

What was once the best-known indoor sports venue, The Forum, was also home to several professional sports teams before they found their new home in 2000. The KIA Forum once hosted the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Kings. Along with the Los Angeles Clippers, they both moved to what’s known as the Arena. Other than Madison Square Garden it was one of the oldest venues that came to mind when thinking about big-time sports and events. We’ll get into some of the past below as well as find the best seats in The Forum. We’ll even go over some of the things to think about outside The Forum. Listed below you will find events that are coming. If you don’t see your event listed go ahead and select the load more button for more events.

Best Place to Sit in the Kia Forum

Since the KIA Forum is predominantly used for concerts most of the seating will be set up pretty much the same. Finding the best seats in The Forum is critical to an amazing experience. Other than at a Harry Styles event, the stage will be closest to the west side of the venue. Several sections of floor seats make the inner bowl or the 100 sections a bit further back than other venues of this size.

If you can get the front 3 rows of sections G/H/J, we feel like this is where you will get the most of your money. Yes, it is further back, but for some events, you can end up saving a lot of money. If you decide you want to sit closer you’ll have to dig in a bit more.

You can also think about sections 109-111 and 126-128. These sections will get you close to the stage as well. You should try to get the first 5 rows of these sections. You will see huge price swings when you move further back row by row. Use these price discrepancies when it comes to saving some money.

The 200 section is considered the upper level. If you find this more affordable please try to get a front row in these sections. We want you to have a good experience and when dealing with venues of this size you will be much further than you think.

Sharing Some History

The home of the Los Angeles Lakers is now home to many different concert tours. A lot has happened in The Forum since its opening in 1967. Construction costs at the time were $16 million. Yes, you heard that right. Since then it has had two big renovations. One in 2014 for $77 million and another big renovation in 2021 for $130. Let’s just say with the modernization of The Forum, was critical to its future. The capacity has changed over the years. Right now you can expect over 17,000 people in the KIA Forum when everything is set up. When there is a hockey game, there is room for about 16,000 people.

Ownership of the building has switched hands several times over its almost 56 years in existence. Even a church group had a lease on the building before MSG Entertainment made the purchase. This led to renovations and big-time events rolling in. In 2020, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Steve Ballmer bought the building from MSG for $400 million.

The Forum once housed the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Kings before they moved 10 miles away to the (Staples Center) Arena. In 1999, all of the professional sports teams moved out. The Los Angeles Sparks hung around until 2001 and eventually made the move as well.

Some amazing sports took place inside The Forum over the years. From the Lakes championship seasons, All-Star games, and boxing events.

The list of concert tours and events that have passed through is quite amazing. You could have seen Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin, and Prince. During the past couple of decades, bands and performers continued to stop by. Some of the more current shows included Dua Lipa, Phish, Blackpink, Imagine Dragons, Bad Bunny, The Weeknd, Garth Brooks, and Rhianna.

Check the listings above to see who is coming to town. Be ready to get your tickets for the KIA Forum.

Parking Around the Forum

Although there are plenty of parking spots in the area surrounding The Forum, the cost to park your car is still high. We suggest using one of the mobile parking apps like ParkWhiz to get your spot ahead of time. You are looking at an average price of around $28. This amount should be included in your budget when buying tickets inside the KIA Forum.

Restaurants Nearby

If you choose to eat before or after an event you’ll want to know where to go. We’ve decided to list a few options for you to choose from. It’s all about what you are in the mood for and the size of your party. Take these choices into consideration and let us know what you think.

Dulan’s Soul Food Kitchen – The staff is way ahead of the game when you try some soul food. From fried fish to baked turkey wings, you have plenty of options. It will be a unique experience for you and your taste buds.

Fiesta Martin Bar And Grill – This is the spot for you when it comes to classic Tex-Mex food. Get your hands on some street tacos and steak. Don’t forget a margarita or Modelo to wash it all down. The prices are decent for a spot in Inglewood, CA. You can learn more about their menu here.

Little Belize Restaurant – How about a very chill spot serving up Belizean dishes? You can try something new on your night out. It’s not the biggest place so it will be best for a party of four or fewer. The staff is on point and the stew chicken is the way to go.

Harry Styles Homebase

In 2022 Harry Styles decided to make all kinds of deals with long-standing shows over a course of a few weeks. His home was the Madison Square Garden and he eventually made his way to the Moody Center. After that, he headed to Chicago where he had a good stay at the United Center. Then, before leaving the country, he has 15 shows in the KIA Forum to close out his US Tour. Quite amazing that Harry Styles has grown to this level where he is selling all of his dates. Priced on the secondary market are through the roof so be ready to pay big money when he comes back around.

Make Your Way Out to the KIA Forum

There is so much history surrounding The Forum. From its first days until now, it still holds the biggest acts in the world. You can try to get the best seats in The Forum, but this will come down to price and timing. Do your best to find tickets that work for your budget. If you have any questions about buying tickets for The Forum, you can ask away.


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