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It is quite amazing what Karol G has done for the genre of reggaeton and the Latin music world. This Colombian singer has been performing for several years, but it was around 2017 when she found extreme success and hasn’t looked back. She is now performing on all of the big stages around the country and the world. You can expect to see her on tour with many great artists such as Bad Bunny and Jennifer Lopez. If you are here looking for the best seats for Karol G then you’re in good hands. Listed below are tickets for all the upcoming shows that she will be playing. If you do not see an arena near you, all you have to do is hit the load more button and you’ll be taken to all the different future concerts. Try to find the best seat possible even though prices are starting to creep up into overpriced areas.

September 24
11:00 pm
September 24, Sun, 11:00 pm
Camping World Stadium - Orlando
September 28
11:00 pm
September 28, Thu, 11:00 pm
Gillette Stadium - Foxborough

Best Place to Sit at a Karol G Concert

When it comes to finding the best seats for a Karol G concert it will take several different things to align. If you were fortunate to get in on the presale or on-sale ticket purchasing dates you don’t need to worry about finding better seats. This is because the secondary market has marked up pricing for her shows across the nation. What should you look for when buying the best seats for Karol G?

Seating Case Study

For seats to an upcoming Karol G concert, we will focus on the Barclays Center. She is performing here several times and each of the tour dates has been sold out. It is quite amazing how many people want to go see Karol G live at the Barclays Center or any venue across the nation.

Sometimes you need to focus on where the stage is located in the venue. At the Barclays it’s going to be on the west side of the building leaving floor seats, level I seats, level II seats, and level III seats available. If you are fortunate to get in the pit area or sections A, B, or C, you will have some of the best seats in the building. They will most likely cost the most amount of money, but the experience of seeing a live performer like Karol G that close will be amazing.

There are still some standard tickets available but for the most part and especially at the Barclays Center there are only resell tickets available. This is where you need to make a decision on how big is your budget and how much you want to spend on a ticket.

Sometimes you need to consider percentages of how much more you want to spend for a better seat. No matter the performer we believe that the better seat is worth the extra cost if you are already paying a lot of money. If you just want to get in the building we highly recommend looking at all the different shows she is performing and getting the upper-level seats. This will get you in but may not give you the experience you hoped for.

One thing you should consider is to look at the different sections within sections. Look at the last row of a section and see what the cost is. Then go one section back and see how much the first row of that section is and so forth. This will give you an idea of where the price breaks are and how you can take advantage of saving a little bit of money by moving back some rows.

As of right now for this tour and this can change in the future of course we are seeing resell tickets on the floor at around $700-$800 a ticket. If you go to the outer first-level bowl the tickets are looking at about $500 a ticket. If after that you start looking in the middle tier rows almost at the club level section for sports, you’re looking at around $400 a ticket. After that, you are looking at the deeper levels and limited views and you’re still looking at around $200 a ticket.

Although we rounded up somewhat to include fees and other things the price is going to come down to how much you can afford. Try to get the best seats for Karol G that you can find. When they go on sale or there is a presale try to take advantage during this period.

Some Tour Information

In 2017 she was the headliner of her Girl PowEr Tour. From there she played several other tours including the Unstoppable Tour, Ocean World Tour, and Bichota World Tour. Currently, as of right now she is on the Strip Love Tour. There are dozens of dates available throughout the country and eventually, she will travel outside the States. Keep an eye out for this special act as her audience has grown significantly and will continue to buy up all the good seats.

Statistics and Collaboration

Karol G has been very fortunate with who she has collaborated during her career. It was Bad Bunny that kicked off her breakthrough with the hit Ahora Me Llama. Once this song and video were created the amount of exposure Karol G received was huge. She has had several collaborations with Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, Nicki Minaj, and Becky G.

Currently, Karol G has 41 million Spotify listeners per month. She also has about 28 million YouTube subscribers and several videos with major stars such as J Balvin and Mariah Angeliq. Her followers on TikTok and Instagram are quite significant. We are talking about 40 Million and 47 million respectively. This shows that there are a lot of people listening to Karol G. She is currently ranked 17th in the United States as an artist. She is considered number one in Columbia and number two in reggaeton only behind Bad Bunny. Assuming she keeps creating albums and stays on tour there is nothing that’s gonna stop Karol G from staying on top of the charts.

Head Out to a Karol G Concert

Now that you’ve gotten to know a little bit about where you should sit at a Karol G concert it’s up to you to decide on the purchase. We know how expensive tickets can get especially for artists that sell out. We highly recommend you follow the artists and try to get pre-sale and on-sale date purchases. If you are left with secondary tickets you will pay more money so just keep that in mind when trying to find the best seats available. If you have any questions about buying Karol G tickets let us know and we’ll do our best to help you out.


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