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Jimmy Eat World is an American emo rock band from Mesa, Arizona. The band was formed in 1993. The founding members include Jim Adkins, Zach Lind, Tom Linton, and Mitch Porter. The band is one of the most well-known names of the 2000s. They were extremely popular with the indie crowd early on in their career. They are one of the few indie bands who managed to become even larger and reach mainstream radio status. This is the best time to buy Jimmy Eat World tickets. The best seats await at the venue near you.

Starting in the small city of Mesa, all the members knew each well when they decided to try playing together. They originally wrote punk rock music and their first releases aligned with that genre. As they became more involved within the indie scene they started to appreciate bands like Sunny Day Real Estate and Christie Front Drive. These bands encouraged Jimmy Eat World to experiment with a slower sound. Jimmy Eat World’s releases during this period received little attention but some of them would increase in reputation as time went by. For example, they released an album called Clarity in 1999 that did not receive much coverage. Today, that album has a huge cult following and is loved by many music fans all over the world.

Jimmy Eat World saw mainstream success with their album released in 2001. The single “The Middle” was incredibly popular. It charted at number five on the Billboards. This single remains their most well-known song and still is played on radio stations throughout the world. The song also made it back to the Billboards in 2016; 15 years after it was released. The renewed interest in the album can be credited to an Apple ad where Taylor Swift danced and lip-synced to the song. However, successful ads do not bring most old songs back to the charts. This incident proves that The Middle really is a special song.

Since Jimmy Eat World has experienced both the indie music scene and mainstream world, many of their tours combine both aspects together clumsily. The band has toured with Drive Like Jehu, and Mineral, and has also toured with more popular bands such as Green Day. The band travels the world and tours and gathers large crowds. The band will also find smaller bands like The Hotelier to open for them for these gigantic shows.

Seeing Them Live

As far as touring goes, Jimmy Eat World has gone throughout the nation to play. They understand they have fans everywhere and want to visit them wherever they are. Every available ticket that exists should show in the listings above. Therefore, this is also the favorite place for music fans to find the best deals and cheapest prices for seats to shows they want to see. Many venues will release cheaper tickets as the concert dates approach so if you want to catch those tickets you will have to wait a bit. Just make sure you act fast because the cheaper they are, the faster they sell out.

Always Adapting

When it comes to Jimmy Eat World’s sound, no one fan can ever pinpoint it. It has constantly changed and shifted and the band wears its influences on its sleeves. They have played harder rock albums and have also played more alternative rock albums. They have made slower albums and have made faster albums. However, they always keep their sound introspective and melancholic. Their music always seems to have the ability to produce tears in your eyes.

As performers, Jimmy Eat World is amazing. They are consistently dedicated to making their songs sound great on stage. They know which riffs will tug your heart and which notes to play to make you smile in nostalgia. There is so much to love about this band and you have to watch them to fully understand what makes them so special.

Like No Other

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