Jerry Seinfeld is Still the King of Comedy

By on August 23, 2016
Jerry Seinfeld Standup

Jerry Seinfeld is one of the most famous comedians in the world, thanks mainly to the long standing sit-com with his name as the title: Seinfeld. The show centered around him and his friends, where he played the role of a successful standup comedian. In reality, Seinfeld is far more successful than his character on TV was, leading him to be dubbed “The King of Laughs,” by some. Tickets to Jerry Seinfeld shows are more popular today than ever, and whether you were a fan of his show or not, a Seinfeld comedy performance is one of those nights out that you will never forget. Tickets will usually sell out when he performs, so if you want to see one of the biggest names in the business, you need to act quickly.

Jerry Seinfeld was a popular club comedian from the late 1970s until his show first aired in 1989. By the time the fourth season began, Seinfeld was the highest rated comedy show on television. When the last show aired in 1998, rather than stick with acting like many of the others on the show did, he decided to go back to his comedy roots. He’s been touring the world with his act ever since. He has influenced many other comedians, some famous and some not, with his observational humor. One of the appeals of Seinfeld’s act is that he approaches topics that many people don’t want to talk about, such as unspoken social conventions. These topics might be taboo in some circles, but Seinfeld is always quick to point out the ridiculousness of them. Comedians like Kevin Hart and Dennis Miller cite him as a strong influence on their own careers.

Seinfeld might not have had a hit television show in almost twenty years, but he’s still one of the biggest names in show business. His comedy tours have been some of the biggest in history, and Comedy Central has cited him as the 12th best standup comedian of all time. Tickets to Jerry Seinfeld shows are still the hottest item in all of comedy today, and you are missing out on a piece of history if you don’t take the chance to see him live.

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