Jeff Dunham is More than a Puppet

By on July 22, 2016
jeff dunham and puppet

Jeff Dunham is a comedian primarily known for his dry wit and ventriloquism. Unlike many other standup comedians, Dunham uses puppets as a main part of his comedy act, carrying on a conversation with them, usually at his own expense. He is a hilarious performer, and his live shows are just as good as his television and Netflix specials, or better. If you haven’t seen him before, his current tour is a good chance to see why he keeps bringing in huge audiences. Tickets to Jeff Dunham shows are not going to get any easier to get if you keep waiting.

Jeff Dunham is a regular name on Comedy Central. His specials are almost always in rotation, and thanks to streaming video, he has gone from an underground sensation to one of the most popular names in all of standup. He’s famous for his puppets. These are mostly brilliantly wry characters, like Achmed the Dead Terrorist, whose name speaks for itself; Walter, a very grumpy old man; Jose Jalapeno on a Stick, a talking pepper; and Bubba J, a half-drunk and loudly outspoken redneck. These characters are often stereotypical, outspoken, and even offensive. They are always funny, though. With constant character changes, Dunham’s shows are fast moving and highly entertaining. He is a talented ventriloquist, and his characters are not only funny, but they are often more observant and critical than Dunham himself is. It’s a very funny give and take, one that is well worth seeing for yourself.

According to some sources, Jeff Dunham is the top grossing standup act in all of North America. He has also been credited with singlehandedly reviving interest in ventriloquism and puppets. He’s also one of the funniest comedians you will ever see. Whatever your interest is in his act, tickets to Jeff Dunham are a great gift for your friends. He is funny, irreverent, and just politically incorrect and offensive enough to entertain pretty much anyone. His shows are not always kid friendly, but then again, that’s not the factor that makes him one of the most respected comedians in the world.

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