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When it comes to soloists in concert there is nothing like seeing Jason Mraz. He provides a great show for the audience no matter the venue. We will go over several different things including where to sit at a concert, some history about Jason, Jason Mraz ticket prices, and some other things to help make your outing better.

We’ll start off with all of the upcoming Jason Mraz concerts. You will see where he is playing next and get ticket prices for each venue. We’ll follow up on this below. If you don’t see a show near you, try the load more button. This will take you to the page with every upcoming event on the tour schedule.

Best Place to Sit at a Jason Mraz Concert

We continue our series in the best places to sit by performer and venue. Today, we are talking about a single artist that needs to take up a lot of room to reach the entire audience. We will select a venue on his concert tour that will be used as a guide for picking the best seats for a show.

Red Hat Amphitheater – The venue will dictate the experience and price. This Red Hat venue is quite large for Jason, so getting a good seat here shouldn’t be too difficult. We’ll start off by saying, lawn seats are cheap, but not worth it when you can spend another $20 and get a seat. Unless you get the inner seats in sections one and three, we suggest you get tickets near the back of section two or even in six. Stay center stage for sure. This will give you the sound a soloist expects to hear. Anything in the back sections is a good deal too, but try to get the first 2-3 rows. Good deals are waiting at big venues.

Some Mraz Details

Mraz is an American singer-songwriter who was born in Mechanicsville, Virginia. He was born in 1977. His acoustic guitar-styled performances have delivered some of the most memorable singles in the 2000 and 2010s. His music feels uplifting and invites people to sing along. As a songwriter, Mraz is influenced by many different genres. 

In high school, Mraz was an artsy kid. He was a member of the cheerleading squad, school chorus, and drama club. Originally, he wanted to work in musical theater and attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City. His friend gave Mraz a guitar and he started learning how to write his own music. Mraz became a roadie and settled in San Diego. Mraz started performing at a coffee house called Java Joe’s. This happened once a week for three years and he built up a reputation for himself slowly. He released a few independent albums in those years. In 2002, he released his first major-label debut. One of the singles on the debut reached the

In 2005, Mraz released his second album and it achieved major commercial success. The album peaked at number 5 position the Billboard 200 and sold over 100,000 copies in the USA alone. His next releases continued this trend. His third and fourth albums debuted in the top 10s of the Billboard 200. Mraz is incredibly accoladed too and has won two Grammys. He has also won two Teen Choice Awards, a People’s Choice Award, and the Hal David Songwriters Hall of Fame Award. Furthermore, Mraz is an international star. His albums have been certified platinum in over 20 countries. In 2014, it was reported that Mraz had sold over 7 million albums and his songs have been downloaded 11.5 million times worldwide. He is one of the best-selling artists of all time.

International Music Events

Only days after his first album release, Mraz’s stage changed from a coffee shop to a large music stage and venue. Mraz played on The Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn days after his first release. In 2012, Mraz performed at President Barack Obama’s Christmas event where Obama and his family lit Christmas trees at the White House. Mraz also performed at the Kennedy Center in 2012 when Ellen Degeneres was awarded the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. As an international star, Mraz has performed in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and parts of Africa. Some famous venues Mraz has appeared at are the Mosaic Music Festival in Singapore, the O2 Arena in London, and Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Get Your Tickets Here!

Mraz is a very popular musician so you need access to the best website available to get them. You can quickly buy the tickets you want before they sell out. We will go over ticket prices next. As this is important when figuring out the fair price to get into a particular show such as this one.

Jason Mraz Ticket Prices

These will vary from venue to venue. When we have way more seats you can expect much lower ticket prices. Listed below are some of the venues he is playing. Each one will have different capacities that will bring a wide range of prices. These prices are subject to change, so if you see lower prices at particular venues, you may want to make the purchase. The get-in price average is all over the place. We are seeing an average of about $50.

Location Lowest Ticket Price
Arizona Financial Theatre $53
Meadow Brook Amphitheatre $18
FirstBank Amphitheater $60
The Pavillion at Ravinia $93
Forest Hills Stadium $72

An Acoustic Guitar

As far as musical styles go, Mraz resembles a genre of Brazilian music that uses nylon string guitars. He creates ballads and happy music that everyone can feel a part of. Mraz’s voice is heavily coveted and many people are drawn to the luxurious sound of his singing. Listening to him perform on stage will make your body tingle. He is also influenced by soul music and jazz music. Mraz has a knack for combining genres together and creating something beautiful and unique.

A Musical Wizard

Every day, Mraz seems to increase his popularity. His shows continue to gain steam which makes the best seats harder to find. Make sure you buy his tickets so you can join his million fans at a live show near you. Ticket prices will dance up and down leading up to the performance so act on the price that meets your budget.


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