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The Jacksonville Jaguars are a relatively new team within the NFL, but they have already established a great deal of success as a professional football team. Tickets to Jacksonville Jaguars games are big items in the southeastern portion of the U.S., and whether you’re a big fan or not, the Jaguars are a fun team to watch play. They have a hard-charging, unique style, and even on their bad years, they are still one of the top-ranked teams out there. Grab your tickets to see them today.

Along with the Carolina Panthers, the Jacksonville Jaguars joined the NFL as an expansion team in 1995. They are a member of the AFC, and since 2002 have competed in the AFC South division. They’ve made the playoffs six times since their inception as a team, and have won their division twice. Because the team is so new, there are no team members that have been inducted into the Football Hall of Fame yet, but as the team keeps growing and keeps improving upon past performances, this is likely to change over the next several years. Some of the great athletes that have played on this team include Mark Brunell, Fred Taylor, and the team’s first-ever draft pick, Tony Boselli.

You might be surprised that the Jacksonville area was considered to be extremely unlikely to get a pro football team at one point. However, against the odds, they won the right to have a team, and the results have been extremely impressive. While they might not have the same large fan base that older teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Chicago Bears have, Jacksonville does have a good deal of loyal fans, and their home games are some of the most exciting events in sports.

The Jaguars play their home games at EverBank Field in Jacksonville, Florida. Tickets to Jacksonville Jaguars games are extremely popular in Florida and beyond. Whether you’re down in the south or you’re catching a Jacksonville game against another team, this is one team that you will truly enjoy watching a play—even if you’re not a huge football fan!

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