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Tickets to Elf the Musical are very popular during the holidays, but it’s also a show that’s enjoyable at any time of the year. It first debuted on Broadway in 2010, and there have been a few different stage versions of the musical since then. It has even gone on national tours on a few occasions. The current version of the show is playing in New York City at Madison Square Garden. There’s also a run going on at the Dominion Theatre in London, England.

The story is a Christmas story at heart, but it’s also a story of the underdog triumphing. Based upon the 2003 movie that starred Will Ferrell, Elf the Musical does have some significant differences. For one, instead of being narrated by an elf, the stage version is narrated by Santa Claus himself. Also, it’s a musical, which means that music and singing are primary parts of the plot and the story’s development. The original film was mostly a comedy.

Part of the reason why this stage show is so popular is because of the hit film, of course, but that alone isn’t enough to give a musical long term success. The show has been performed professionally for more than five years now, and it has been a hit because of a talented cast and crew, along with stunning production and set. It has continued to do well because of its appeal to both kids and adults, too. There are great special effects, according to critics, and some of the humor is designed to keep adults interested, all while being suitable for kids in the audience. It’s a great blend, designed for families and serious theatergoers alike. If you haven’t been to see this, but have watched the movie, it’s definitely different enough that you will be entertained, but familiar enough to keep that sense of sameness and enjoyment.

Whether you are planning on going to New York City for the holiday season and want to make a stop on Broadway, or you just are a fan of the original movie and curious to see the stage version, tickets to Elf the Musical are a great gift for yourself and your family.

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