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Great Seats to the Houston Astros

We are going to go into great depth about how you can get the best tickets for the next Houston Astros game. We are talking about home, away, playoffs, and World Series tickets. There are ways to get better seats than others. We will start with the best time to buy, where to sit in the park, and some information about the surroundings, and then we will share a brief bit of history. Listed right below are tickets available for all of the upcoming games. If you don’t see the game you want to go to hit the load more button. This will take you to a place that has every game for the season. Make your move today on the best seats for a Houston Astros game.

Best Time to Buy Houston Astros Tickets

There are a lot of different theories when picking the best time to buy MLB tickets. We want to share our thoughts on how you can get the best deal possible. Waiting until the last minute is always an option if you don’t mind going that route.

However, if you are buying tickets like the rest of the fans we suggest you look around 20 days before your event. This will give you enough information to go on. You can determine if tickets are selling fast or are just sitting there. This is where you can take advantage of knowing that tickets aren’t selling. You can then wait for prices to drop before making that purchase.

Picking the day of the week is another way to figure out the best time. A game during the week is more than likely to be a bit less than a game on a Friday or Saturday. If you want to save a few bucks while still keeping your experience level high this could be the way to go.

You even have several games a year that take place during the day. Assuming you can get off work this could be a great way to save. There will most likely be seats available during the regular season games.

One more thing to consider, when coming up with the best time to buy Houston Astros tickets is, the teams they go against. You may not want to buy tickets for the New York Yankees, Texas Rangers, or Los Angeles Dodgers. Games against weaker or distant opponents will not be as sought out.

There are a lot of things to take into consideration. Finding the best time to buy baseball tickets is not the easiest thing, but by using this formula you shouldn’t have too much difficulty.

Where to Sit in Minute Maid Park?

Minute Maid Park has been home to the Houston Astros since 2000. It’s a well-laid-out park that provides the fans with all kinds of views and amenities. We will go over some of the best places to sit inside Minute Maid Park. There are several things to consider when purchasing tickets. The number one thing to think about above all else is the experience. The number of memories and good times are sometimes worth the extra cost. Listed below are some of the bigger sections and other areas to consider. Names of sponsors could change at any time.

Field Level – One of the best areas to be is in the lower level. These are the sections surrounding the field. Look for sections 124-126 if you want to sit behind the Astros dugout. On the other side, you can sit in sections 112-114 and be behind the dugout of the opponent.

Homeplate – The diamond club seats are what you should go after if money isn’t a big issue. Imagine watching a World Series game right behind home plate. Amenities include in-seat waiter service, access to a private bar, and super comfortable seating. There are other clubs inside the home plate sections so keep that in mind. You can be in the Insperity Club or the Raymond James-Alex Brown Diamond Club.

Middle Level – There is nothing like the club level at a ballpark. You will have some great views and be in some comfortable seats. This is a great way to take in a game.

Landry’s Crawford Boxes – If you want to catch a home run this is the place to be. When a big slugger is coming to town we suggest you try to get tickets here.

Chevy Mezzanine – These are in the outfield of Minute Maid Park but they provide an exciting take on the game.

Upper Deck – The area we suggest you avoid at all stadiums is the upper deck. There is nothing special about these seats other than the price. Remember what we said, please put the experience first.

Suites – There are plenty of suites to choose from if this is the route you want to go. Plenty of catered food and drinks as well as better bathrooms. You can see up to 25 guests per suite.

Roof Deck – This is a party area inside the park. You can have up to 250 guests inside. You can expect this to be packed during the MLB playoffs and World Series.

Other Sections – There are so many areas within areas to consider. Look for the Baseball Bar, Batter’s Eye Box, Champions Pavillion, and the Budweiser Brew House. Each of these is considered a fun way to take in a game.

Standing Room Only – We don’t think this is the best way to take in a game, but keep in mind they won’t be super expensive.

Parking Around the Park

The last thing you want to do is think about parking your car. This is one of those things you need to consider when attending an event. Although distant free parking is out there, you will most likely pay around $30 to park. Try getting a parking pass ahead of time with one of the different mobile apps. This is a way you could save if you get access to a promo code.

Getting Some Dinner

One of the many things that can make a great day or night at the park is grabbing dinner before or after a game. Adding a fun dinner to the event will certainly kick your experience level up. There are plenty of choices for your to pick from so we only suggested a few places to consider. If you have any feedback please send us a message

Osso & Kristalla – This is a cool Italian spot to set the mood. Some fun pizza options and the wood fire-made food is amazing. Look for great service and a good time.

Biggio’s – This is a sports bar that will bring your night together. This is a good time that serves American food and drinks. Children are welcome and the prices are certainly fair. You can read about their menu here.

Irma’s Southwest – You always need to throw in a Southwest-style place when you are in Texas. This location serves up some tasty fajitas and shrimp tacos. Don’t miss some fun before or after your game.

We know how important food is when heading out. We also know there are plenty of ballpark options for you to choose from. Sometimes a good meal before a game can go a long way especially when drinks and food are so overpriced in the park.

Some Astros History

Although Houston hasn’t been around as long as some of the bigger franchises in the league such as the Baltimore Orioles or Boston Red Sox they still have a place in history.

They were established in 1962. They had been in the National League and now reside in the American League where they will most likely stay. They are currently in the West Division as of 2013.

They’ve had many great teams over the years. This has led them to one World Series title, 5 Pennants, and many divisional titles. Their latest visit to the world series was in 2022.

As we mentioned above they currently play in Minute Maid Park which was established in 2000. Before that, they were located in the well-known Astrodome.

Some of the great players that have come through the organization include Joe Morgan, Nolan Ryan, Don Sutton, Eddie Mathews, Craig Biggio, and Jeff Bagwell.

In terms of rivalries for the Astros, you can expect higher ticket prices against the Braves, St. Louis Cardinals, and Rangers. This stems from years of games that had tons of excitement.

There is plenty to learn about the Houston Astros. You can check out their main website for greater details.

Make Going to a Houston Astros Game a Reality

Here is your chance to head out to a Houston Astros game. You now have enough information to help you make an informed ticket-buying decision. There are plenty of tickets available for you to choose from. Picking the best time to buy Houston Astros tickets and getting the best seats in Minute Maid Park is critical This will ensure you a good time on your day/night out. There is of course plenty of other things you can think about, but don’t let that stop you from heading out to a game. If you have any questions about buying seats please feel free to contact us.


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