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Chris Rupp, Adam Rupp, Matt Atwood, Darren Scruggs, and Dan Lemke formed Home Free, an acapella group, as early as the year 2000. The founding members were in high school when the group formed. The group has gone through many lineup changes and all its members have a background in music education and training. A lot of their music since they started releasing albums belongs to the country genre. Home Free is structured as a traditional barbershop acapella group. Their lead tenor has the most solos and there are two harmony voices and a bass voice. The last voice is in charge of producing percussion sounds such as beatbox. This is the best time to buy Home Free tickets for the upcoming shows. Be sure to get the best seats in the building when you make that purchase.

The group was formed by Chris Rupp as a teenager. At first, the acapella group was just a hobby but Home Free slowly gained popularity and the singers were able to justify pursuing the group full time in 2007. They were a show group and were invited to events to entertain.

Their huge breakout happened when they won on the fourth season of The Sing-Off on NBC in 2013. They took first place on national television which boosted their popularity. They attracted the attention of record labels. The group released its first album with a major record label in 2014.

Home Free used to mainly perform as entertainers rather than musicians. This meant they performed at events like anniversaries, office parties, and weddings. They had a lot of success and performed on cruises and in hotels. Since their mainstream success, they have received more fans and have started to become a musical act. They perform in venues all over America. The record label they signed to does a good job in advertising them as musicians, so you can expect to see them headline tours in the near future.

Seeing Them

Home Free does not always perform in the most obvious music venues. They perform at places similar to where orchestras perform. They perform in a lot of theatres. Home Free is in the process of creating a steady fan base, so they tour all the time. If you are interested in looking into this acapella group, you should check for tickets because we know where they perform at any time.

If there are ticket discounts, we will let you know. If you want cheaper tickets, you should check back all of the time so the tickets do not get bought before you. Home Free’s increasing popularity lets them tour all the time and you do not want to miss their acts.

Home Free Voices

As an acapella group, they hold onto their roots as professional performances. They have started to sing a lot more country music, but they still mix a bunch of perfect vocal melodies and harmonies together. There is no doubt that all the members are very talented singers. They love to show off their musical range. They have a lot of professional music experience and it shows in their music. They have the ability to make their vocals mix into things you did not think voices could do. Many of their percussion sounds are actually made by voices.

Home Free will dance on stage and be uplifting. They cover many different songs and can turn a popular song that everyone knows into something magical and unique. Anyone will find it fun to watch the group dissect a song and then put it back together. They all have goofy personas and you will laugh at the lyrics and musical jokes they make. Audiences come all over America to watch them change their favorite songs into a unique acapella experience.

The Acapella Experience

It seems that Home Free might be becoming one of the largest mainstream acapella groups in America. Their new records reach a larger crowd. Their fun style and ability to change any pop song to something unique make Home Free interesting for people to see.

Their fans increase all the time because people come across Home Free’s cover of their favorite song. Their talent continues to impress new fans. This is the best time to buy Home Free tickets. The best seats to their concert are just a few clicks away. Don’t miss out on the next show.


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