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Making it out to a Green Bay Packers game should be a goal this year. Learn how you can get the best seats without crushing your budget. We will share our knowledge to help you save this year on a Packers game or two.

You will see tickets for all games during the season right below. From the preseason all the way up to the Super Bowl. You will also notice that there are tickets for both home and away games. Keep this in mind when doing your research. You will come across parking pass listings as well. These are critical for making your experience a little bit better. We discuss this in one of the sections below.

Right Time to Buy Green Bay Packers Tickets

Timing the purchase of your Green Bay Packers tickets is not that easy. We like to think we have a strategy in place that can help get your tickets at a fair market value or better. The Packers games are always sold out and are difficult to come by. Here are a couple of ways you can find tickets for less.

Start looking around two weeks prior to the game you want to see. This is when supply and demand will be fairly equal and then tend to fall off. This is when ticket sellers will really want to sell their seats. Trying to get a premium for their tickets is their ultimate goal.

If the Packers come off a loss or even two you’ll find yourself in a pretty good situation on ticket prices. Be sure to purchase your tickets when you see a price drop in the section you want to sit.

Also, we recommend watching several sections in the stadium in which you want to sit and see how price moves during the season. This will give you an idea of how much you should pay when it comes to your purchase.

Another thing to consider is the opponent the Packers are facing. A game against the Chicago Bears will be much more expensive than a game against the Houston Texans. Keep this in mind if you feel like saving a little more money.

Finding a Seat at Lambeau Field

One of the coolest things about going to Lambeau Field is the history. This is one of the oldest stadiums in the NFL and at this pace will most likely be the last stadium standing. We will try to find seats for you that will make your experience great.

General Seats – The majority of seats at Lambeau Field are general seats. You’ll have to find areas that meet your budget. Obviously the closer you get to the field the more expensive the tickets will be. Look to sit behind the Green Bay Packers bench in sections 118, 120, and 122. If you want to sit behind the visiting team’s bench look for sections 117, 119, and 121.

Club Seats – The club-level seats provide you with both indoor and outdoor seating. There are only 3000 club-level seats in Lambeau Field. As you get later in the season we suggest you try to find an indoor club seat. You’ll have access to comfortable cushion seats, climate-controlled areas, and some amazing views.

Miller Lite Deck – This is a party area in the south end zone of Lambeau Field. There are only 260 people allowed in this area. It provides a great party atmosphere if you want to watch a game.

Suites – There are 168 suites around Lambeau Field. This is probably the smallest amount of suites in the NFL. You do have access to VIP parking, all-inclusive food, and soft drinks, a dedicated suite attendant, and private restrooms. If you can afford a suite we highly recommend it.

Parking Around Lambeau Field

There are a lot of parking lots around Lambeau Field. We suggest you try to get a parking pass before you go to the game. Most of the ticketing sites will provide a pass option for you to purchase. A lot of seats are sold with passes so keep that in mind when making your budget. You’ll spend around $40 on a parking pass.

Restaurants Near the Stadium

Sometimes you don’t want to eat what’s inside the stadium. There are several restaurant options for you to choose from both before and after the game. We’ve listed a couple of places to check out around the area.

1919 Kitchen & Tap – You have access to plenty of beer and grill options. There’s also patio seating for the warmer days and excellent service. Look for a tasty burger or other pub-style food. The menu looks really good.

Kroll’s West – You’ll get an American-style affair at this location. They have been around for many years and have been providing really great dishes at affordable prices. This is a great spot to head to just before the game is about to start.

Hotels Within Reach

There are definitely some hotels around the stadium if you need a place to stay the night. Whether you’re driving from very far away or you’ve had too much to drink. We share a couple of options for you, but remember there are plenty of other hotels.

SpringHill Suites by Marriott Green Bay – This hotel provides a low-key type of environment to stay the night. The location is great and you’ll have excellent service. You will spend around $130 a night. Rates are always changing.

Hilton Garden Inn Green Bay – This Hilton is a great spot for you to stay the night with your friends and family. You will spend around $145 a night and you’ll get a great room with excellent service.

Packers Ticket Options

There are other ways of getting tickets than purchasing them one game at a time. We like to discuss a couple of options with you that may pique your interest.

Season Tickets – Unlike most stadiums season tickets are quite difficult to get in Green Bay. If you are lucky to get season tickets to the Green Bay Packers you should definitely jump on the bandwagon. Not only will you be able to go to as many games as you would like, but you could sell tickets for a premium to make up for the amount of money you spent. This is one of the better investments in the NFL.

Last-Minute Tickets – Sometimes sellers are unable to make it to the game. If you decide you wanted to go to the game the day before or even the day of the game you can walk up to the stadium without a ticket. You can then use one of the many mobile apps to purchase tickets from those sellers. You are not guaranteed that there will be tickets for cheap and there is a possibility you could get shut out from entering. Keep this in mind if you do go this route.

A Brief Look at History

The Green Bay Packers are one of the oldest teams in the NFL. They were founded in 1919 and have been part of the central and North divisions. Their historic Lambeau Field is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

After the merger, the Green Bay Packers have had four conference championships. This includes four Super Bowl championships. They have many divisional championships and plenty of playoff appearances

You can expect huge rivalry games against teams like the Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Lions, and San Francisco 49ers. You can always expect expensive seats when the Packers play the Seattle Seahawks or Dallas Cowboys.

There’ve been many amazing players that have come through the Green Bay Packers organization. Some of these players include Brett Favre, Forrest Gregg, Bart Starr, Reggie White, Charles Woodson, Aaron Rodgers, and James Lofton.

Making it Out to Lambeau Field

This is the year you should go out to Lambeau Field and watch a Green Bay Packers football game. This is one experience you’ll never forget. Please make sure you get the best seats you can afford to help you enjoy the experience that much more. Although this is one of the smallest stadiums in the NFL, getting a great seat is what it’s all about. If you have any questions about purchasing tickets for a Green Bay Packers game please contact us. Good luck!

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