Golden 1 Center

Best Seats in the Golden 1 Center

Best Seats Inside the Golden 1 Center

One of the newer arenas in the NBA, but not the biggest, is the Golden 1 Arena, located in Sacramento, CA. This is the home of the Sacramento Kings. We will discuss the best places to sit inside, some history, and some of the things you need to know before you attend. Many great concerts have come through the Golden 1 Center, including Kendrick Lamar and Ariana Grande. We’ll get into more details about this below. For now, check out the listings below. These are the events coming up. If you don’t see what you are looking for select the Load More button and you will be taken to the rest of the events.

Best Place to Sit Inside the Golden 1 Center

When finding the best seat inside the Golden 1 Center, you have to know the layout and seating chart. We will cover all of the major areas inside the arena and help you find the seats you deserve. Price will dictate a lot of the choices, but if you are willing to put in some effort you may be able to find seats closer to the action for less.

Lower Level – Always start with the lower level when discussing NBA tickets. You will find these sections all around the court leading up to the courtside seats. Look for section 108 if you wish to find seats behind the Sacramento Kings bench. If you are looking to sit behind the bench of the opposing team look for section 106. As for the tunnel where the players come out, look for 110-111. This is an absolute joy for the kids to see the players up close and maybe catch a high-five.

Courtside Seats – The best seats in the building are also the most expensive on a per-ticket basis. This is the most exciting way to attend a Kings game. There are three rows associated with the courtside level. Keep this in mind in case you think all seats are created equal. Sit a row or two back and you can save a small fortune. You’ll have access to the Lexus Lounge, VIP entrance, In-seat waiter service, and free parking.

Upper Level – If you can afford to go lower then you should try. These seats are reasonable in cost most of the time, but the views will be pretty far away. You will find yourself watching the game on one of the biggest scoreboards in the NBA. As long as you are comfortable with this, then go for it.

The Lofts – The NBA knows how important businesses are to their success. They provide these Lofts as a way to bring in big groups for the season. You’ll have decent views. You will also get concierge service, lounge seating, parking, and catered food and beverages.

Club Seats – These are lower-level seats that provide some nice things to go along with their view. Look for comfortable seating, in-seat waiter service, and VIP entrance into the arena.

Luxury Suites – If you are heading to a luxury suite you are destined for a good time. These suites can hold a large group of guests. Sometimes you will see a whole group that will be together or they could do packages where several groups share the space. There are a lot of amenities including, a fully stocked kitchen, Bar top seating, parking, and catered food and beverages. This is a nice way to watch a game and enjoy the company you are with.

Balcony Boxes – This is a neat area going around the suite level of the Golden 1 Center. You’ll have access to nice views of the court, food and beverages, and parking.

These are the majority of the different sections around Golden 1. For a concert be sure to check the layout of the event. More than likely it will have floor seats which will be the best. Having a close-up view at a concert is the way to go. Try to get the first row of any section as you move back from the stage. This will give you a clear view of the stage.

Looking at How We Got Here

In 2014, the ground was broken for the development of the Golden 1 Center. It was completed in 2016, just under two years from the start. The total cost was just under $560 million. This is the current home of the Sacramento Kings and it should stay that way for the years to come. It is considered one of the smaller venues for the NBA only seating around 17,500 patrons and 19,000 people when it comes to a concert. The first game played in the new Arena was on October 10, 2016.

In terms of events that come through the Golden 1 Center other than the Kings, you can also expect WWE, NCAA Basketball, Bull Riding, and UFC action. You can also expect a lot of big concerts to come through each year. Some of the acts that have passed through included Maroon 5, John Mayer, Harry Styles, Lorde, Michael Buble, Iron Maiden, Dan + Shay, and Billie Eilish. More great acts are scheduled to come through in the future. Keep up to date with the listings above.

Places to Park

When it comes to live events there are plenty of expenses that are involved. One of the more irritating ones is the parking costs. Unless you are fortunate to get a free parking pass or VIP parking pass you will most likely need to pay to park your car. If you have a way to gain access to public transportation you should look into it. One of the many different parking apps such as ParkWhiz will be the way to go. Depending on how close you want to get you will see prices at around $20. You can find spots for $10, but you may also find up-close parking for $40. Make sure you budget parking into your ticket pricing.

Restaurants You Should Check Out

Many people like to eat before or after an event. This brings the whole experience to a new level. Making your night out extra special is a good thing. We want to go over some of the better restaurants in the area of the Golden 1 Center. These are just a few places to consider so make sure you look a little deeper when doing your research.

Il Fornaio Sacramento – Although this is a chain restaurant it is still local to the area providing some freshly made pasta and bread. This is a nice stop that won’t break the bank before attending a Kings game.

Camden Spit & Larder – A place you may not have heard of could bring some extra flare and a good time. Look for some British-inspired meats and some excellent wine. Look for a fun atmosphere and service that will take care of you.

Burger Lounge – Are you looking for a burger before the game, then check out the Burger Lounge. Grass Fed meat for the day. There are plenty of options on this menu. Prices are in the sweet spot as well. You can read about their menu and story here.

Keep These Things in Mind

The Golden 1 Center follows the NBA in the use of a cashless arena. This means you’ll need some form of card to purchase food, drinks, and merchandise. Most arenas have reverse ATMs where you can use an ATM to put your cash on a gift card for the arena. You will also find yourself using mobile tickets. Make sure you have this organized before you leave for the event.

You have to be careful when bringing bags inside the center. Try not to carry anything bigger than a small purse or handbag. You’ll slow down the line and be stuck leaving your bag if it is too big.

Covid-19 – As of right now, there are no restrictions in terms of Covid. This could change so be sure to keep an eye out before your event. Even if you are vaccinated, you may still want to wear a mask but it isn’t required at this time.

Head Out to the Golden 1 Center

You now have a decent understanding of the Golden 1 Center. We went over where to sit, where to eat, where to park, and some of the history of the venue. We want you to have a great experience when visiting. We highly recommend you find the budget that will give you the best seats in the center. This will go a long way and it will be worth it in the end. If you have any questions about buying tickets you can always reach out to us.


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