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A Great Show Ends with Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer has risen to prominence as one of the top comedians in the U.S. over the last few years, and her reputation as a cutting-edge funny lady is well deserved. Tickets to Amy Schumer shows are hot items right now, and thanks to her recently announced a world tour, they are more popular than ever before. If you’ve never seen her in person, she’s much funnier live than in many of her edited for TV specials. Now is your chance to see her as she is still in the beginning stages of growing her career. Yes, she’s quite well known now, but as a newer talent, she still has a ton of potential for growth.

Schumer began her career as a stand-up comedian in 2004, and it has taken off immensely since then. She’s appeared in a number of movies and has even been featured on comedic legend Jerry Seinfeld’s internet show. Some of her most prominent films include Trainwreck, Inside Amy Schumer, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Schumer has cited Joan Rivers, Goldie Hawn, and Lucille Ball as her biggest influences. Her shows are much different than any of these famous women’s, though. Her live performances are edgier, often more explicit in nature, and more socially progressive. She’s an outspoken advocate for gun control laws, has done awareness work for MS, and is not afraid to address touchy subjects during her shows, such as feminism and racism. In addition to her comedy and acting, she’s also written articles for major media outlets, such as Cosmopolitan.

Amy Schumer grew up in New York City but is now one of the most famous comedians in the world. She’s received coverage in multiple magazines, has had several television appearances, and it looks like her career is just starting to take off. Tickets to Amy Schumer might not be appropriate for the whole family, but going out to see her for an evening of fun with your friends is likely to be one of the highlights of the whole year. Whether you have been to the comedy club a thousand times, or if this is your first show, this is one of the best stand-up performances you will ever experience.

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