FTX Arena

Best Seats at the FTX Arena

Best Seats at FTX Arena

The Miami waterfront arena, FTX Arena, is the host of the NBA’s Miami Heat. The arena opened in 1999 and holds more than 21,000 fans. The Heat have seen some highs and lows through the basketball seasons, but fans make FTX Arena a premier sports complex every year.

While the arena mainly serves sports events, it holds some of the top concerts and shows year-round. Ariana Grande, Bruno Mars, and Twenty-One Pilots. The metro area and the screaming fans make FTX Arena a must-visit for any show on the road.

Where To Sit

For Sporting Events: As with any ticket purchase, where to sit boils down to budget vs. want. Everyone wants to sit courtside and yell at the players, but few people get that opportunity. Let’s be more realistic.

If you’re ready to spend some big bucks and impress your company, the Flagship sections North and South are unbeatable. Located directly behind the courtside seats, the sections are some of the best in the arena.

If you’re more interested in the views at a lower price tag, head to sections 118-119, but head further away from the baseline. You can even go up to the second deck to sections 324 and 325. The seats carry a lower price tag without sacrificing the view.

Family outings have always been an integral part of sports, so if you’re ready to bring the family, we recommend sections 303 and 304. These smaller sections in the upper corner of the arena are perfect for family outings.

Sometimes, you want to go to the game, but the only focus is the price. That’s fine too! You can find inexpensive tickets when you look in the right places and search for the right times. We recommend sections 417-418. In these corners, upper-level seats clock in as some of the cheapest in the arena.

For Concerts: For the most avid of fans, floor section 1 puts you directly in front of the stage. The price tag matches the exclusivity, so if you want the floor level experience, sections 5-7 are a little further away and carry a lower price tag.

In FTX Arena, the best options for a mix of price and views of the stage are sections 118-119. You get a blend of reasonable proximity to the stage, excellent sound quality, and of course, much easier access in and out of your seats.

Pushing further back to sections 415-416, you’ll find some of the cheapest tickets without sacrificing the great views. If the price is your biggest concern, we suggest starting there and working your way around the upper deck to find the seats you want.

What To Expect When You Arrive:

Security and Bag Policy:  All attendees are subject to metal detector screening, visual inspection, and a thorough bag inspection at the entrance. Bags over 14”x14”x6” are not allowed. Bags over this size can be checked in if needed. For a full list of policies and what to expect, see the A-Z help page on the arena’s website.

Parking: FTX Arena relies on several garages nearby. The arena also partnered up with SpotHero to help fans reserve parking spots ahead of time. If you prefer not to drive, there are dedicated areas for rideshare companies.

FTX Arena Experience

Miami is famous for its nightlife, and the FTX Arena is at the heart of the action. Just north of downtown, fans are strategically placed to pick between the sandy beaches of the Atlantic or the favorite bars and clubs just a short walk south.

FTX Arena sits close to amazing food and lodging choices, so you’re taken care of before, during, and after the show. Don’t miss out on your chance to live the experience too.


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