Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix Tickets

Best Time to Buy Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix Tickets

Best Time to Buy Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix Tickets

Are you thinking about attending the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix? We will provide you with some important information about when you should buy tickets, where to eat when in Miami, and other things that are important to have a great weekend.

Listed below are tickets for the upcoming event. You will see all kinds of listings. Anywhere from a full weekend pass all the way up to a single day. There are a lot of options to choose from. If want to take in the full experience an expensive all weekend pass will be the way to go.

The Race Track

The Miami International Autodrome is scheduled to show off its track this year with a track that is 3.3 miles long and has 19 corners to challenge drivers. You can expect an average speed of 140 miles per hour. This will make for some serious excitement while spectating.

Drivers to Watch

Here are some of the top drivers in the Formula one circuit. It’s really hard to even get ranked let alone the top 10.

Max Verstappen – Belgium-born, Max drives for the Red Bull Racing Team. He ended up winning the 2021 championship. He has 20 wins and over 60 podiums. He has a lot of starts to his name and will continue to take ranks if he keeps racing the way he has.

Watch Lewis Hamilton Driving at the Miami Grand PrixLewis Hamilton -The British driver came on to the scene with his first win in 2007. This veteran is a fan favorite and continues to make strides with all of his championships. These currently stand at 7, with 288 starting poles. He also has 103 wins and 180 podiums. He finished 2nd in 2021 and will continue to make his move next year.

Lando Norris – Another British driver trying to make his name well renowned is Lando Norris. A fairly new driver to the circuit, Lando has yet to win but does have 5 podiums. He has only entered 60 events as well. He will be looking to make his move this year.

Carlos Sainz – This Spanish driver made some nice moves in 2021. He has yet to win an event, but placed 5th in the 2021 position. He drives for Ferrari and will continue to grow as this year’s events make their turn.

Charles Leclerc – Another driver for Ferrari, the Monégasque born driver has 2 wins on the circuit. He has also had 13 podiums. A fairly young driver with only 80 starts. His first race was in 2018 and placed 7th overall in the 2021 standings. Look for Charles to be near the top once again.

Mick Schumacher– One rookie worth discussing is Mick Schumacher. He is a German-born driver that is part of the Haas-Ferarri team. He got his first start in the 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix. He currently has no wins or podiums. He’s shown some promise so he is one to keep an eye out on. He is also the son of Michael Schumacher, one of the most famous Formula One drivers ever.

What Type of Ticket Should You Buy?

All Weekend

The weekend pass is the best of the best. You will have access to the event all weekend long without purchasing extra tickets. A Sunday pass is almost as expensive as a full weekend pass, so you are almost better off getting the three-day pass and attending on the days you want to go. Say you want to go Friday and Sunday, with a weekend pass you will save money over buying the tickets individually. Keep this in mind when picking the day.


The Friday pass will be the cheapest ticket to the Formula 1 race in Miami. You will find around the same amount of people in the area but can get better viewing locations. A lot of people will be chilling out and partying pretty hard while the practice runs are happening.


The whole weekend is worth attending, but there is something about Saturday racing. You can have a great time watching some of the circuit and new drivers while also having an amazing time. Qualifying runs are always a good time if your favorite driver is in play. Don’t be afraid to catch a ride to the event so you can have even a better time.


Well, if you want to see the main event then Sunday it is. Get your tickets from places like SeatGeek. You will probably pay a premium, but if you are dying to go, this will be the way. It will be really cool to catch Formula 1 events in the United States again.

Where Should You Sit?

There are a lot of options when it comes to purchasing tickets to the race. Here are some of the different grandstands and seats to consider before purchasing. Remember, each area will have its own special amenities so keep that in mind. If you can’t find the seats you are looking for on the main Formula 1 website, be sure to check out one of the websites listed here.


Do you want the best seats at the Miami International Autodrome? These seats will of course cost you the most, but will also give you the best views. These are premium seats with the main straight away right in front of you. You will definitely pay a premium for these seats. Amenities will be abundant in this location.


The first turn is always the first test. These seats provide excellent views of the fast machines slowing down and cruising away again. You will have views of the start/finish line as well as the overtaking zone. Food and beverages can be found in the North Campus location.


Although it says family grandstand it doesn’t mean it’s a cheaper ticket. This gives you access to the fan zone that the kids will enjoy more than the racing more often than not. Kids will have access to all kinds of Formula 1 experiences. The view will give you turn 10.


This is one location you want to check out if you are a partier. This area will give you views of corners 6,7, and 8. There are plenty of options when it comes to drinks and food in the Marina. There are also a couple of fan clubs located here, including the Aston Martin and McLaren Fan clubs.


You get some fast-paced action right here in the Fountain View. You will see the machines adjust to turn 9. You will also have a south campus view with a huge video screen to keep up with the action.


Well, Miami is known for some South Beach partying, so why not take it to the track. Here you will be positioned in turns 11,12 and 13. There are plenty of seats in this area. These tickets should be slightly less than the other grandstands, but keep in mind every ticket will have its own price. The Red Bull Racing fan club is located here as well.


If you want some serious action then Turn 18 is for you. This is where you can expect drivers to make some serious moves. You can expect some passing attempts on this turn. These seats are definitely premium level, so be ready to pay a lot. You’ll have access to Formula 1 fan zones and other fun items. The Ferrari Fan Club is also in this grandstand. A lot of fans love these for purchasing merchandise.

Grab a Great Meal

Sufrat Mediterranean Grill – Here is a great spot to get some Mediterranean food. You’ll have access to all kinds of Shawarma and platters. If you are only looking to take out to your hotel room, you can do that too. Check out the menu here.

Cote Miami – This is a superb Korean Steakhouse that will make your mouth water. After enjoying some great racing, this is a nice place to check out for the evening. It is quite expensive, so keep that in mind. You can book a reservation here.

The track and grandstands are right near the Hard Rock Stadium where the NFL, Miami Dolphins play their home football games.

You can expect all tickets to be digital that will be accessed by your phone. We talk about mobile tickets here. Be sure the tickets transfer to your device and are placed in your e-wallet before attending.

To be honest, it’s a bit of a mess. Unless you have the top-level seats, you will most likely be parking further away with a shuttle to get you to your grandstand.

You bet. There are all kinds of fan zones for you and the kids to check out. You can get some real-life experiences at some of them. Look for Aston Martin, Ferrari, and Red Bull fan zones for sure.

Yes. Look for the Turn 18 Grandstand. This is where you can see some great action when it comes to Formula 1 racing. Big braking and passing will occur. You can also get some great drinks and food.

Each year will change, but in 2022 you can expect events on Friday, May 6, 2022. The qualifying events are on Saturday, May 7, 2022, and the big race is on Sunday May 8.

Making the Ticket Purchase Happen

We hope we provided some good information to help you with your visit to the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix. Get ready to spend some money on tickets, merchandise, food, and drinks. This will be an experience you will never forget. There are tickets available, but you will pay more than if you were able to get the pre-sale tickets. Be on the lookout for price drops as we get closer to the event. If you have any questions about buying tickets or the seating chart, please ask.


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