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Best Seats in the Enterprise Center

Enterprise Center Tickets and the Best Places to Sit

If you’re planning a visit to the Enterprise Center this weekend or anytime this year, it’s worth considering the various seating options throughout the arena. As the home of the St. Louis Blues, it offers excellent views for every event. Besides hockey, the venue also hosts NCAA Basketball games and major concerts. We’ll explore these aspects of the Enterprise Center to help you choose the best seats.

We’ll start by highlighting the upcoming events at the Enterprise Center. These include Blues games, concerts by artists like Tim McGraw, and comedy shows from entertainers such as Sebastian Maniscalco. The range of events is diverse, with more listed below. By clicking the ‘load more’ button, you’ll access a comprehensive list of events scheduled at the Enterprise Center for the upcoming year.

Best Place to Sit Inside the Enterprise Center

Finding a great seat for a St. Louis Blues game is essential to enjoy the experience fully. We’ll take an in-depth look at the Enterprise Center to explore its offerings and discover some deals. Though the arena is relatively old compared to other NHL venues, it was once among the best.

Lower Level – The best seats are usually in the lower level, also known as the Plaza Level. This area encircles the entire rink and offers proximity to the game’s action. Notable views include sitting behind the Blues bench in sections 102-113. If you’re supporting the opposing team, consider sections 103-104. Tickets here are generally pricier than those on the opposite side of the rink. Another option is behind the penalty box in section 116.

Rinkside Club – The corporate sponsor for these premium seats frequently changes. Currently, they’re named the Scott Credit Union seats. Occupying the first two rows directly behind the glass, these seats offer similar amenities to those in Row A. Try not to pay more than what you would for Row A. Several other sections also include a few rows in the Rinkside Club. Benefits include all-inclusive food and alcohol, chef stations, parking, and club access before and after the game.

Upper Level – Also known as the mezzanine, this section, located in the 300 level, is quite distant from the action.

Jameson Club at Clark Avenue – These seats, in sections 101c through 106c, come with many perks.

Club Level Suites – Access to these suites is typically limited to those with season tickets or part of a package. The seats are comfortable, featuring private restrooms and a variety of food and beverage options.

Theater Boxes – Offering a stylish way to watch the game, these boxes are located in select sections. They provide a theater-like experience with a table, comfortable seating, and ample legroom, making them worth the cost if you find a fair price.

Tip – For those who prefer game action behind the net, consider that the Blues shoot twice near sections 109 and 110. The opposing team does so at the other end, in sections 122 and 123.

Concert Seating Options

When analyzing the seating chart for an upcoming Olivia Rodrigo concert at the Enterprise Center, the stage setup is fairly standard, and these insights can be applied to most concerts at this venue.

Pit Area – The pit area is typically crowded, especially for a popular concert like this. Expect a confined space and high ticket prices, often exceeding $700. Your preference for proximity to the artist is a key factor in deciding whether this area is right for you. If you prefer more space, consider moving back to the middle sections of the floor area.

Floor Seats – While some floor seats offer better views than others, the first five rows might not justify their higher cost. Moving back just five rows can result in significant savings. This is an important consideration when selecting concert seats.

Lower Bowl – Similar to the seating for hockey and other events, the inner bowl generally offers the best value. Over 95% of seats in this lower section provide an excellent view. Opting for seats in the middle of the section can sometimes offer a better perspective.

Upper Bowl – Seats in the upper bowl might be too far from the stage for an ideal concert experience. If you choose this area, aim for the first five rows to mitigate issues with reduced visibility and sound quality. Though not ideal, these seats can still offer a satisfactory experience at a lower price point.

History and Facts

The Enterprise Center, which opened in 1994 and was originally named the Scottrade Center, has undergone several major renovations to stay current. Despite these updates, it remains one of the older arenas in the NHL. It seats 18,000 for hockey games and can accommodate up to 22,000 fans depending on the stage setup.

Home to the St. Louis Blues, the arena also hosts other events. Annually, it features NCAA basketball tournaments, and at least once a year, Disney on Ice.

The venue attracts major concerts, having hosted stars like Taylor Swift, U2, Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood, Beyonce, and The Rolling Stones.

Parking Your Car

Parking, often an overlooked yet essential aspect, is well-catered for around the arena. With approximately 7,000 parking spots within a short walk from the arena, there’s ample space. Assuming an average of two people per car, this caters to about 14,000 attendees. Additional garages are available to accommodate more visitors. Utilizing platforms like SpotHero can simplify securing parking passes in advance. For further assistance, our event parking guide offers valuable tips and advice on dos and don’ts.

Arrival Situations

Before visiting the Enterprise Center, gathering information can greatly enhance your experience. As most arenas are transitioning to cashless operations, ensure you have a card for purchases.

It’s crucial to upload your tickets to your mobile wallet for quick access. Poor signal reception could hinder ticket retrieval, so consider transferring them to your group members as a precaution.

Bringing a bag is not recommended, but if necessary, expect a search. Opt for the smallest bag possible to expedite this process.

For any assistance, it’s wise to first check the website for operational details like elevator status, ensuring you use the correct entrance. This preparation can streamline both entry and exit. Modern arenas, including the Enterprise Center, are typically equipped with facilities to assist in moving from your car to your seat.

Head Out to the Enterprise Center

We trust that our thorough overview of the Enterprise Center will enhance your event experience. There are numerous factors to consider, ranging from selecting your seat inside the arena to finding the best parking spot. Each event varies in ticket pricing and seating arrangements, so you’ll need to decide what you’re willing to spend for the best available seats. Remember, the Enterprise Center boasts many excellent seating options, so be cautious not to overspend.


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