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Born to the famous comedian Rob Schneider, Elle King has managed to etch her name into music fame. Her birth name is Tanner Elle Schneider and she was born in Los Angeles California in 1989. King is well known for her unique vocals that can be haunting, aggressive, and even passionate. Fans love her singles that borrow from pop and blues to create an energetic listening experience. In the listings below you will find tickets for the upcoming shows. Be sure to keep looking in case new shows or tickets get added.

King’s parents divorced when she was young and she lived with her mother London King. Her stepfather gave her a record by The Donnas when she was nine. She was inspired by how hard the all-girl band could rock and decided she wanted to become a musician. She started learning guitar and mostly practiced with rock music and blues music. As time passed, she also became interested in country music. King moved to New York City as a teenager and started performing in nightclubs all around the city.

After King signed with a label in 2012, her immediate EP received buzz. Magazines started talking about her and she already started touring with music acts such as Train and Dashboard Confessional. Her breakthrough happened when she released her single Ex’s & Oh’s in 2014. Her personality stunned the music world and she received two Grammys for this single. Her studio albums have continued to produce singles that receive a large amount of airplay on national and international radio.

As a person who loves touring, you can see King traveling with a lot of diverse musicians from different genres. She has toured with bands such as Modest Mouse, an indie rock band, but also is the perfect guest for someone like Ed Sheeran. While she tours in America mostly, you can also find her in the UK performing her heart out. She has even performed at the Hammersmith Apollo to a humongous crowd. In America, she has performed at many music festivals such as SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Getting the Best Tickets

Maybe you are planning to go see King perform. If that describes you, you have to make sure you get the best seats because no one wants to go to a performance and be disappointed because they bought tickets that were inconvenient. For some people, the best ticket is the cheapest ticket available. Performance venues like to release discounted prices at different times.

Aggressive and Passionate

What makes King a unique musician worth supporting is her distinct style that is familiar at the same time. Her direction is clear and she wears her influences on her sleeve. This makes her songs catchy and nostalgic because they can remind you of your old favorites. Yet King has the charisma that makes her music feel different and fresh. She is able to add her attitude to her songs. Her influences also make her flexible and she can sing many different types of songs that provide different atmospheres to lose yourself.

As a performer, King will make your day wonderful. She amplifies her voice and it sounds great raw without any of the production. She knows exactly which notes to emphasize so all your emotions are ripped out of your body. It is always exciting to see her sing so make sure you do not miss it!

Ellie King Wonder

King continues her upward trajectory into music fame. She seems to have a firm grasp on what music she wants to make the more she releases her music. Her fans are extremely excited to see what she will do next.

Act fast if you want to get seats to see King. She gets new fans almost every day so it is important to buy your tickets now. Her shows can sell out quickly and you do not want to miss out on your chance to see this amazing musician.


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