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Best Seats for Disney on Ice

No matter the event having the best seat is what we focus on. When it comes to Disney on Ice, we want you and your family to have an amazing experience while creating new memories. We know how expensive tickets can be for live events as well. It’s important to find the best place to sit for Disney on Ice to make those memories even stronger. We’ll go over some of the areas to consider sitting as well as the best time to buy tickets. With a touring event such as this, there will usually be a wide selection of tickets available. Listed below are some of the upcoming shows. If you don’t see a show near you, go ahead and select the load more button. This will provide all shows available.

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Best Place to Sit for Disney on Ice

To find the best seats for Disney on Ice, consider the experience you’re seeking. Front-row seats provide an unforgettable close-up view, perfect for those looking to immerse fully in the magic. However, for a mix of great views and value, seats in the lower level near the center are excellent. They offer a comprehensive perspective of the performance at a more accessible price point.

Here are a couple of views of what your seats will look like at your event.

Venues like the Target Center and United Center are known for their great sightlines, ensuring a magical experience no matter where you sit in the different venues.

Just like if you were attending a hockey game, we suggest sitting in the lower level. In the case of Disney on Ice, we suggest you try to get the first few rows. This will give you a rink-wide vantage point of the show. You can be only a couple of feet away from the rink

Board and Glass – In most circumstances when Disney on Ice is coming to town, you can expect the hockey boards and glass to be removed from the rink. This gives you a full view without having to worry about missing something. There are actual seats right next to the rink with only a high step from being on the rink. Some arenas will have minor blockages from the hockey boards, but no seats will be sold without solid views.

Kids – More than likely the kids won’t care where they sit. However, if you can get them as close to the characters as possible, you will see smiles exceed expectations. You need to consider them first when buying seats as they are more than likely the reason for attending.

No matter what happens, if you can get decent tickets, your kids are going to be so excited. Do a little research and see what types of tickets are available. Look for venues that have multiple dates. See if seats have a difference in price from one day to the next. You will be surprised how easily you can save some money by being patient.

What to Expect

Most of the venues will be very similar in terms of security so keep that in mind. If you are seeing Disney on Ice at one of the many different NBA arenas in the country you should know that all of these places are cashless. You will need some kind of card or phone payment to make purchases. Disney merchandise to the concessions will be sold in a cashless system. We want you to be prepared when you attend. Some arenas carry reverse ATMs, where you can deposit cash and get a gift/debit card.

Your tickets could be either mobile tickets or some kind of PDF. This will vary from venue to venue. Make sure you read what is needed before attending so you don’t get left outside. The box office and ticket ushers take this very seriously.

Covid-19 – The truth about Covid 19 and events is what it is. You should follow along with the venue to see if they have any restrictions. Check all of the different websites to make sure everything is a go. You could run into problems if you are not prepared. Unfortunately, this will be a situation that will linger for years.

Be prepared to spend some money inside. Whether you promised your child a souvenir or not, you’ll have endless options. From cups at the concessions to big stuffed animals, Disney is the notorious number-one retailer in the world. Not to mention everything will be super expensive. This is something you need to include in your ticket-purchasing budget.

Parking your car is another one of those things you need to include in your budget. If you can find street parking then you’ll be good to go. However, if you are in a big city you’ll have to park in one of the many garages or lots. $5 parking isn’t that bad but in some places, you could be paying around $20.

Some Disney on Ice History

Ariel from Disney on IceWhat was once the Holiday on Ice became Disney on Ice in 1981. This type of entertainment is still going strong and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. You can expect to see the most famous Disney characters no matter which tour you go to. There is Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy just to name a few.

This show has become one of the biggest productions of live entertainment in the world. Many of the major films produced by Disney have been turned into some kind of ice performance. You can expect to see Frozen, Tangled, Aladin, The Little Mermaid, and so many more.

Currently, you can see the shows called Road Tip Adventures, Mickey’s Search Party, Find Your Hero, Let’s Celebrate, and Frozen & Encanto.

The nice thing about Disney on Ice is that at least two productions are running across the United States at the same time. At some point during the season, they should be in a venue near you. You may have to have a little patience, but let the anticipation from your kids bring out the moment.

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Making the Performance a Reality

Now that you’ve read through our information guide about getting the best seats for Disney on Ice, it’s up to you to make out to the show. There are plenty of tours happening each year and most likely they will be in your area at some point. Give your kids a great holiday gift with a day or night out at Disney on Ice. Let us know if you have any questions about getting the best seats.


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