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You’ve come here looking for some deals on Detroit Pistons tickets. Here is your chance to learn how you can time your purchase and save money. You will learn about where to sit and some other ticketing options.

Listed right below are tickets to the upcoming Detroit Pistons games. You will have a wide selection of games. Both home and away games appear on the list. Keep this in mind when doing your research. You will also see games leading all the way up to the championship. Also, parking passes may show up as well. This is an added piece you must budget in before going to a game.

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The Right Time to Buy Detroit Pistons Tickets

Timing the perfect purchase is very difficult when it comes to Detroit Pistons games. You will find yourself questioning the different options. This is why we provide this information for you to make better decisions when buying tickets.

When looking for tickets we suggest searching around two weeks before the game you want to see. This is the time where sellers will try to offload their tickets. There is also higher demand for seats as well. As soon as the demand starts to weaken ticket sellers will start to reduce their prices. Depending on the game you are looking at, prices will have a tendency to go lower. Once you see this price fluctuation you will need to make your move.

We suggest going to a game during the week versus a weekend. Prices will be less on a Wednesday night than on a Friday night. Even a daytime game on Sunday can be more expensive than a game on a Monday. If you’re looking to save a little bit of money this is a good way to do it. Also, keep an eye out on teams outside the conference. For example, a game against the OKC will be much cheaper than some other games.

Keep an eye out on several different sections throughout the arena. As you get closer to the game, watch how prices move up or down. It will be up to you to make the purchase when you feel most comfortable.

Where to Sit at Little Caesars Arena?

Watching the Detroit Pistons up close is crucial to a great time. We focus completely on experience over price when watching a basketball game. Have a few sections in mind before doing your research. As long as your budget is in line you shouldn’t have a problem finding seats.

Lower Level – Getting close to the court is what you should strive for. If you can get into the lower level of the Little Caesars Arena, you are certain to have a great memory. Look for section 120 if you want to sit behind the Detroit Pistons bench. You can look for section 124 if you want to sit behind the opposing team. Also, if you want to watch players come out of the tunnel look for sections 120 and 121.

Upper Level – This area of the stadium is one of the worst areas to watch a game. We highly suggest you avoid the upper level at all costs.  Try not to let the budget control the destiny of your game. An upper-level seat is just not worth the cost.

Mezzanine – These seats are not abundant in the arena. They give you some of the best views of the court.

Suites – There are a lot of suites across the NBA. The ones at Little Caesars Arena should be taken into consideration. Look for comfortable seating, fireplace setting for guests, private restrooms, complimentary food and beverages, and all kinds of other perks. If you can afford a suite-level seat we highly recommend you check it out.

Parking Near a Pistons Game

Parking is one of those things we wish we didn’t have to do. Using one of the many different parking apps such as SpotHero and ParkWhiz will help find decent parking garages for around $20. It’s an unfortunate piece of going to a game but you must include this into your budget.

Pistons Tickets Choices

You’re most likely looking for tickets to a single game. We have some different options listed below. You may be interested in knowing that you can save money in the long run if you were to buy season tickets.

Season Tickets – Buying season tickets for the Detroit Pistons season could be worth the expense. As long as you treat this as an investment, you could actually make money on your seats. The first goal is to recoup the money you spend for going to the games you wish to see. Then selling your seats at a premium will allow you to get some money back and possibly make money on the season.

Single Game Tickets – The single-game ticket is just purchasing a seat for the next upcoming game. You have all kinds of ways of doing this and you will most likely pay a premium for that ticket.

Group Tickets – Think of group tickets as 2-8 games that you will have access to. NBA organizations put out group tickets to help fill the stands. You won’t have access to some of the better teams, but you will get in the stadium for some good action.

Last Minute Tickets – If you decided to go to a game the day of, this is a possibility. You can park your car and walk up to the stadium. Ticket sellers will try to sell anything just to get some money back. You can make it out at a very affordable price. There’s a chance you could get left out in the cold.

Detroit Pistons History

The Detroit Pistons have been around since 1937. They have always been in Michigan and are currently part of the Eastern Conference and the Central Division.

The Detroit Pistons have five Conference Championships as well as three NBA Championships. They have won multiple divisional titles and have tons of playoff appearances. They continue to be one of the strongest teams in the NBA.

You can expect some great games against the Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics, and Los Angeles Lakers. These games tend to be the most heated and will also cost you the most amount of money for tickets. Keep this in mind when doing your research.

There have been a lot of great players that have come through the Detroit Pistons organization. Players like Grant Hill, Vinnie Johnson, Andre Drummond, Lindsay Hunter, Joe Dumars, Ben Wallace, and Isaiah Thomas.

Restaurants within Reach

A lot of people do not like to eat food at the stadium. They tend to arrive early to find restaurants in the area. We’ve come up with a couple of options for you to check out.

Harry’s Detroit Bar & Grill – This is a great establishment for a pregame beer. Check out the sports bar for some fun action and great food. Look for some excellent service and some wings to make your day even better.

Grey Ghost Detroit – This is a modern place that offers great beer and wine. This is a nice place to check out after a game. You have great service and some really nice cocktails to go along with it.

Need a Place to Stay the Night

If you are in need of a hotel there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Depending on your requirements please make sure you do enough research to find the hotel for you. Here are a couple of options to consider.

MotorCity Casino Hotel – This is considered a four-star hotel in the Detroit area. The motor city casino hotel will give you excellent service as well as a great room to stay in. You will be looking at almost $300 a night to stay in this hotel.

Baymont by Wyndham Downtown Detroit – The Baymont will give you everything you need at a minimal cost. You have access to clean rooms and decent service. The best thing about it is the price. You are looking at only $110 a night. Check the rates here.

Make the Purchase

The Detroit Pistons have had a lot of ups and downs over the past couple of decades. This is the time when you should start looking for tickets. There are some young players and excellent talent ready to make your experience that much better. We hope this information helps you decide on seating and ticket purchase options. Give yourself enough time, but watch how the price action fluctuates as you get closer to the game you want to see. If you have any questions about your ticket purchase please contact us. Good luck!


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