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Best Time to Buy Detroit Lions Tickets

Best Detroit Lions Tickets

Have you thought about going to a Detroit Lions game? Here’s your chance to learn about grabbing the best seats at the most affordable price. Seeing a game live creates many memories as a football fan. Our goal is to help you find tickets that are reasonably priced.

Listed below are ticket listings for upcoming Detroit Lions games. You will find tickets to both home and away games. All the tickets listed will be from preseason all the way up to the Super Bowl if they are so fortunate. There is a lot of history with the Detroit Lions and now is your chance to see them live.

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Right Time to Buy Detroit Lions Tickets

When it comes to purchasing NFL tickets you have to be comfortable with spending money. Whether you are able to find a great deal or not, you’ll most likely end up spending more than you want. It’s critical to not only set a budget that meets your requirements but be realistic and set it so your experience is better.

We suggest looking for tickets around two weeks before the game you want to see. This is the time when sellers will make sure they are getting their tickets sold so they aren’t left holding unsold seats. When supply and demand are fairly equal you will most likely not see too many price fluctuations.

It’s up to you to follow a few sections within the stadium and see if prices move. If the Lions are coming off a loss you are more than likely able to find price drops on certain seats. If the Lions come off more than one loss tickets will definitely go down in price.

We suggest you look for tickets to games where the fan base isn’t nearby. Anytime you see tickets available for a divisional battle, you know those fans will travel well. If you look for a game such as the one against the Miami Dolphins, you will find tickets for much less. Keep this in mind when you decide to make your purchase.

Where to Sit at Ford Field?

Being in a climate-controlled stadium, the weather doesn’t really dictate where you should sit. There are a ton of great seats in Ford Field and it will be up to you to find the type that meets your budget.

Lower Level – The lower level is where you’re going to hear the most amount on volume. Depending on which part of the field you are in you may even be able to hear the players. The lower level gives you the best access to the game. Look for sections 105,106, and 107 if you want to sit behind the deep Detroit Lions bench. If you don’t really care to sit behind the Lions bench you can also sit on the opposing team’s sideline. Look for sections 126,127 and 128.

Mezzanine – The mezzanine levels at NFL stadiums sound better than they are. They are at the club level without the club. You get decent views with a pricey ticket but not compared to a club-level seat.

Club Level – One of our favorite levels in a football stadium is the club level. This is because it provides a more relaxed environment while still giving you access to the excitement. You will have access to comfortable seats, a private bar, free complimentary food and drinks, several TVs, and smaller lines to the bathroom.

Upper Level – We strive to inform our visitors about not sitting on the upper level. Especially in an indoor stadium like Ford Field, we suggest you just stay home and watch the game. Spend a few extra dollars and get yourself into the lower level or even into the club level. The experience will be so much better.

Boxes and Suites – If you can afford a suite-level seat you will definitely enjoy a good time. The suites come with plenty of amenities including VIP parking, all-inclusive food and soft drinks, lounge access, personal bathrooms, and much more.

Parking Around Ford Field

Depending on what you are looking to do will dictate how much your parking will cost. If you plan to just visit the stadium and go to the game you are looking at $10. If you plan on tailgating and spend a lot of time in the parking lot you can see prices move up to around $40. Parking passes are definitely something you need to consider when purchasing your tickets. Try to purchase a parking pass ahead of time to avoid any hassles when you go to the game.

Restaurants Near the Stadium

If you are not in the mood for stadium food there are several options surrounding Ford Field. We understand that a hot dog or nachos might not meet your eating requirements for the day. There are several locations you can check out before or after the game. We listed a couple of options below.

Elwood Bar & Grill – This is a cool spot that offers pre-and post-game food with a great atmosphere. You have access to all kinds of drinks and beers. Look for great service and a solid burger to fill your appetite. Check out some Options.

Cornerstone Barrel House – Check out this rustic feel-type establishment offering all kinds of American food. This location is perfect for game time or postgame meals. With great service and decently priced food, you’ll be set.

Hotels Within Reach

Depending on where you are coming from a hotel might be in order. The good news is since the field is in reach of downtown there are plenty of hotels to choose from. Depending on what kind of style you want for the night will depend on how much you’ll pay. Do your research and you should be able to find a perfect place to rest your head. Listed below are a couple of options.

Hilton Garden Inn Detroit Downtown – For around $160 you’ll have access to a pretty cool downtown establishment. Not only will you get a decent bed but you will be within a four-minute walk of the field. This sets you up so you don’t even have to think about parking your car. Rates are changing daily.

Fort Pontchartrain a Wyndham Hotel – This Wyndham hotel provides everything you need to stay the night after a football game. You have access to a couple of different restaurants in the hotel as well as plenty of outdoor activities nearby. You’ll pay around $170 for a night, but this could go up around game time nights.

Lions Ticket Options

Making a ticket purchase to a Detroit Lions game can be quite expensive. We want to offer you a couple of different options that you may not have thought about. One is more of a long-term investment while the other is a very short-term fix. Let us go through each one and it will be up to you if you want to consider going this route.

Season Tickets – If you are a diehard Lions fan and would like to go to more than one game a season you may want to consider purchasing season tickets. Having a season tickets package will allow you to pick the games you want to go to. You can then sell the rest using multiple apps which give you access to thousands of fans. Certain seasons will cost you probably more than you want to pay, but when the Lions are having a good year you’ll be able to recoup your money and then some potentially. Think of it as an investment with the goal of breaking even, with a bonus potential at the end.

Last-minute Tickets – Sometimes it’s the night before when you decide you want to go to a football game. Not too many people decide on the day of the game to attend. Nowadays there are so many different apps that you can actually walk up to the stadium and purchase your tickets at the last minute. This method is for the more risk-tolerant viewer. Sellers who were unable to sell their seats at a decent price will try to recoup some of the money that they spent on their tickets. This is your chance to save in a big way when entering the game.

A Look at Some Lion History

The Detroit Lions are one of the oldest teams in the league. They were established in 1930 and played their first season in the same year. Since the merger in 1970, the Lions have been part of both the NFC Central and NFC North.

Unfortunately, as of right now, the Detroit Lions have not won a conference championship since the merger. They’ve won four divisional championships and have had many playoff appearances.

One of the biggest traditions in the NFL is the games on Thanksgiving. The Detroit Lions have hosted a Thanksgiving game for many years. This is usually one of the most sought-after tickets during the year.

Rivalries against their divisional opponents are also some of the hardest to get tickets. Expect ticket prices to rise when they go against the Packers, the Bears, and the Vikings. You may even see prices increase when they play against the Washington Commanders.

Although the Lions have never won a Super Bowl, there have been many great players that have come through the organization. Here are some of the players worth mentioning. Players like Alex Karras, Calvin Johnson, Bill Dudley, Barry Sanders, Dick LeBeau, and Jason Hanson made great careers in Detroit.

Making a Lions Game Happen

The NFL is a week-to-week and year-to-year type of league. When it comes down to going to an actual live game it will be up to you on how much you want to spend on your tickets. Most teams have availability up until the last second and it will be up to you to decide on which game you want to attend. You’ve made it this far researching Detroit Lions tickets and now is a great time to make that purchase. Remember, always put the experience first. We really want you to have a good time and it may take a few extra dollars on the best seats to make that happen. If you have any questions please let us know and good luck.


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