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Best Seats for the Upcoming Dead and Company Concert

Best Seats to See Dead and Company

Great news! Dead and Company are touring again; however, there’s one important caveat: they will be staying in one place for a significant period. The Dead and Company concerts at the Las Vegas Sphere are set to be a major event at this incredible location for a concert. We’ll discuss where you should sit in the Sphere, ticket prices, and other aspects that will enhance your event experience.

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Best Place to Sit in the MSG Sphere – Dead and Company

The Sphere continues to add prominent names to its lineup, starting with U2 and Phish, and now, we’re excited to offer several dates for Dead & Company’s performances in Las Vegas. Given the anticipated high demand, securing the best seats by consulting our listings is crucial. We’ll explore the seating chart to help you choose seats that elevate your experience to unparalleled levels.

We’ll examine the prime seating options available. With numerous dates scheduled, remember this as you search for that ideal seat.

We’ve noted that the stage can seem small compared to the seating arrangement, creating an immersive experience similar to watching an iMax movie from a close distance. Let’s find the best place to sit in The Sphere.

GA Pit Area – While we have our opinions on the Pit area, for Dead & Company fans, this could be the perfect choice. Tickets for the Pit are expected to be the priciest due to the lively dancing scene, offering a unique perspective different from the rest of the venue.

Sections 100 – Aim for the first 10 rows in any of the Section 100 areas. The closer to the center, the better the views of both the stage and the mega screen. Consider looking a few rows back for potential price reductions.

Sections 200 – These seats offer an ideal vantage point for enjoying a Dead & Company concert, positioning you near the stage but at a comfortable distance from the screen to enjoy everything fully.

Sections 300 – While the prices in the 300 level remain steep, the view of the stage starts to diminish the further back you go. Target the first 7-10 rows and try to be as centered as possible for the best experience.

Sections 400 – Tickets for the 400 level can be expensive, and you might find yourself feeling too distant for a concert atmosphere. Be mindful of the air quality, as the presence of smoke is anticipated.

Overall, there are thousands of great seats available inside. You just need to be fortunate enough to secure your seats before someone else does. These will be in high demand. Start in the center and work your way back and to the sides.

Dead and Company Ticket Prices

Although prices are subject to change at any moment we put together a list of what you can expect to get in for a Dead & Company event at the Sphere. What we mean by get-in is the cheapest tickets you will find for the event. This does not mean the best seats. You’ll have to use our key above to help you get those top seats. Remember, ticket prices will constantly change so keep that in mind when going through these dates even up to the last minute.

Venue Lowest Ticket Prices
The Sphere – May 16 $494
The Sphere – May 25 $461
The Sphere – June 6  $481
The Sphere – June 13 $460
The Sphere – June 21 $399
The Sphere – June 22 $498

Taking a Look at Some Stats

In terms of live streaming, Dead & Company doesn’t rank among the top bands. Despite their popularity, they find themselves in the lower 20th percentile. To understand their standing, we can examine their Spotify and YouTube metrics.

On Spotify, Dead & Company attracts around 100,000 monthly listeners. This figure doesn’t contribute significantly to their popularity. A majority of their music consists of live recordings, with fans often accessing their work through means other than these streaming platforms.

Their YouTube channel boasts over 110,000 subscribers, which, while impressive, doesn’t place them in the upper tiers of online popularity contests. Despite having more than 330 videos, their content release frequency is relatively low.

It appears that the allure of Dead & Company lies more in their live performances than in their recorded music. This preference likely stems from the fact that much of their music originated from their time as the Grateful Dead.

Tours From the Past

Evolving from the legendary Grateful Dead, has cultivated a unique approach to live performances, often organizing tours based on a series of spontaneous decisions rather than the conventional method. With a lineup that includes original members of the Grateful Dead and celebrated artists like John Mayer, their events have attracted a wide audience.

In 2023, they not only headlined the New Orleans Jazz Fest but also captivated audiences in cities such as Boston, Boulder, New York, and Saratoga Springs, showcasing their enduring appeal and the timeless quality of their music. This particular year marked a significant milestone, engaging nearly 900,000 fans and generating impressive revenue, thanks in part to their extensive setlist of over 110 songs that span their expansive musical history.

As for what the future holds, especially concerning their performances at the Sphere and beyond, details remain open-ended. Fans are encouraged to stay on top of upcoming dates to catch this iconic group as they continue to make music and perform live.

Buying Tickets to Dead & Company

When looking for Dead & Company tickets, you have a wide range of options through some of the best sites. It’s advisable to start your search with StubHub and SeatGeek, as these sites often have a substantial inventory and can provide a good starting point for price comparison. After checking these sites, exploring options on Vivid Seats and other ticket platforms listed on TicketsTo could be beneficial.

Keep in mind that ticket prices fluctuate, so staying updated with these platforms can help you find the best deals. It’s also important to consider the fees associated with ticket purchases, as they can significantly affect the overall cost. By comparing listings, you can find the most suitable dates and seats for Dead & Company shows, enhancing your concert experience.

To ensure you’re getting the best value, take the time to explore all these options, keeping an eye out for any fees that might apply. By doing so, you can secure seats that offer the best view and overall experience at the performance.

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Dead and Company Concerts are Here

For the upcoming Dead & Company event at the Sphere in Las Vegas, it’s crucial to move quickly to get tickets. Given the anticipated demand for this event, prices may be on the higher side. To find the best seats and deals, it’s recommended to utilize our recommended platforms and resources that offer fair prices for these sought-after tickets. Keep an eye out for any deals that may emerge and be prepared to act swiftly. Remember, such high-profile events often mean that tickets won’t be inexpensive, so setting a budget and monitoring multiple sources can help you find the best value for your experience. If you have any questions about the seating chart or anything related to this event, send us a message.


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