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The story of the creation of the Foo Fighters is one of the more interesting stories in the world of rock and roll. Dave Grohl was the only member of the band when their first album was released in 1995, singing and playing almost all of the instruments on the band’s first album. Over the years, official members of the band have been added on, but the unique origin of the band has led tickets to Foo Fighters concerts to become hot items. That, coupled with the mastery of the genre that the Foo Fighters have found, has helped this band to become an iconic one. If you’re thinking of going to see the band play live, be sure to check out sites like SeatGeek if you can’t easily find cheap tickets to their concerts.

Dave Grohl was originally the drummer for the legendary Nirvana. Many of the songs on the first two albums that the Foo Fighters released were written while Nirvana was out touring, but never made the cut for that band. However, after lead singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain died in 1994, Grohl decided to record his music on his own. The end result was the wildly popular self-titled first album from Foo Fighters. Grohl quickly put a band together and headed out on tour. Today, the band is well known for songs like “Everlong,” Learn to Fly,” “All My Life,” and “My Hero.” Their success as one of the few survivors of the Grunge era of the 90s (along with Alice in Chains) has only enhanced their popularity. Their music transcends that narrow definition though, as any fan will tell you.

Today, tickets to Foo Fighters concerts are some of the most popular in all of the world of rock music. Their live shows are huge events, and tickets can be very hard to find. If you’re a fan of the band, this will be guaranteed to be one of the highlights of your music experience. The band is fun and energetic and will be one of the best live shows you’ve ever seen. You’ll need to move quickly though, this new tour is almost certain to sell out.

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