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Born in Charleston, Darius Rucker is a very popular country singer and has continued to make a cultural impact throughout his career. He was born in 1966 and had success in multiple different musical careers before he settled on being a country singer. He was first famous because of his work with the American rock band called Hootie & the Blowfish. He started his solo career by releasing R&B albums but decided to become a country singer-songwriter. This is the best time to buy Darius Rucker tickets for any of his upcoming performances. Don’t miss out on some of the best seats in the venue.

Rucker always loved singing. Growing up, the church was a large part of his life. His whole family says that singing was always something he wanted to do. When he was in college, the members of Hootie & the Blowfish heard Rucker singing in the shower and decided to ask him if he wanted to play music with them. As they continued to play together, they found a lot of chemistry and decided to form Hootie & the Blowfish in 1986. The band’s first album is one of the best-selling albums of all time in America.

His solo career started in 2008 and his country songs have become extremely popular all across the nation. As an African American, his entry into country music was definitely different because country music is dominated by white singers. This did not stop him from working hard and he has set new milestones for black country musicians. He is one of the few black musicians who has won any country awards and was the second black country singer to win an award from the Country Music Association.

Rucker’s tours are always met with exceptional demand and his concerts sell out frequently. His Southern Style Tour occurred in 2015 and was voted as one of the best 100 tours that happened in America for that year by Pollstar. His shows sell out because his fans are widespread and all over the nation. He has headlined with other country music legends like Lady Antebellum and Brad Paisley.

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A Country Jam

First asked to become a musician because of his voice, Rucker understands his strengths. All of his music is gentle and easy to listen to because they are designed to let Rucker’s voice carry the song. His voice is very rich and he is definitely one of the best singers to ever grace our world. The topics he chooses to sing about are usually playful but can also feel nostalgic. You can tell he is still from the South because he is great at singing traditional country stories.

With a voice like his, you can only really appreciate it when you actually listen to it. All recordings will decrease the authenticity of his voice. Rucker loves to sing with passion and you can see it on his face. He always seems to be pouring his heart out whenever he is singing. He understands this is his favorite thing to do. It is always great to hear someone love what they are doing that much.

The Voice

Rucker will likely continue to become more and more famous because of his talent as a singer. He also breaks boundaries every day and proves that black people can also sing country music. You definitely do not want to miss out on watching this man sing. At his concerts, you will find yourself in the midst of passion and fans who have let their soul follow the music. This is the best time to buy Darius Rucker tickets. Don’t miss your chance to see him live in an arena near you.


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