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Best Tickets to Dan and Shay

This is one of America’s most beloved country groups. Dan + Shay is made up of the country music duo Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney. They formed the group in 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee. Their fans appreciate these two musicians as singers and songwriters. They are very popular in the country scene and have been nominated for many awards. They are bound to astonish America with their music. This is your chance to get the best seats to see Dan + Shay up close. Tickets are just around the corner.

Smyers and Mooney loved music even before they met each other. However, they both come from two different backgrounds. Smyers was born in Wexford, Pennsylvania, and was active in sports in his college career. Mooney was born in Natural Dam, Arkansas, and dropped out of college to pursue a music career. He mostly worked as a solo artist but also collaborated with Veronica Ballestrini. The two met in 2012 while they were writing songs in Nashville. Their songs gained traction and the record label started making offers to them.

They released their first album in 2014 and it was received with positive reviews. Their name reached the nationwide audience when they performed on The Ellen Show the same year they released their album. They also made their debut on the Grand Ole Opry that year and that helped them spread their name throughout the whole country scene in America. The group has become popular with other musicians and has collaborated with a variety of pop stars. They have collaborated with singers like Kelly Clarkson and Rascal Flatts.

Country Tours

The band can be frequently found playing music in Nashville. They have also opened for many legendary country artists. They toured with Blake Shelton and Hunter Hayes in 2014. As their fame continues to grow, America is guaranteed to see this band pop up in larger country music festivals. Their tours are growing larger and they have to play in bigger venues every year to hold their new fans.

Guide to Tickets

Dan + Shay loves to tour and you will find tickets for music venues near you if you want to see them. Many of their concerts are highly anticipated, so you want to act fast. Find great tickets to the next show. It can help you go to the shows that you want to go to.

Finding tickets that are inexpensive are available if you know where to look. Any bargains or deals that are announced are going to be sold. This is the best place to find affordable tickets for a Dan + Shay concert and any other musicians you want to see. Just make sure you check early and often otherwise you may miss special offers.

The Country Duo

Dan + Shay has continued to grow their fan base every year because of their charisma and talents. They are great at acoustic composition but can write a lot of different country tunes in general. They know how to make their music catchy and passionate. Many people find themselves addicted to their singles and listen to their songs on repeat.  The duo has great chemistry and they seem to know how to sing perfectly together.

Only when you see Dan + Shay perform do you realize how talented they are as musicians. They make their songs groove when they perform them. As performers, both Smyers and Mooney know how to elevate one another. They help each other become their best selves.

Becoming Greats

Dan + Shay is a group you do not want to miss. This country duo is like glue and none of their fans can see or imagine these two musicians apart. They are so great at playing with one another.

They win new fans constantly and their concerts need more and more seats every year to fit their entire fanbase. Make sure you get the best tickets soon because this is one country duo you do not want to miss.


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