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Formed by reggae musicians Jr. King, Mata, Uncle Lui, and Big Rome; the Common Kings has impressed many reggae fans throughout the world. They formed the band in 2011 in Orange County, California. They are one of the most popular reggae acts in the world and have been nominated for many music awards. They are definitely a band any music fan should watch out for as they continue to gain recognition within the music community. Listed below are some of the best tickets to the Common Kings. This is your chance to get the best seats in the venue.

All four members were studying at a community college called Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California. Most of them are originally from the South Pacific and they all listened to different music before they came together. Some of the members were into classic folk like Van Morrison while others liked rockier music. Despite that, reggae was the link between them and they decided they would play music together. They are all great friends and wanted to do something they loved together.

Common Kings began recording in 2011. They released two EPs in 2013 which were very popular on the Billboards charts. Their first album was released in 2017 and was nominated for a Grammy Award. The band’s reggae sound mixes Polynesian music and hard rock; this unique experience makes them particularly alluring. It is almost guaranteed that this band will be invited to perform with more notable artists as they proceed forward in their careers.

Their best-known tour was when they toured in Australia and New Zealand as a support act on Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience World Tour in 2014. They admit that this helped them become more popular. The band has also toured with Fifth Harmony. They are currently trying to show up at more festivals to perform. It is an exciting time to be a fan of this band.

Great Ticket Prices

Common Kings is one of the hottest bands right now which can make buying tickets difficult. They tour all the time which helps, but their tickets can still sell out. To get the best tickets for you, you will have to put in a little effort. Every single ticket sold will be here and you can pick and choose what tickets you want to buy. You deserve to have fun so make sure you buy the best seats.

Cheaper tickets do happen too but you may have to wait a little for their release dates. A lot of music venues will start selling ticket bundles when the concert approaches. Make sure you get your tickets to your favorite reggae artist!

Reggae Power

Common Kings has become popular because they know how to create good reggae tunes that are head-rocking bangers and also emotionally soothing at the same time. They add island influences which makes them different from the other reggae bands out there. Many people also love JR King’s singing because he is passionate and spreads that passion into his voice.

At live shows, Common Kings is famous for creating a good time. They love fun and want everyone around them to be having the time of their life. On stage, they are constantly getting hyped up and interacting with their audience with smiles. They have colorful personalities that go perfectly with their love for music.

Polynesian Passion

Do not miss out on your chance for a seat to see this great band perform. They are here to make reggae exciting and fresh for anyone who is looking for a chill time. Their songs are all hits and you will likely see their name appearing more on radios and festivals. The best time to see them is now! Right now, they are still building their name. See them before they build too much of a fanbase and it becomes impossible to see them anymore. Get the best tickets today.


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