College Basketball Tournament 2018

By on March 9, 2018
Looking for NCAA Tournament Tickets

Grabbing tickets to the NCAA basketball tournament is a lifelong dream for many college basketball fans, and it can often be a lot easier to do than you might think. The tournament consists of 68 different teams, and that means there are a lot of games that need to be played in the tourney. With over 65 different games taking place over the course of the three weeks of the tournament, there are many chances for you to get tickets to a game. That’s a good thing, especially if you love basketball or your favorite school is playing. The NCAA Tournament is one of the most exciting parts of the year–even if you are just a casual fan.

What makes getting tickets to the Tournament even easier is that the 2018 March Madness tournament will be played at a handful of venues all over the country. The country is split into four regions, and each section will have a main venue where games take place. Oftentimes, you will find that one game ends, the crowds are quickly ushered out, and a new set of fans comes in to see the next game. There is a quick turnaround, and this helps ensure that as many fans as possible can get in on the action.

This year, the Regional Championships are going to be held at the TD Garden in Boston for the East Regional, the CenturyLink Center in Omaha, Nebraska, for the Midwest Regional, the Philips Arena in Atlanta for the South Regional, and the Staples Center in Los Angeles for the West Regional.

These games are all held toward the end of March, but they are not the only locations that these tournament games will be held. The first part of the tournament will be held at several other locations. Some of the other major venues where the 2018 NCAA Tournament will be held include the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, PA, the Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, KS, the Taco Bell Arena in Boise, ID, and the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, NC.

The Final Four

The last four teams will all play in the same arena. The winners from each of the four Regional divisions will square off at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. The two Final Four games will take place on March 31st, and then the National Championship will be held on April 2nd. These are the biggest games in all of college basketball, and they are also some of the most highly televised sporting events of the year. Even fans that don’t normally watch basketball on TV tune into these games.

We don’t know who will be playing in the Final Four yet. Initial brackets will be announced on March 11th, and it will take a couple weeks to narrow down who will be playing in the later stages of the tournament. In the meantime, your office or your friends might be putting together a bracket of their own to try and predict who the National Champion will be. This is often a fun group activity, so ask around if you’ve been looking forward to this aspect of the Tourney.

Last year, the North Carolina Tar Heels took home the Championship trophy. It was their 6th overall NCAA Championship. Now, it could be easy to say that this team is a Final Four threat again this season. But with so many players going pro, it’s always hard to say how team dynamics will change from year to year, especially at this upper level of play. At the very least, it will make this year’s tournament a very exciting one.

Getting Tickets

Tickets to the Alamodome, or any other venue that the tourney will visit, will be tough to find. Tickets are still available, though. Check out StubHub, SeatGeek, or another third party ticket site to see what is available, and be sure to quickly check that you’re not paying too much for these tickets.

You will find that tickets to games that take place earlier in the tournament tend to be a bit cheaper than games that take place later on. If you live far from one of the Regional championship sites or San Antonio, you can still catch a live game, and you won’t need to pay nearly as much for a comparable seat. Tickets to the NCAA Tournament are typically within most people’s price ranges, and this can help you to enjoy the thrill of college basketball live.

Be sure that you look at purchasing parking passes online, too. If you’re going to drive, you will want to make sure that you don’t miss any of the action because of parking issues. Buying your pass ahead of time is the best way to ensure that you don’t have any issues on game day. Remember that a lot of the games are scheduled back to back. There will be fans parking from other games, and this can lead to some intense traffic congestion. Missing tip off because you don’t have a parking spot would be awful. So plan ahead. Buy a parking pass online ahead of time and be sure that your spot is guaranteed. Passes tend to be a little cheaper if you buy them ahead of time rather than if you wait until the big game, as well.

Have Fun

The NCAA Tournament is one of the highlights of the year; not just for the athletes competing, but also for basketball fans of all sorts. If your alma mater is playing this year, you definitely do not want to miss out on the action. Buy your tickets as early as possible to save money, and make sure that you have all of the arrangements taken care of ahead of time. This way, when gameday comes around, you don’t have to worry about the logistics. You can just get yourself to the arena and watch one of the biggest events of your life along with tens of thousands of like minded fans.

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