Best Seats at a Coldplay Concert

Get the Best Seats for a Coldplay Concert

Coming from the city of London to a venue near you, Coldplay is ready to embark on some great shows around the country. Although the event list is currently limited we can see them adding more shows in the future. We will go over several things to make your Coldplay experience amazing. We will discuss the best seats for a Coldplay concert, go over some history, check on current ticket prices, some of their past tours, and some interesting statistics you may not be aware of.

Before we get into all of that, we want to share the upcoming events with you. You will see all of the events slated for this tour or stretch. If you aren’t seeing an event that is near you or meets your scheduling requirements, the load more button will take you to the page with every Coldplay event that is scheduled.

Best Places to Sit at a Coldplay Concert

Securing the best seats is the dream, isn’t it? Yet, reality sometimes nudges us, especially when the presale window has shut. If you’re ready to splurge, those coveted seats can still be yours. But for many fans, the quest is to strike that perfect balance between a stellar view and a friendly budget.

Let’s zoom in on a highlight from this year’s tour venues: the best seating spots that combine an awesome view with value for money. And, if you’re looking for some secret sauce to elevate your concert experience, here’s an insider scoop: monitor ticket availability as the concert date nears. With a surplus of tickets, prices might just take a favorable tumble, presenting the perfect moment for you to jump in!

The Rose Bowl isn’t just a venue; it’s an icon. Let’s take a peak at the seating chart tailored for a Coldplay concert and highlight some options. While various platforms might have overlapping listings, a good number of seats are still up for grabs.

General Admission – The heart of the action is located in the general admission floor seats. In fact, it’s an all-out general admission floor area. With Chris Martin’s known for dynamic movement, there’s a prominent catwalk and even a quaint stage stationed at the west end. Gear up for a duo of songs from this locale. If seating isn’t your thing and you’re all for the raw energy, make the floor your top choice. But a word of caution: it’s vibrant, buzzing, and space might be at a premium.

Lower Sections 2-21 – These are the seats in the internal lower bowl. Sections 10-13 are where you want to be for a fair price and you’ll have some close-ups of that secondary stage. We are seeing tickets for over $800 in the first few rows, so plan to move back some for big price drops. All of the other side views are very good. Don’t go too close to the inner part of the main stage if you can. Go section by section and row by row for a few days until you see the seat you like the most. You may be surprised by some prices versus others.

Upper Sections 2-21 – Some stadiums handle the upper sections better than others. In terms of the Rose Bowl, we highly suggest you only stick with the first 10 rows. You’ll still have a distant view, but you won’t be too far. If the ticket price is critical, you will see tickets for half the price of the lower sections.

Pro Tip – You may see a fair deal in a section you wish to sit in. You should always look at one section to the left and right and see if you can find a row price drop. This happens all of the time at big shows.

A Brief Look Back

As the mid-1990s rolled around, the music landscape was electrifying. And just when we thought things couldn’t get better, Coldplay burst onto the scene. With the dynamic quartet of Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion, they began their journey of serenading fans worldwide.

From iconic arenas to legendary stadiums, Coldplay has graced them all. In the U.S., they’ve rocked the United Center, enchanted Madison Square Garden, lit up the Rose Bowl, electrified Gillette Stadium, and captivated the Hollywood Bowl—venues renowned for hosting unforgettable concerts.

Matching their chart-topping albums, Coldplay’s major tours have been monumental events. Highlight tours include the Parachutes Tour (2000), Viva la Vida Tour (2008), Mylo Xyloto Tour (2011), and the vibrant A Head Full of Dreams Tour (2015). Each of these tours packed venues and secured their place in the annals of Coldplay lore.

Throughout their journey, Coldplay’s collaborative spirit has shone brightly. They’ve joined forces with musical titans like Rihanna, Beyonce, The Chainsmokers, Jay-Z, and Tove Lo, just to name a few, sharing the stage and studio, and sprinkling that signature Coldplay magic.

Did You Know

  • They performed the Super Bowl 50 halftime show in 2016.
  • They give 10% of their earnings to several different charities around the world.
  • Coldplay was originally known as Starfish. Most will agree that Coldplay is a much cooler name.
  • There is a hidden track on the album A Rush of Blood to the Head. This track is called “A Whisper”.

Coldplay Ticket Prices

Ticket prices for a Coldplay concert will continue to change as we get closer to the event. The prices listed below are the get-in prices. These are the minimal price you will pay to see Coldplay at these venues. Prices are fairly steady across the board. As we discussed during the best seating options section, the general admission area should be your baseline for the price you should pay. Remember, you may see different prices and venues than what is posted below.

Location Lowest Ticket Price
Lumen Field $199
BC Place Stadium $152
SnapDragon $227
Rose Bowl $255

Some Interesting Stats

We like to provide our readers with more information about the band they are interested in. With Coldplay, there is a lot more to know than meets the eye. We will go over where they stand in terms of streaming and other media outlets to really get an idea of their current popularity. As we move forward into the tour the numbers we have listed will most likely go up.

We’ll kick things off with Spotify. As the biggest platform in terms of music streaming services, we like this gauge when it comes to people actually listening to the music. With over 68 million monthly listeners you know this band is one of the biggest in the world. They have at least 10 songs with over one billion listens each and some are getting closer to two billion. This is an extremely large number. This will keep them in the top 20 on the Spotify platform for some time.

The other service we like to talk about is YouTube. The biggest video platform in the world has plenty to say about Coldplay. You can check out their channel and see the updated numbers. At this time, they have over 25 million subscribers and around 400 videos. We do expect these numbers to go up. Just like Spotify, several of their videos have over one billion views while some are in the two billion area.

Making that Ticket Purchase

If you missed out on the presale, you’ll most likely be paying quite a bit of money for Coldplay tickets. With a band this popular it is very hard to get in for cheap. With our best seat guide and other information, we hope you find what you are looking for. Check out some of the best ticket sites when it comes to buying. If you have any questions about getting seats please contact us. Good luck on your journey and have an amazing time.

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