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The Cleveland Guardians, formerly known as the Cleveland Indians are an MLB baseball team that has been around since 1894. We will go over several different things in this breakdown of the Guardians franchise. We will discuss when the best time to buy tickets is, go over some of the best seats for a Guardians game, a look at some of the things you need to consider when attending, ticket options to choose from, and of course some history about the team.

The first thing we want to go over is the tickets that are available below. You will find all kinds of games listed. You will see home and away games as well as spring training games. You will also find playoff games and World Series games as well if they are so fortunate to make it that far. If the games below don’t work for you, please use the load more button. This will open a page that has every possible Guardians game to choose from.

Best Time to Buy Cleveland Guardians Tickets

The great thing about baseball is that you have plenty of chances to get the best tickets. We will share some ideas when it comes to getting those. Sometimes you’ll get lucky while other times you may overpay for the game you want to attend. There are two major things to consider when it comes to saving money on baseball tickets We will discuss these now.

Time and Day of the Week

Going to one of the over 80 games at home will carry some options. Do you want to go on a Monday or on the weekend? Do you want to go on a Tuesday afternoon or a night game on a Sunday? These things will be up to you and your schedule.

We know that prices for day games on a Tuesday or Wednesday will be less than a day game on a Saturday. If you want a night game we suggest you look at the beginning of the week than on a Friday. Ticket prices will be higher for the day and time of day. Keep this in mind when you do your research.

Guardians Opponents

The team on the other side will determine the price of tickets. We know certain teams will bring in higher demand and some teams even have a bigger fanbase. This will be another way you can look at buying baseball tickets. A game against the cross-state rivals Cincinnati Reds will carry a heavier weight than a game against the Seattle Mariners. If you can score tickets to a top 5 team for less than the average ticket price consider yourself very lucky this time.

Buying tickets at the right time is when you put these two pieces together. Buying seats for a game during the week going against a weaker opponent will bring down the price. There are several things to consider. Try to make the seats count in the end. We’ll discuss this next as it will determine the type of experience you have.

Great Seats at Progressive Field

Baseball fields can be more complicated than many other stadiums and arenas. This is mainly because where you sit will determine if you are staying for the full game or plan to leave early. Baseball games tend to be very long and we suggest you get the best seats in Progressive Field that you can afford. We’ll discuss the different sections to consider.

100 Level – This is also considered the lower level. This is where you want to be if you can spend the extra money. This will give you the action close-up and provide some of the best memories. You can sit behind the Guardians dugout in sections 162-164 or the opponent’s dugout in sections 140,142, or 144. This is a spot to be to see your favorite players come and go.

Home Plate – There isn’t a particular name, unlike many other ballparks around the majors. As long as you are in the lower level between the dugouts, you’ll find yourself in some of the best seats for a Guardians game. You’ll most likely pay the most as well so keep that in mind.

Club Seats – There are all kinds of sponsors for these seats but for the most part, the club-level seats will provide views and amenities. You’ll have access to free drinks and food as well as access to a lot of the lounges in the building.

Upper Level – An area to avoid in terms of the best seats is the nose bleeds. These are only good if you are going to the game with a lot of people or even if you only plan to stay for a handful of innings.

Luxury Suites – This is where the magic happens. Try to get luxury suites if you can. Indoor and outdoor seating along with plenty of drinks and food. There are several levels in the suite department. You can go premium, party, team, or dugout. Each one provides awesome views and gives you access to things like private entrances, private bathrooms, in-seat waiter service, TVs, and so much more.

Bleachers – We can’t say that we like the bleachers but it does give you a fun atmosphere to watch the game. You’ll have a chance to catch some home runs which makes these seats worth it.

Other sections in the mix are standing room only, all-you-can-eat seats, terrace club, east 9th street patio, and the Corner bar. You have so many different styles of seating to check out. You’ll have to determine which seat is best for you and your people.

Parking Around the Stadium

You do have some options when it comes to parking. Expect to pay anywhere between $15-$20 to park your car. You can get the SpotHero app to get better parking ahead of time. Ballparks partner with mobile parking apps to make it easier for you to buy parking passes. This is something you’ll want to get the week of the game if possible. For a busy game, you may want to act a little earlier.

Dining Options Around Progressive

We know some of you are looking for a place to eat before or after a game. You may not be into the park’s food so we added a couple of places worth checking out around Progressive Field.

Barrio Gateway – This is a chill spot that offers build-your-own tacos. It’s fairly inexpensive and the service is great. Try some of their free chips and salsa as well. You’ll be full by the time you leave.

The Clevelander Bar & Grill – This is a typical sports bar near the stadium. They have plenty of craft brews to select from and the food is decent. You can even take in the atmosphere of the game without actually going. You can read bout their menu and decide for yourself.

Guardians Ticket Options

When it comes to getting tickets for the Cleveland Guardians or any team in the majors there are several options to look at. We will discuss four of the main ways to get tickets and hopefully, you can decide which is best for you and your situation.

Season Tickets – You may just scroll to the next option but before you do make sure you hear us out. If you are in the area or would like to go to a lot of games each year, season tickets could be a good investment. You can sell tickets to the games you don’t attend. You can even give certain tickets away for business. Either way, if you sell tickets for some of the bigger games, you can make your money back or you could even make a profit. No guarantees here, but keep an open mind.

Group Tickets – This is a great option for those looking to go to several games a year without a commitment. You can purchase group seats and you’ll get what you get based on the package you choose. They usually provide 4/6/8 game packages. Games will be against different teams and at different times. They won’t always be ideal, but at least you’ll get a fair price.

Standard Single Ticket – One game ticket. This is simple enough. Use sites like Vivid Seats or SeatGeek and you can buy what you need. You can find some of the best seats this way but don’t wait too long for behind-home-plate tickets.

Last Minute Tickets – Our favorite way to buy baseball tickets is at the last minute. Sure, some games we don’t suggest you do this with, but during the summer months, you could find some amazing deals. More than likely the Guardians won’t sell out so we don’t think you’ll get left out of the park. Take a chance and see what happens.

You have so many different ticket sites to choose from. You can even go with Ticket Squeeze, one of our newer names listed on the site.

A Look Back in Time

The Cleveland Guardins were established in 1894 and have been located in Cleveland since 1900. They started in the Western League in 1894 and became part of the American League in 1901. They moved from the East Division to the Central Division in 1994. Due to the naming controversy, the Cleveland Indians became the Guardians in 2022.

Along the way, the team has won two World Series titles, six AL pennants, and a dozen Central Division titles.

They do have several rivalries in the MLB. Some of these include the Reds as we mentioned at the beginning of this page. Games against the Pittsburgh Pirates are always heated just like they are in the NFL. Games against the Detroit Tigers will also bring in a bigger crowd. Other teams the Guardians mix it up with include the Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees, and the Baltimore Orioles.

Some great players have come through the organization during its over-century existence. These players include Early Wynn, Jom Thome, Joe Sewell, Bob Lemon, Bob Feller, Lou Boudreau, Early Averill, and Tris Speaker.

You can learn a lot more history about the Guardians online. It helps to know the information from the past to help the overall gameday experience that much better.

Get Out to the Game

You now have all the information to make your Cleveland Guardians game amazing. There are plenty of ways to get tickets. We listed enough locations for you to get the best seats possible. When it comes to getting those tickets you have options. Think about how many games you would like to go to in a season. Enjoy your day out to the ballpark and if you need any help finding the best seats let us know.


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