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Best Time to Buy Cleveland Cavaliers Tickets

Cheap Cleveland Cavaliers Tickets

Fans are happy when they attend a Cleveland Cavaliers game. This is your chance to go to a game for less money than you might think. It won’t be cheap, however, we can help you save. If you are a fan of the team, this is the year for you.

In the listings below you will find tickets to upcoming games. These are from the start of the season all the way up to the championship should they make it that far. Home and away games are listed so try not to get confused when selecting. You could come across a parking pass or two along the way. This is something we suggest you have ahead of time.

Right Time to Buy Cleveland Cavaliers Tickets

You’ve come here looking for cheap Cleveland Cavaliers tickets. We have gone through all the research over the years and discovered certain things that you can do to save money. More than likely during a good season it will be quite difficult to save. We hope you have a great experience and not think so much about the money you spent.

Around two weeks prior to the game you want to see is a good spot for you to start looking. Supply and demand will tend to be fairly even around this time. Within a couple of days, you will start to see demand go down. This is when sellers will start to reduce their price. Once price starts to go down is when you need to make a move. Watch several sections around the arena where you want to sit and pick the one that moves the most.

Look for games during the week if you want to save some money. Games during the weekend tend to be more expensive than games on a Tuesday night. Also, consider the opponent the Cleveland Cavaliers are facing. A game against the Chicago Bulls will probably be more expensive than a game against the Houston Rockets. There are always factors involved when purchasing tickets. Finding the right timing is never going to be exact.

Finding a Seat at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse

The key to having a good time at a Cleveland Cavaliers game is by getting a great seat. Our goal here is to help you find the best seats available for the right price. Always remember to keep the memory that you are about to create ahead of the budget if possible. Below is a listing of several different sections around the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse.

Lower Level – The lower level is where all the action happens. You’ll have great visuals of the court and the sounds of the players and coaches will be fantastic. There is no better way to watch a basketball game than up close. Look to sit behind the Cleveland Cavaliers bench in section 106 and if you are a fan of the opposing team look for section 109. Also, consider sitting near section 105 if you want to see players come through the tunnel.

Club Level – Club-level seats are always a top priority if you can afford them. There are plenty of club level seats at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. You’ll have access to special perks like smaller concession and bathroom lines, bigger seats and access to lounges around the arena.

Upper Level – We can only say this so many times. Avoid the upper level at all costs. It will give you access to the game, but it won’t give you the experience you would like

Luxury Suites – Although a courtside seat would be ideal there are other options around the arena for high quality. Look for the Chairman’s club, Signature Lounge, Westfield Champions Club, and many other locations for a great way to watch a basketball game. You have access to VIP parking, comfortable seats, plenty of all-inclusive food and drinks, private bathrooms, and much more.

Need a Parking Spot

Parking is never something you want to pay for. Going to a game is super expensive as it is, but there is one thing you need to consider. A parking spot. There are plenty of garages around the arena. You are looking at spending around $20-$25 for your parking spot. Please make sure to get your parking pass ahead of time to avoid any hassle before the game.

What Ticket Option is for You?

There is more than one way to purchase tickets for a Cleveland Cavaliers game. The NBA is full of games all season long. It’s up to you to find the game you want to go to and/or determine if you want to go to more than one game a season. We want to discuss a couple of different ticketing options.

Season Tickets – Purchasing season tickets is an expensive investment. There are a lot of games during the season in which you can attend. By selling the rest of the tickets to the other games you can make a return on your investment. On a really good year, you can expect nice returns. There are no guarantees when you buy season tickets.

Group Tickets – A lot of basketball teams offer their fans group tickets. This gives you access to two or more games throughout the season. It’s a great way to get into the stadium. You have to consider a couple of things if you go with group tickets. You most likely have tickets to games that aren’t against the best teams and the day of the week will most likely fall outside of the weekend.

Single Game Tickets – You are more than likely here because you’re looking to purchase a single-game ticket. There are plenty of single-game tickets available for a Cleveland Cavaliers game.

Last Minute Tickets – If you decide you want to go to a Cleveland Cavaliers game at the last minute you can do that. You can literally drive to the arena and walk up to the stadium and purchase your tickets using your phone. Using sites like SeatGeek and StubHub will give you access to all the sellers who are trying to unload their seats. Remember, there are chances that you will get left out and not be able to enter the game.

Some Cleveland Cavaliers History

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been around since 1970 and are part of the Eastern Conference in the Central Division.

They have 15 conference titles and one championship. They have also won many divisional titles as well as tons of playoff appearances.

You can expect some decent rivalries when the Cleveland Cavaliers face the Chicago Bulls or the Golden State Warriors. Both of these teams will bring higher-priced tickets for sure so keep that in mind when making your purchase.

There have been a lot of players that have come through the Cleveland Cavaliers organization. Some of the players include Lebron James, Brad Daughterty, Mark Price, Austin Carr, Nate Thurmond, and Bobby “Bingo” Smith.

Food Options Outside the Arena

Are you in the mood for a different food option than what’s inside the stadium? There are several different restaurants around the area that you can check out before or after a Cleveland Cavaliers game. Listed below are a couple of options we suggest.

Butcher and the Brewer – This is a pretty cool location and brewpub. You get American fare style food and craft beers. Not only will you get great service but you’ll have an awesome atmosphere.

Wahlburgers – If you are looking for a great burger this is a spot for you. Wahlburgers will provide all kinds of burger options for you and your family. It’s a great environment with excellent service.

Looking to Stay the Night

Sometimes a place to stay is required. There are tons of hotels in the Cleveland area. Make sure you research all the different locations to meet your requirements. We listed a couple of options to check out.

Residence Inn by Marriott Cleveland Downtown – This downtown location will provide you with a great place to stay the night. These are laid-back suites with kitchens and provide breakfast in the morning. You are looking at around $130 a night to stay at this Residence Inn.

Hyatt Regency Cleveland At The Arcade – This Hyatt will give you a modern room for the night. All-access to a Victorian-era shopping center within the hotel and a nice restaurant to go along with it. With excellent service, you will be spending around $110 a night.

It’s Time to Go To a Game

You’ve come this far and are now ready to press the buy button. Cheap Cavaliers tickets are here for you to access. Make sure you research the different sections around the arena and determine what kind of budget you have. There are a lot of considerations that need to go into purchasing tickets. Make sure you always put the experience level ahead of the price. Having a great time at a Cleveland Cavaliers game can go a long way. If you have any questions about buying tickets please let us know. Good luck!


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