Cleveland Browns Football Brings Excitement to Ohio

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The Cleveland Browns are one of the most well-loved teams in all of professional football. Regardless of how the team is doing, the team’s longevity has helped them to accumulate many devoted fans. Tickets to Cleveland Browns games are often hot items, through the team’s good times and the bad. If you’ve never seen this team play, now is one of the best times to go see them. They have a young team, but one with much potential for greatness. At the very least, it will be an exciting way to spend a Sunday afternoon with your friends, family, or coworkers.

The Cleveland Browns were founded in 1945 and played their first season in 1946. They have won 8 league championships, all between 1946 and 1964. The Browns have the unique distinction of being the only team in the NFL named after a former coach (Paul Brown), and to not have any sort of logo on their helmet. Their helmet is just a plain orange background. Despite this, the team has had a lot of recognition over the years. They have sent many players on to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Some of these include Otto Graham, Len Dawson, Dante Lavelli, and Ozzie Newsome. Even though the team has had some struggles in recent years, they still have one of the most loyal followings in all of the NFL.

The team has some big rivals, including the New England Patriots. Coach Bill Belichick has worked with both teams, and the fact that he has been far more successful with the Pats has only contributed more to the animosity between the two teams. They also have a rivalry with their Ohio counterpart, the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Cleveland Browns are based out of FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. Tickets to Cleveland Browns games can be quite popular, but even when the team is not playing at their best, games are always packed. If you haven’t seen this team play before, they are a lot of fun to watch—both at home and away. Grab your tickets now to make sure that you don’t miss the games that you want to see this season.

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