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The Cincinnati Reds were one of the first professional baseball teams, and are currently the oldest team in all of MLB. Tickets to Cincinnati Reds games are very popular, especially to those that love the sport and want to watch a piece of living history. If you’ve never been to a game, now is a great time to secure your seats and take a night in at the old ball game.

The team was founded in 1881 as the Cincinnati Red Stockings. They were a charter member of the American Association when they began to play in 1882 and then joined the National League in 1890. Since the World Series came into play in the early 1900s, the Reds have won the championship five times, most recently in 1990. Many greats have played for the Reds over the years, including Joe Morgan, Johnny Bench, Barry Larkin, and Ernie Lombardi. This has also been a team marred by scandal. One of the greatest hitters of all time—Pete Rose—played for the Reds and later became their manager. Rose still holds the MLB record for the most amount of hits in a career but has been banned from the game by MLB executives because of his gambling. He infamously admitted to betting on games that he was managing and playing in. While he’s not in the Hall of Fame and probably never will be, no other player has had a career quite like his. Rose was one of the most famous members of the Big Red Machine, which was the nickname that was given to the crew that won the World Series in 1975 and 1976.

Reds’ home games are played at Great American Ball Park. The stadium opened up in 2003 after the Reds left Riverfront Stadium. Despite the ups and downs that the team has seen over the last century, they remain a strong force in the Major Leagues and are almost always a threat for the playoffs. If you and your family find yourself in Cincinnati, you owe it to yourself to get tickets to the Reds. It’s something that you will never forget, and your family will thank you for it.

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