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Whether you are looking to go to your first Bengals game or not, we are here to help you find tickets for an affordable price. Cheap Bengals tickets are very hard to find, especially when they are playing well. We’ll go over some tips on how you can save money on your purchase. From the right time to buy, where to sit, parking situations, purchasing options, and much more.

Listed right below are ticket listings for all Cincinnati Bengals games. You will find tickets to both home and away games. You will even find seats for preseason and playoff games. A parking pass ticket package may also be included below, so keep an eye out for that as well.

Right Time to Buy Cincinnati Bengals Tickets

When it comes to buying Cincinnati Bengals tickets, you need to be prepared for two things. One, you have to know when the best time to buy is, and two, how you can save money. These two go together for the most part, but there is a little science behind it all. We’ll try and help you out in this department.

If you are planning to go to an upcoming game, looking for tickets around two weeks out will be your sweet spot. This is where seats will see the most amount of price movement.

Should the Bengals come off a winning week, you can expect prices to rise and the opposite for a loss. This is the risk you will take if you wait. You can look further out if the Bengals are coming off one or more losses. This is when ticket sellers will be concerned with the amount of value they will get for their tickets. When supply is up, prices will drop.

Always remember, you will have a hard time finding tickets for super cheap. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about that. Be comfortable spending money for good seats. We focus on event experience a lot on this site.

Where to Sit at Paycor Stadium

Finding the right seat for you and your party is not an easy task. You want everyone to be happy while also not denting the wallet too badly. There are definitely a lot of things to consider when picking the seat, but remember, it’s the experience value that counts the most. Let’s go over some of the best seats in Paycor Stadium.

Lower Level – For the most part, the lower level will give you some of the best close-up views. If you can find reasonably priced tickets on the lower level, then you should jump on them. Consider sitting behind the Bengals bench in sections 109-111. This will get you right in the action. Save a little money with similar seats on the visitor’s bench sections. Look for sections 139-141. These bench seats will get you into the game and really ramp up the experience.

Club Level/Endzone – One of our favorite sections in the building, the 200 level will give you great views with some extra comfort. You even need a separate entry location to get into the stadium. You will pay the most for these seats because of the great views. Expect to have padded seats, nicer bathrooms, better concessions, and all kinds of lounges with great food and drink options.

Upper Level – We will say this for every team. It doesn’t pay to sit in the Upper Level because your experience of being at the game won’t be as good. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a few bucks to make the memory amazing. If you are with a large group, then yes, this may be your best choice. Do some more research and dig in to find a better seat.

Places to Park

One of the more annoying things you need to think about is parking your car. Most stadiums have a decent amount of parking within walking distance but always look at the map. For the Bengals games, you can find parking around the stadium. You should always purchase your parking pass ahead of time to avoid situations. On average, you will pay anywhere between $30 – $50 just to park your car. Remember, while looking for tickets on sites like SeatGeek, some listings will include a parking pass. Jump on those seats if the price seems right.

Looking for Some Food Nearby

Depending on the type of day you are looking for, some people want to try to eat something other than stadium food before or after the game. We provide a couple of options you may want to check out.

Yard House – This is a great place to grab an American-style fare before a game. It does have the sports bar feel so it will get you in the mood. Look for a great food and drink menu.

Kitty’s Sports Grill – Check out this local family-owned spot for some craft beers and wings. Go beyond that and get some great bbq and sandwiches.

Need a Place to Stay Overnight

If you are coming in from out of town a place to stay will also be added to your itinerary. There are plenty of hotels in the region so we will do our best to share a couple you might like.

Cincinnati Marriott at RiverCenter – A nice 4-star hotel providing you with friendly staff and much more. You kind of know what you are getting with a Marriott. You’ll be looking at around $180 a night but this could rise on game weekends.

Radisson Hotel Cincinnati Riverfront – A bit cheaper and further, but all good when you need a comfy bed for the night. Look here to save compared to some of the other hotels. You’ll pay around $120 a night. Check rates right here.

Wrapping Your Head Around Buying Tickets

Now that you know when to look and which section to sit in, it’s now time to discuss some ticket-purchasing options that may have not been on your radar. These two options may or may not be for you, but they could be worth considering.

Season Tickets – This could be the year where season tickets could be your best investment. If you plan to attend more than one game a year, you could recoup that money and then some by selling unused tickets. Of course, not every year will be that great, but if you could unload tickets above your costs, the ROI could work in your favor. Selling the tickets isn’t as hard as it looks either. These games are much more manageable than selling baseball season tickets.

Last-Minute Tickets – These are also known as last-minute or game-day tickets. You can literally walk up to the gate with your phone and purchase from last-minute sellers. You are more than likely to catch a deal by those sellers just looking to make some money back. This does involve more risk, but you’d be surprised about how many people do it.

Some Bengals History

The Bengals became a professional football team right around the merger of the AFL and NFL. This occurred in 1967 and since then they have been part of the AFC Central and AFC North.

The Bengals have won two conference championships which led to two Super Bowl appearances. They ended up losing both of these games. Although they have made the playoffs multiple times over the years, they have yet to find a way to win the big one.

The Bengals do have some interesting rivalries which are in their division. It is always a heated game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. You can also find pretty tough games against the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens.

There have been plenty of stars that have come through the Bengals organization. Some of the big names include Boomer Esiason, Charlie Joiner, Anthony Munoz, Ken Anderson, Terrell Owens, Corey Dillon, and Chad Johnson. We are sure more names will get added to this list in due time.

Make the Ticket Purchase Happen

Here is your chance to get Cincinnati football tickets. You have plenty of tools at your disposal. Make sure you don’t sacrifice cheap tickets for a better experience. There is nothing like seeing a game up close or in a nice suite-level seat. Be sure to get the best seats that meet your budget. Make sure you choose wisely and you may discover more ways than one in saving money on tickets. The NFL is filled with plenty of games to choose from. Don’t let the next one go on without you. Good Luck!!!


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