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Chris Stapleton was born in 1978 in Lexington, Kentucky. He is one of America’s most popular and important country musicians. He is a talented guitarist and songwriter. Stapleton has many fans who love his music but he is perhaps best known for his songwriting credentials. He has written music for a ton of famous artists in America and the world. He has also performed as a vocalist for a couple of bands. This is the best time to buy Christopher Stapleton tickets. You have a chance to get the best seats by using the listings below.

Stapleton was born to a family of coal miners. This background explains his relationship with country music at an early age as that was the kind of music that was being listened to around him. He was a gifted student and graduated high school as the class salutatorian. He studied engineering at University but decided he wanted to pursue music as a career. He acted on his big decision in 2001 when he moved to Nashville. He immediately signed as a songwriter. In 2007, he started singing for the bluegrass band called The Steeldrivers. The band was successful within the bluegrass scene and had singles that charted well within the bluegrass single rankings. In 2010, Stapleton left The Steeldrivers and found The Jompson Brothers.

However, Stapleton always wanted to create music with complete freedom. In 2013, he signed as a solo artist and started releasing his own songs under his name. This was the right choice as his solo albums were critically acclaimed throughout the country scene. In 2015, he won three Country Music Association Awards. Stapleton always knew that his songs had award-winning potential.

Throughout his career, he has written hit singles such as Luke Bryan’s Drink a Beer, George Strait’s Love’s Gonna Make It Alright and Kenny Chesney’s Never Wanted Anything More. His music has appeared on many soundtracks. Some of the movies that have used his music include Valentine’s Day, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip, and Hell or High Water.


During Stapleton’s career in bands, he would constantly tour in America. They had extensive dates and made sure they toured regionally. As a solo artist, he had the opportunity to perform his famous singles which are usually performed by others. For example, during the 2014 CMT Artist of the Year event, Stapleton sang with Lady Antebellum to perform Luke Bryan’s Drink a Beer. In 2013, Stapleton and his wife teamed up for a very cute performance at the Grand Ole Opry.

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Stapleton’s Songwriting

There is a type of emotional subtlety in his songs that he captures perfectly in his music. Listening to Stapleton tell stories is a wonderful feeling and you can get lost in his music. There is a somber and relaxing tone to his albums despite the stories of regret.

Make sure you go see Stapleton perform live if you are a fan of his. You can truly tell he has a musical mind and knows how to tap into the essence of performing music. He brings out all the emotions in his voice. Listening to him sing feels like being transported into a different world that Stapleton has recalled into the present.

Country for Critics

While there are a lot of country musicians in the world, Stapleton is one of the rare songwriters that is talked about outside the country music scene. Getting a seat to his shows is a great way to figure out what makes him more special. Make sure you get your ticket before it sells out.


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