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One of the most legendary teams in the NBA is the Chicago Bulls. Are you still wondering if you should attend an NBA game? Here is your chance to see the Chicago Bulls live with some great seats. We want you to have the best experience possible for the right price.

You will see game tickets listed below. These tickets show all of the upcoming games for the Chicago Bulls. You will even find playoff and championship tickets on this list. Keep in mind, there are both home and away tickets.

Right Time to Buy Chicago Bulls Tickets

Is there a perfect time to purchase Chicago Bulls tickets? We like to think that there are opportunities out there that will save you some money. During the 90s this wouldn’t have been the case. However, the Chicago Bulls do have plenty of tickets available for you to purchase.

This leads to the question of when. We like to think that two weeks prior to the game you want to see is the right time to purchase tickets. This is when you should start researching certain sections of availability. Supply and demand will be fairly equal at this time. As demand starts to diminish, sellers will start to reduce their prices to make sure their tickets get sold. It’s up to you to find certain seats that have price movement. Once the price moves down is when you should make the purchase.

Looking for games during the week is way better than on the weekend. If you would like to save money at a Chicago Bulls game, purchasing tickets for a Tuesday night game will be far less than a ticket on a Saturday night game. This is because demand will be less during the week.

Games against a weaker opponent or with a smaller fanbase will also be cheaper. A game against the Detroit Pistons may cost you more than a game against the Utah Jazz.

Looking for a Seat in the United Center

The seat location is the most important part of purchasing tickets. It’s best to watch certain sections around the arena for price fluctuations. This will allow you to find seats that not only meet your budget but will give you the best experience possible. We will discuss certain sections around the United Center.

Courtside Seats – If you are able to find courtside seats you will be glad that you did. This will give you the best in-game experience possible. Although the prices will be very high you will be certain to have a good time. You will have access to plenty of amenities that come along with the courtside seat.

Lower Level – The lower level is the next best thing to being close to the court. These prices tend to be pretty high as well. Being in close proximity to the action will allow you to hear the players and coaches throughout the game. Look in sections 101 and 102 if you want to sit behind the Bulls bench. If you would like to sit behind the opposing team’s bench look for sections 121 and 122.

Club Level – The nice thing about club-level seats is the comfort. You will have the comfort of great seats not to mention smaller bathroom and concessions lines. It’s a less crowded section and provides more legroom to watch the game. Club-level seats are one of our favorite seats in any stadium.

Upper Level – The upper level of any stadium is one area we would like you to avoid. You’re already about to spend a fortune on going to a game so why not spend a little bit more on getting a better seat. The experience is what this is all about. Having an upper-level seat will provide you access to the game and not much more. You will most likely watch the game on the big screen because you are so far away from the action.

Suite Level – Boxes and suites around the stadium are worth the cost if you can afford them. Having an NBA experience within a box is a great time. You will not only have great seats but you also have access to VIP parking, all-inclusive beverages and food, big-screen TVs, and very comfortable seating.

Parking in the Area

Parking can be a pain around the United Center. We suggest you always get a parking pass or parking spot ahead of time. This will save you a lot of time when heading out to a game. You will spend around $25. Make sure you add this to your budget when you look for tickets to the next Chicago Bulls game.

Ticket Choices

Although you are most likely looking for a single-game ticket we would like to discuss several different ticketing options. These options cover everything from the long-term to the short-term.

Season Tickets – If you’ve ever thought about purchasing season tickets this is the time to do it. If you plan on going to more than a couple of games a season, having season tickets could possibly save you a lot of money. As long as you think of this as an investment, if the Bulls are playing well you can sell your seats for a premium. You can recoup the money for the games you attended and possibly make money selling the seats for the rest. Obviously, there are a lot of determining factors here so there are no guarantees that you will make money on your tickets.

Single Game Tickets – As mentioned before you are most likely here for a single-game ticket. Should you purchase a Chicago Bulls ticket you will most likely pay a premium compared to a longer-term commitment.

Group Tickets – Having access to group tickets is a nice way to go to multiple games during the season. These group tickets can range from 2 to 8 games during the season. The one thing we are not thrilled about is the game selection you receive. A lot of times you do not get to go to the games that are considered the better games. You also tend to go to more weekday games than on the weekend.

Last-minute Tickets – Deciding to go to a game the day of is a possibility. You can walk up to the arena without a ticket and purchase one using one of the many different ticketing sites on your phone. Ticket sellers who are unable to sell their seats or were unable to make it to the game will offload their’s tickets for much less. This is a way you can take advantage and save.

The History of the Chicago Bulls

There is a lot of history behind the Chicago Bulls. Founded in 1966, the Chicago Bulls have been in downtown Chicago winning lots of championships.

The Chicago Bulls have won six Conference Titles and six NBA Championships. They’ve also won nine divisional titles and have made dozens of playoff appearances.

You can expect huge divisional rivalries against teams such as the Detroit Pistons, New York Knicks, and Indiana Pacers. All of these teams will bring extra fans which will make ticket prices go up substantially.

With so much history behind the Chicago Bulls, it goes without saying that Michael Jordan is the reason why the bulls were so good during the 90s. Players such as Scottie Pippen Tony Kucoc, Artis Gilmore, Horace Grant, John Paxson, Bob love, and Steve Kerr are just a few of the reasons why the Bulls have been so good.

Restaurants Near the United Center

A lot of people do not like to eat arena or stadium food. The good news is that in Chicago you have tons of places to eat around town. Here are a couple of selections we’ve made to help you fill that appetite.

Park Tavern – The Park Tavern provides American-style food and a fun type of atmosphere. You can expect nice craft beers surrounded by excellent service and nachos. It’s a fairly reasonable cost location for a quick bite before a game.

Billy Goat Tavern – This is a greasy spot serving up cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and all kinds of fun foods. This is a great place to take the family before or after a game. You will have excellent service and there is plenty of parking around the restaurant.

Hotel Options to Research

Sometimes you need a place to stay the night after a game. Again, being in the city of Chicago provides plenty of hotels in the area. Although most hotels are pretty expensive please make sure you do your research.

Hyatt House Chicago / West Loop-Fulton Market – This Hyatt is one of the older hotels around but will get the job done when you need it. Excellent service and a clean room are all you need and you’ll only pay the price of $100 a night.

Chicago Marriott at Medical District/UIC – This Marriott is one of the cleaner hotels in the area. You will have access to plenty of dining opportunities nearby and a really laid-back atmosphere. Look for great service and an affordable price of $152 a night.

Let’s Go To the Game

Now that you’ve run through our mix of information it’s your turn to pull the trigger. There are plenty of ways to save money on tickets to a Chicago Bulls game. It’s up to you to figure out which game you want to go see and where to sit. Always remember that the experience of the game is way more important than how much you spend. If you can afford decent seats we recommend getting as close as you can be. Cheap tickets will be difficult to find but they are still a possibility if you know what to do. If you have any questions about purchasing tickets please contact us. Good luck!

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