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Are the Chicago Bears your favorite team? Whether they are or not, you’re here to buy tickets to an upcoming game. We will provide all kinds of important information about buying cheap Bears tickets and get into some of the intricacies of saving money. You will learn about finding the best seats, where to eat before or after a game, places to stay overnight, some ticket options, and some history about the Bears.

Listed just below are ticket listings for all upcoming games. These will include home and away games, preseason games, and of course playoff games as well. In the listings, you may even find parking passes for sale. These will come in handy if you plan to drive to the game.

Right Time to Buy Chicago Bears Tickets

When to buy tickets to a Bears game is always in question. There are many different factors involved to help calculate the timing of your purchase. Sometimes you will come out ahead, while other times you won’t. We will try to help you pick the right time to buy your seats for the game you want to see.

Season by season, the Bears will put a different product on the field. For the most part, fans are loyal when it comes to Chicago. With a strong fanbase, ticket prices will vary more on major games.

Roughly two weeks before the game you want to go to is your best option. This is when a lot of sellers will put their tickets on one of the many marketplaces. Prices will start to stabilize and then adjust as you get closer to the game.

When the Bears are coming off a loss, this will be a good time to look. Sellers will be more likely to reduce their ticket prices to make sure they sell. Better yet, two or more losses are a good way to go.

Watch several sections around Soldier Field and see how the price will swing in both directions. The pro sellers won’t budge their seat prices until they have to. It’s up to you to find those sellers who are just looking to make a little money on their seats.

TIP – Look for games against weaker opponents or smaller fanbases. A game against the Green Bay Packers will always cost way more than a game against the Baltimore Ravens or Carolina Panthers. Think about where the opponent is coming from as well. Games against the Seattle Seahawks will have fewer fan travelers due to distance.

Where to Sit at Soldier Field

The number one thing when it comes to choosing a seat for a football game is where. Where is your experience going to be better than any other seat? Where should you sit to save money? There is a lot more involved in this process. Listed below we go through some of the sections you may want to consider.

Lower Level – If you are going to take in a football game, the lower level is a great place to do it. Soldier Field is a fairly small stadium in terms of NFL standards, so most seats will be decent in the lower section. Find seats behind the Bears bench in sections 136 and 138. You can save a few bucks if you pick seats behind the opponent’s bench. These sections are 108 and 110.

200 Level – You know we love our 200-level seats in most stadiums. There are a decent amount of 200-level seats around the stadium and be sure to look at different areas as prices will be different all around. If you sit in sections 202 through 216, you will have access to the United Club and its amenities.

300 Level – These seats aren’t the furthest away but are pretty close. Prices will be less in these sections but always remember the experience cost value.

Grandstand Level – You’re pretty far away from seeing anything. If you want to go into the stadium these seats are for you. Don’t expect to be up close to the field. Do not overpay for these seats.

Clubs and Suites – All clubs and suites around the stadium will vary in a small fashion. There will always be a place to upgrade your seats and amenities. Some of the special things you get are listed below.

  • How about some indoor lounges when the weather is cruddy?
  • Big-screen TVs everywhere you look.
  • Nice food and drink choices from around the area.
  • A nice clean bathroom.
  • Parking pass availability.
  • Bigger seats with more legroom.
  • Bar seating with live DJs to add to your game experience.
  • Much, much more.

Parking Pass for Soldier Field

One of the most annoying things about going to a game of any kind is parking your car. Should you decide to drive to Soldier Field, you will want to buy a parking pass ahead of time. You can save a little money and guarantee a parking space when it comes down to finding a spot. You will find spots from around $20 up to $70 a car. This is almost the cost of a ticket, so if you can get tickets that include a parking pass, try for those.

Places to Eat Around the Stadium

Sometimes you want a meal before or after the game. Maybe a hot dog isn’t for you so we figured to add a couple of restaurants you may want to check out. These restaurants are near Soldier Field but will require some walking.

Half Sour – How about a nice breakfast or sandwich before the game? Half Sour gives you all kinds of great options no matter what you are into. A cool spot worth checking out.

Eleven City Diner – How about getting the kids a solid root beer float? You also have access to some great diner menu items such as soups and sandwiches. A fun place.

Need a Place to Stay Overnight

In the case of needing a place to stay overnight, we listed a couple of spots you may want to check out. Since you’re in a major city like Chicago it will be hard to find a cheap hotel on a weekend.

Hilton Garden Inn Chicago McCormick Place – You can find some great deals here and you do have access to some amenities like a pool and some outside seating. Prices start at $159 but will go up for football weekends.

Hyatt Regency McCormick Place – This is a 4-star hotel in Chicago but will come with a bigger price tag. This is a little more upscale as well. Look for prices to start around $220. The location of the Hyatt is really nice for a weekend stay. See the different rooms.

Ticket Purchase Options

Many people think buying tickets is a difficult process. With so many different options to choose from, we can understand where they are coming from. We want to share a couple of methods you may want to think about before you make your ticket decision.

Season Tickets – Yes, season tickets are still a thing and one you may want to look into closely. Certain stadiums require waitlists and licensing and this will change from stadium to stadium. Look into buying season tickets if you plan to go to two or more games. If you choose to buy them, make sure they are seats people would want to sit at. This way, you will have no issue selling your seats. A lot of people break even or make money on the season. During a playoff run, it is even better.

Last-Minute Deals – If you don’t know about last-minute tickets, well, here is your chance. If you have a high-risk tolerance, you can purchase your tickets just before the game. Seats will pop up from sellers who couldn’t go to the last minute or for whatever reason. Using apps like SeatGeek will give you access to these tickets. If you are a single spectator you will want to go this route to save some money.

History of the Bears

Da Bears have a huge history in terms of football. With so many great players and a large fanbase, there is a reason why the Bears are one of the biggest franchise favorites in the league. Here we will go over a little history that you may not have known.

The Bears were established in 1920, over 100 years ago so you can say they’ve been around a while. They joined the NFL in 1970 and have been part of the Central Division and North Division. The Bears have 8 pre-merger championships and one NFL Super Bowl. They also have two conference championships and many divisional titles.

Some amazing players have come through the organization. We of course will mention Walter Payton first, as he is one of TicketsTO’s favorite NFL players. We won’t be able to mention all of the players since there are so many great ones, but here is a couple to mention. Richard Dent, Devin Hester, Mike Ditka, Gale Sayers, Dick Butkus, Brian Urlacher, Mike Singletary, and Dan Hampton.

You can always expect the divisional games between the Packers, Lions, and Vikings to be the most sought-after games. These tickets will be more expensive so remember that when looking.

It’s Time to Buy Tickets

This is a great year to get Chicago Bears tickets. You have multiple ways of getting your seats. Be sure to check the schedule and find a couple of games that may work for you. Once you do this, be sure to follow the section pricing. Make your move and enjoy your experience. If you have any questions let us know.


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