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As the 2022-2023 NFL season winds down, there are still teams fighting to get into the playoffs. We will go over what appears to be guaranteed in terms of home playoff games. These are subject to change by a small margin.

First, we want you to know that getting playoff tickets isn’t that difficult if you are willing to pay a premium price. Every playoff game is listed below. You can visit the individual team page to get some more details as we will discuss below.


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NFC Playoff Race

The Green Bay Packers solidified home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. This means a couple of things. The Packers get a bye week in round one and should they win they are guaranteed the NFC Championship at home. You can try and find a seat here.

Teams like the LA Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers could get three playoff games at home. This will depend on the outcome of the different wild card games. It’s a long road to the Super Bowl for many teams, but as long as they take one game at a time you never know what may happen. More about the records can be read here.

LA Rams – Currently the Rams hold the number one position in the NFC West. Should they win their final game, they will be the second seed in the playoffs. This means if they could host three playoff games. You can see what kind of seats are available here.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – With Tom Brady back in the playoffs you know it could get crazy in the NFC. They don’t seem to have the swagger they had last year coming into the playoffs, but you can be sure Brady will be ready. You can read up on the buccaneers here as well as find some more playoff seats.

Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys have had a stellar season so far and are the winners of the NFC East division. As of right now, they will have their home game against the Arizona Cardinals. They could get a second home game if the other two home playoff hosts lose in the first round. You can learn more about Cowboys Tickets here.

As for the Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, and New Orleans Saints the likely hood of a home playoff game are very slim. You never know, so keep an eye out for tickets.

AFC Playoff Race

The AFC playoff picture isn’t as clear. There are plenty of teams still in the hunt, however, we do know enough to help you get playoff tickets.

Tennessee Titans – At this moment the Titans hold the number one seed in the AFC. This is huge in terms of a bye into the second round. You can read about the Titans and get some playoff tickets here.

Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs have had a pretty wild year. They looked to be out of playoff contention only to come back on a winning streak and have a chance to win the AFC. Should they beat the Broncos this week, they will take the number one seed away from the Titans. What we do know for sure is that the Chiefs will get at least one home playoff game for winning the AFC West division. You can see all tickets here.

Cincinnati Bengals – This AFC North division was won by the Bengals when they beat the Kansas City Chiefs in a wild finish. The Bengals are looking pretty good. If they can put their past behind them, they will have the potential to make a run. Here are some ticket options.

Buffalo Bills & New England Patriots – The one thing that is clear about these two teams is that they are both in the playoffs. The question that remains is, who will win the AFC East division. This will be decided this weekend and the winner will take a home playoff game while the other will travel.

Teams such as the Indianapolis Colts, LA Chargers, Las Vegas Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Baltimore Ravens all have a chance at a playoff spot. Each team will need some kind of help.

If your favorite team has a home playoff game, this is the year to go. There will be plenty of tickets that will pop up on the open market. It will take some research, but you can get into the stadium if you play your cards right. Remember to check out the different team’s pages for more ticket clarification. We wish you good luck on your playoff ticket search and the team you are rooting for.


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