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The Charlotte Hornets are a young team ready for your attention. This is a great year to go check out a live game. You have access to thousands of seats throughout the stadium. Make sure you spend a few extra dollars to get that better seat. We focus completely on experience when going to sporting events. It’s imperative that you get the best seat possible when attending a Charlotte Hornets basketball game. Let us help you find tickets for an affordable price.

Listed below are tickets to the upcoming Charlotte Hornets games. The tickets will show both home and away games. You will also find tickets from the beginning of the season all the way through the championship. You may come across some parking passes along the way. This is another critical piece to going to a basketball game in a major city.

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Right Time to Buy Charlotte Hornets Tickets

Our research of finding the right time to buy Charlotte Hornets tickets has been in the making for a long time. Picking that right opportunity to press the buy button comes with a lot of experience. There is no exact time to buy, but there are ways you can save. Knowing when prices will start to drop is critical when making your purchase.

We suggest looking for tickets for Charlotte Hornets games around two weeks before the game you want to see. This is an area where supply and demand are fairly equal. As the demand starts to fall off you will notice how ticket sellers will start to reduce their prices. The last thing sellers want to do is lose out on not being able to sell their tickets. Although they will keep their prices quite high there will be some that will reduce prices enough to ensure their seats are sold.

Looking for games during the week is also a critical point in trying to save a few bucks. A game on a Friday night will be more expensive than a game on a Monday night.

Another great way to save money is picking a team that is out of the division or a weaker opponent. Weaker teams with smaller fan bases will bring cheaper tickets. This is where you can take advantage of even better seats in the spectrum center.

Finding a Solid Seat at the Spectrum Center

Knowing, where to sit, is critical when going to a Charlotte Hornets game. There are thousands of seats in the center to consider. Putting your experience ahead of your budget is critical to making a great memory. Some sections are way better than others while others are just terrible. Please make sure you choose wisely. Let us break down the seating chart.

Lower Level  – Finding a seat in the lower level is possible. This is where all the action will be heard in seen. Take advantage of a lower-level seat and enjoy a good time. If you like to sit behind the Charlotte Hornets bench look in section 104. If you are considering sitting behind the opposing team’s bench look in section 106. You can also have a seat near the tunnels to the locker room which are in sections 102, 103 and 107, and 108.

Courtside Seats – If you get access to a courtside seat you will be destined for a good time. The Charlotte Hornets will knock your socks off while you enjoy it from such a great view. If you have the money to purchase these tickets they will be well worth it. You will have in-seat service, coat check, VIP parking, all-inclusive food, beer, wine, and much more.

Club Seats – There are dozens of club seats available for you to choose from. These are excellent seats with a comfortable view. You have smaller lines for restrooms and concessions as well as access to better parking.

Upper Level – The upper level is what it is. It will get you in the game but having a good time will be far from great. Having such a distant seat from the court will reduce your views to watching it on the big screen. We suggest putting up a few extra bucks to watch the game from a closer view.

Suites – There are lots of suites located in the spectrum center. The suites will definitely take care of you in terms of amenities. Look for prepared food, flat-screen TVs everywhere, private VIP entrances, comfortable leather seats, and all kinds of other amenities.

Where Should You Park?

Finding a place to park is one thing you need to take into consideration. It’s an unfortunate task that needs to be done. We suggest getting a parking access pass before you attend the game. You will save time and hassle if you do it this way. You’ll spend anywhere between $10 and $20 to park your car.

Which Ticketing Option is For You?

There are some other options when it comes to buying tickets to Charlotte Hornets games. You have multiple ways to buy tickets to games. We would like to share a couple of different options for you to think about.

Season Tickets – Buying season tickets at the right time can go a long way. If you’ve never thought about buying tickets for the whole season, now is the time. You can go to as many games as you wish and then sell the rest of the tickets that you do not use. By selling the tickets you can recoup the money you spent. During good years you can actually make money on your investment. There are no guarantees of what will happen each year.

Single-Game Tickets – Most of you have come here looking for a single-game basketball ticket. You will most likely pay a premium price for a one-time visit.

Group Tickets – There are several ways to go to multiple games a year. Using the group ticket method will allow you access to anywhere between two and eight games a season. These games will be selected by the organization and will most likely not carry all of the big-time games. You can expect to go to games during the week as well. Keep this in mind if you have a busy schedule.

Last-Minute Tickets – If you are a person that likes to wait until the last minute you have an opportunity. Deciding to go to a Charlotte Hornets game the day of is quite possible. All you have to do is use one of the major ticketing apps like SeatGeek and StubHub to find those last-minute seats. Ticket sellers who were unable to attend the event or were unable to sell their premium tickets will try to get as much money as possible. This is your opportunity to get tickets at a lower cost.

Some Charlotte History

The Charlotte Hornets were established in 1988. For some reason, they became the Charlotte Bobcats from 2004 two 2014. They’ve since changed the name back to the Charlotte Hornets. They currently play at the spectrum center in Charlotte North Carolina.

Being such a young team they haven’t had much postseason success. They don’t have any conference or NBA championships. They currently don’t have any division titles as well.

Things may vary from season to season but you can expect some great games against the Orlando Magic, Miami Heat, and Atlanta Hawks.

Some of the players from the past that have come through the organization include Larry Johnson, Glen Rice, Anthony Mason, Dell Curry, Kemba Walker, and Cody Zeller.

Picking a Restaurant Near the Stadium

Food is part of the experience when attending a basketball game. Although you may not want to eat stadium food you do have options outside of the Spectrum Center. Listed below are a couple of options to choose from.

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar – This is a great place to take a date. Consider a nice steak and lobster before or after a game. You will get amazing service and have a wonderful evening.

Aria Tuscan Grill – Here is a nice location for an Italian dinner. It’s in a trendy location providing you with a fun setting. You can expect some great Italian dishes followed up with some great service.

Hotels within Range

It may come down to you needing a place to stay. Charlotte has some great hotel options for you to choose from. Depending on your requirements make sure you do your research on the different hotels located in the area. Listed below are a couple of places for you to choose from.

Aloft Charlotte City Center – This is a three-star hotel offering you exceptional rooms. You’ll not only get exceptional service but you also have amenities such as a gym and indoor pool. This is located in a great spot for you to spend the night. You are looking at around $110 a night.

Hyatt House Charlotte/Center City – The Hyatt is in the heart of Charlotte. You have access to a contemporary hotel and a free breakfast buffet in the morning. You also have access to a rooftop pool and a gym. You are looking at around $125 a night.

Making this Game a Real Thing

Finding your way to a Charlotte Hornets game will be worth your time. Although tickets can be quite expensive, we suggest you look into picking a game that works for you. There are plenty of options available and make sure you put your experience level first. There are times when the budget is tight so make sure you save up enough to get yourself a great sea. If you have any questions about the seating chart or purchasing Charlotte Hornets basketball tickets, please contact us. Good luck!

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