With the availability of event tickets through online ticket marketplaces like StubHub and SeatGeek, tickets to see your favorite events are only a few clicks away. You can browse through hundreds of shows and find a perfect match all from the convenience of an app.

But what about the rest of your time?

Buying your tickets is only the first step, and ticketsto.org is here to help you build your experience before and after the show. From where to park to the closest restaurants and bars to the best hotels, we made the process simple.

In the past, you had to visit dozens of sites to answer those questions, but now, you’re only a few clicks away from planning your trip from beginning to end.

Buying Your Tickets:

It's time to Buy the TicketsWhether you’re going to see your favorite show for the first time or the tenth, you have to start by choosing a date and buying your tickets. Websites like ticketsto.org help you find the best seats for your favorite events, and online ticket exchanges make it easier than ever to purchase tickets and have them delivered straight to your phone.

The availability of these websites and the amount of available tickets allow you to shop around for the best value but always remember, not all seats are created equal. Merely buying the cheapest tickets you find could end up ruining your experience.

Most online marketplaces offer a seating chart to help you browse the venue and get a better idea of the view, but seeing a small picture is extremely different than experiencing a show. Be sure to check out arena information and reviews for guides on where to sit. No matter your budget, the perfect seats are out there!

Check Out The Venue:

Picking You Event at the Top ArenasWhile buying your tickets is the first step, learning more about the venue may be the most important. Start with how to get to the arena. Is there parking close by? How expensive are parking spots? Would it be easier to take public transportation or rideshare? Arenas like Madison Square Garden are in areas notoriously bad for parking options, so they partner with companies like Parkwhiz to help reserve a spot. You can use our Arena Information Guides to learn more about parking near the venue.

You also need to be prepared for what to expect when you arrive. Security policies are different from location to location, so your best plan is to learn the basics before you leave home. You can always expect security at the gates, but knowing how much security is there helps you prepare for what to bring and how long you can expect to wait. Some arenas have a security guard to pat you down when you arrive while others have metal detectors and extremely strict policies on bags and what you can bring. We included the most critical elements in our Arena Information Guides.

All arenas offer concession stands with food and beverages. Some even have excellent restaurants attached, which give you the option to dine before the show without settling for a hot dog and a soft drink. Although these are an option, they are almost always swamped and costly. That’s why we created a guide to the best restaurants close by to give you other options.

Find Some Dinner:

Some of the Best Restaurants in Near Your ArenaUnless you love overpriced junk food typically offered at events, finding dinner before the show can be an experience all its own. Maybe you’re going to a venue just down the street from your home, or maybe you’re driving for hours to enjoy the show. Either way, this is your chance to try something new and make this event special.

For instance, if you’re looking for the top restaurants near Gila Bend Arena or sushi near the Crypto.com Arena, our arena information guides provide a list of recommendations for everyone’s taste and everyone’s budget. We make our recommendations based on walking distance, cost, reviews, and style to help you find the best restaurants around the venue.

Enjoy the Show:

Have Fun at the ShowThis is the highlight of your experience. You started with a simple search for the best seats in the Staples Center. You made your decision on where to sit based on location and value, and whether you blew out your budget on floor seats right in front of the stage, looking for value with a mix of close to the stage but for much less, or found the best cheap seats available, you’re ready for the show.

Always keep in mind your safety tips for enjoying a show. Drink plenty of fluids and make sure you stay with your group! Know where your exits are in case of emergency and have a meet-up location set up with your group if you get separated. Concerts and other events are always unique, so be smart and be safe and have a good time.

For all the other planning you do, remember this is why you’re here. Forget dinner and drinks. Forget going to the hotel or driving home. This is your time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Grab a Drink:

Grab a Drink after Your EventThe show is over, and everyone files out of the arena, but you’re ready to keep the good times going. Check out our top picks for where to get a drink. Our arena information guides have recommendations to help you find a great time after the show ends. From trendy spots near Madison Square Garden to top bars near the Phillips Center, we provide guides to the best option for anyone’s tastes.

Not in the mood for a cocktail? Our guides also feature recommendations for the best late-night food. Enjoy some classic appetizers and desserts or check out our picks for some unique late-night dining options.

When it comes to the late-night scene around any venue, you don’t have to go far to find a fantastic experience. Our recommendations are based on finding a unique experience, positive reviews, and most importantly, easy to get to!

Pick a Hotel:

Make the most of your Stay at the Best HotelsIt’s been a long day, and now it’s time to find somewhere to spend your night. This decision can be much more complicated than dinner and drinks, though. We broke it down based on two significant factors: budget and atmosphere.

We want our arena information guides to be a guide for any trip, so whether you’re only looking for a place to lay your head at night or you’re spending a whole weekend in town, our recommendations are based on walking distance to the arena, price, reviews, atmosphere, and overall experience. That means finding unique hotels with plenty to offer while still being convenient.

Whether you’re looking for a luxury hotel near Capital One Arena or merely an affordable hotel near the Wells Fargo Center, we did the research, so you don’t have to!

To go along with the lodging, we provide a list of other local attractions like shopping, museums, and different great ways to spend your time and enjoy the full experience.

We know getting the chance to see your favorite shows and bands is why you’re here, so we make the ticket buying experience as easy and painless as possible. Ticket marketplaces such as StubHub can get confusing. Navigating through page after page for information on seating charts, security information, parking options, and other recommendations is a nightmare. We put all that information on one page to keep it simple.

We also know there are times before and after the show you may not know what to do with. We’re here to help with that. Our goal is to help you build your experience from beginning to end to fit your taste, stay on your budget, and take all the guesswork and indecision away.

Visit our arena information guides today to learn more about how to plan your trip to get the most out of your time.

Don’t see your arena listed? Let us know so we can be sure to add it!