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When it comes to rocking out, a Buckcherry concert is where you want to be. We provide information about the band, the best seats at a show, details about ticket prices, some statistical data, and some other important items to help make your night out with Buckcherry that much better.

Before we get into all of that we want to show the tickets for the upcoming Buckcherry concerts. The schedule below will only show a short list of future events, however, the load more button will share every event and tour date on the schedule.

Best Seats for a Buckcherry Concert

Getting the best seats will come down to what you want out of your event. This will also depend on the venue near you. Some places are general admission only so you won’t really have a choice. There may be some VIP seating around, so check closely. We will randomly look at one of the venues on the tour and use it as an example of similar locations.

The Keswick Theatre in Glenside, PA will be our venue for today’s lesson. This is a reserved seating venue other than the pit. Compared to some other locations on this tour, the pit is very small. With a small pit, this could be the place for you. You can expect this area to be quite aggressive so be prepared if you sit here. Ticket prices will also be high and you won’t even have a seat.

Prices are pretty similar across the front three sections after the pit. The closer to the center the better, but don’t overpay for a back-row seat in one of these sections. You should look for the first 5 rows of the back three sections if that is the case. You’ll see a favorable price drop without losing too much view or sound quality.

If there is a balcony at the venue near you, be sure to look for seats in the first 3-5 rows. You don’t want to be too far back when you are high up.

Information About the Band

Originally from Anaheim, California, Buckcherry is an American rock band that started in 1995. The band was formed by Josh Todd, Keith Nelson, Jonathan Brightman, and Devon Glenn. Buckcherry has experienced great success throughout its years of playing music. This feat is more impressive when you recognize that the band broke up in 2002 and was reformed in 2005 by Josh Todd and Keith Nelson.

The original four members started the band with the name Sparrow. People liked them a lot because they retained a lot of the old rock and roll style in their music that no longer was that popular in the 1990s. The band’s initial albums were a major success and were certified gold sales. There was some internal struggle about the direction of the band in 2002 the band had to basically stop.

Todd and Nelson decided they would revive the band with completely new members in 2005. They released an album called 15 and it was successful critically and commercially. Many of their singles from that album were popularly aired on radio stations. The band has continued to write new music ever since; creating new fans along the way. They have managed to find a formula of music that attracts new fans while retaining the older generation.

Concerts That Rock

Buckcherry is known for its extensive touring schedules. They have gone through different lineup changes because of their schedules, and some of the people who have left cited they could not stay with the band because they were too tired of touring all the time. Early on, the band participated in Woodstock 99. They tour with a diverse group of musicians which includes rock, post-hardcore, and metal bands. Buckcherry has performed with Slash from Guns N’ Roses and the Japanese band Vamps.

Seeing Them Play

Buckcherry’s tickets can be hard to find especially if you do not where to look. If you are looking for inexpensive tickets, you will want to check again in the future. No matter where you are in the country, tickets should be available at many different venues. Use the listings above to help find one near you. These concert tours could come out of nowhere so check back often for more details about tickets.

Buckcherry Ticket Prices

There are a lot of fair prices happening right now. We will go over some of the ticket prices for the upcoming tour. These prices are the lowest prices to get into the show. The prices you see below could go up or down as we get closer to the show. Use these as a price point for the venue near you. You can also use a site like Ticket Squeeze to help determine to price. Supply and demand will always trump everything when finding the best ticket prices. Also, keep in mind, that some shows have multiple acts which will increase the price.

Location Lowest Ticket Prices
IP Casino Resort and Spa, Biloxi, MS $32
House of Blues – Dallas, Dallas, TX $36
Aztec Theatre, San Antonio, TX $50
Lynn Memorial Auditorium, Lynn, MA $59
 MGM Northfield Park – Northfield, OH $59

Old School Love

Buckcherry represents a time in music that resists change and does not let go because it is better. They create beautiful ballads and upbeat rockers that are catchy and a joy to listen to. For those who miss the good old days, Buckcherry always provides a place for that nostalgia you can pour your love towards. Their singles are jammers that most people discover with their radio turned up at the loudest volume.

At Buckcherry’s concerts, you are guaranteed to have a blast. They are as loud as their reputation and know how to make a statement. While their singles are great records, they really sound better live because the songs love the freedom of open air. Their songs will rock as hard as humanly possible. If you are worried that the band is getting old, you will be glad to hear that the band still knows how to perform.

Statistical Buckcherry Information

We know these methods aren’t the only ways to check a band’s popularity, but they give us an inkling of how well they fare across the states. It also gives us an idea of how much Buckcherry tickets should cost. As we mentioned above, supply and demand are what dictate ticket prices, so be ready when they are in your town.

According to Spotify, they have around two million listeners each month. This isn’t huge, but for the genre, it does hold a solid number. Small venues will definitely sell out if there aren’t many tickets sold originally.

As for YouTube, their subscriber list is close to 150k, which doesn’t equate to that many, but it still has enough views to make it a top rock band. They do have dozens of videos and their most watched video has over 22 million views.

Rock is Forever

What makes Buckcherry so impressive is that they have survived decades of different music scenes. Music is constantly changing but Buckcherry has remained because they proved they know a secret ingredient to make music rock.

If you are curious about this ingredient, you have to get your seat at a Buckcherry concert and watch them play. Their fanbase is massive because there are so many new fans every day. Make sure you get your tickets today so you can remember what it was like to enjoy rock music purely. The best seats for the show are available and the prices should be within your budget.


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